Land Surface Remote Sensing In Agriculture And Forest

Autor: Nicolas Baghdadi
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0081011830
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The environmental and economic importance of monitoring forests and agricultural resources has allowed remote sensing to be increasingly in the development of products and services responding to user needs. This volume presents the main applications in remote sensing for agriculture and forestry, including the primary soil properties, the estimation of the vegetation’s biophysical variables, methods for mapping land cover, the contribution of remote sensing for crop and water monitoring, and the estimation of the forest cover properties (cover dynamic, height, biomass). This book, part of a set of six volumes, has been produced by scientists who are internationally renowned in their fields. It is addressed to students (engineers, Masters, PhD), engineers and scientists, specialists in remote sensing applied to agriculture and forestry. Through this pedagogical work, the authors contribute to breaking down the barriers that hinder the use of radar imaging techniques. Provides clear and concise descriptions of modern remote sensing methods Explores the most current remote sensing techniques with physical aspects of the measurement (theory) and their applications Provides chapters on physical principles, measurement, and data processing for each technique described Describes optical remote sensing technology, including a description of acquisition systems and measurement corrections to be made


Autor: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ISBN: 9780780387423
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Wave Propagation And Scattering In Random Media

Autor: Akira Ishimaru
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780780347175
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A volume in the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave TheoryDonald G. Dudley, Series Editor This IEEE Classic Reissue presentsa unified introduction to the fundamental theories and applicationsof wave propagation and scattering in random media. Now for thefirst time, the two volumes of Wave Propagation andScattering in Random Media previously published by AcademicPress in 1978 are combined into one comprehensive volume. This bookpresents a clear picture of how waves interact with the atmosphere,terrain, ocean, turbulence, aerosols, rain, snow, biologicaltissues, composite material, and other media. The theoriespresented will enable you to solve a variety of problems relatingto clutter, interference, imaging, object detection, andcommunication theory for various media. This book is expresslydesigned for engineers and scientists who have an interest inoptical, microwave, or acoustic wave propagation and scattering.Topics covered include: Wave characteristics in aerosols and hydrometeors Optical and acoustic scattering in sea water Scattering from biological materials Pulse scattering and beam wave propagation in such media Optical diffusion in tissues and blood Transport and radiative transfer theory Kubelka--Munk flux theory and plane-parallel problem Multiple scattering theory Wave fluctuations in turbulence Strong fluctuation theory Rough surface scattering Remote sensing and inversion techniques Imaging through various media About the IEEE/OUP Series on Electromagnetic Wave TheoryFormerly the IEEE Press Series on Electromagnetic Waves,this joint series between IEEE Press and Oxford University Pressoffers outstanding coverage of the field with new titles as well asreprintings and revisions of recognized classics that maintainlong-term archival significance in electromagnetic waves andapplications. Designed specifically for graduate students,practicing engineers, and researchers, this series providesaffordable volumes that explore electromagnetic waves andapplications beyond the undergraduate level. See page il of thefront matter for a listing of books in this series.