Emerging Theories Of Human Communication

Autor: Branislav Kova?i?
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791434529
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This book summarizes the important and promising emerging theories of human communication that go beyond received traditions. It includes essays on emerging theories of communication and culture; relational communicative competence; conflict communication; communication and peace; agenda setting and the role of mass media in democratic political processes; new rhetoric and new social movements; and communication and management of public-sector competitiveness.


Autor: Judith S. Trent
Publisher: Pearson College Division
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Intended to provide a “century's end” overview of where the entire field of communication is heading, the speeches reprinted here were given at the 1996 national convention of the Speech Communication Association. Some of the most prominent researchers active in the discipline were asked to review the state of the art in their area of specialization, to limn new areas promising for study, and to help chart the course for the further study into the next century. Commissioned by Judith S. Trent, president of the National Communication Association, the speeches reprinted here include valuable and insightful overviews from such diverse areas as interpersonal communication studies, to examinations of the volatile realms of politics and organizations, to discussions of emerging issues like gender, health, and education, to descriptions of the contributions provided by critical lenses like social theory and cultural studies. All provide a broad look at where the field is, where it has emerged from, and, most importantly, where it is going. A joint venture of the National Communication Association and Allyn & Bacon, this volume will serve both as a text for graduate and undergraduate students taking courses like Communication Theory, Communication Education, and Introduction to Communication Studies and as a valuable resource for scholars and teachers in the field. While Allyn & Bacon will make this volume broadly available to its customers and to interested members of the profession free of charge, the text will also be available for course adoption at a reasonable price. Proceeds from sales of the text for class adoption will be placed in a special fund, administered by the National Communication Association, and used to sponsor professional activities for graduate students at future annual national conventions.

Developing Communication Theories

Autor: Gerry Philipsen
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791431597
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Leading scholars present the principal findings and conclusions of a long-term program of research into the nature and dynamics of human communication. Well-known authors present not only their own theories of human communication, but also describe, from personal vantage points, the process by which they constructed their theories. The authors' narratives of their experiences in posing, formulating, and empirically investigating their questions provide invaluable instructional models for current students. The vitality of this book derives from the communal focus on the theory and practice of language and other means of communicative conduct. Each chapter is concerned with the pragmatics of human communication and describes an original and systematic study of the phenomena with recourse to data. Together, these chapters represent a range of important contemporary directions in communication studies.

Handbook Of International And Intercultural Communication

Autor: William B. Gudykunst
Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc
ISBN: 9780761920908
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This Second Edition illustrates how the field is composed and looks at how it has grown. The four parts examine cross-cultural communication; intercultural communication; international communication; and development communication. Each part begins with a chapter on theories and closes with one on issues. This Edition is thoroughly revised and reorganized with expanded coverage of international, development, and cross-cultural communication and new chapters.

Speech Culture In Finland

Autor: Richard Wilkins
Publisher: University Press of Amer
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This is a collection of essays about Finnish speech culture and also studies the relationships between speech and culture at the general level. Using qualitative methodology in general and ethnography in particular, the essayists examine: terms for talk, the regulation of talk, relational dialectics, face-work, intangibles, strategic communication, and argumentation.

All Graceful Instruments

Autor: Nicholas G. Meriwether
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
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All Graceful Instruments: The Contexts of the Grateful Dead Phenomenon gathers thirteen representative essays from a wide array of fields into an interdisciplinary anthology that reveals the depth and extent of this fascinating, variegated cultural phenomenon. Contributors use the techniques of literary criticism, musicology, sociology, philosophy, business theory, and more to explore the meaning and significance of the music of the Grateful Dead, the implications of their artistic and commercial success, and the social dimensions of their following, the Deadheads. For scholars and students of American history and culture, this book makes a convincing case for why the Grateful Dead phenomenon is worthy of academic attention and what that study can offer. By focusing a wide array of critical approaches on a single, discrete subject, All Graceful Instruments provides a refreshing approach to interdisciplinary studies that should appeal to a wide audience.