Using Self Psychology In Child Psychotherapy

Autor: Jule P. Miller
Publisher: Jason Aronson, Incorporated
ISBN: 1461632439
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Shows how self psychology allows child patients who were in the past often considered difficult and even untreatable to be understood and effectively helped.

Progress In Self Psychology V 16

Autor: Arnold I. Goldberg
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134904266
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Volume 16 of Progress in Self Psychology, How Responsive Should We Be, illuminates the continuing tension between Kohut's emphasis on the patient's subjective experience and the post-Kohutian intersubjectivists' concern with the therapist's own subjectivity by focusing on issues of therapeutic posture and degree of therapist activity. Teicholz provides an integrative context for examining this tension by discussing affect as the common denominator underlying the analyst's empathy, subjectivity, and authenticity. Responses to the tension encompass the stance of intersubjective contextualism, advocacy of "active responsiveness," and emphasis on the thorough-going bidirectionality of the analytic endeavor. Balancing these perspectives are a reprise on Kohut's concept of prolonged empathic immersion and a recasting of the issue of closeness and distance in the analytic relationship in terms of analysis of "the tie to the negative selfobject." Additional clinical contributions examine severe bulimia and suicidal rage as attempts at self-state regulation and address the self-reparative functions that inhere in the act of dreaming. Like previous volumes in the series, volume 16 demonstrates the applicability of self psychology to nonanalytic treatment modalities and clinical populations. Here, self psychology is brought to bear on psychotherapy with placed children, on work with adults with nonverbal learning disabilities, and on brief therapy. Rector's examination of twinship and religious experience, Hagman's elucidation of the creative process, and Siegel and Topel's experiment with supervision via the internet exemplify the ever-expanding explanatory range of self-psychological insights.

Self Psychology

Autor: Peter A. Lessem
Publisher: Jason Aronson, Incorporated
ISBN: 1461630649
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This comprehensive, introductory text makes the concepts of self psychology accessible for both students and clinicians. Beginning with an overview of the development of Kohut's ideas, particularly those on narcissism and narcissistic development, the author lucidly explains self object concept and why it is at the core of the self psychological vision of human experience. The book also covers how self psychology conceives of psychological growth, therapeutic action, and psychopathology and offers valuable guidance for the clinician who puts self psychological treatment into practice.

Theoretical Perspectives For Direct Social Work Practice Third Edition

Autor: Nick Coady, PhD
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
ISBN: 0826119484
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This expanded third edition of a popular textbook provides a completely revised and updated overview of the theories, models, and therapies that inform direct social work practice. The text is grounded in generalist social work principles and values and promotes a problem-solving model of social work practice as a framework for the eclectic use of theory, as well as for integrating the artistic, reflective elements of practice. It provides in-depth coverage of select psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, critical, and postmodern theories. The third edition features a new section on Critical Theories, where a new chapter on Empowerment Theory is included with a completely revised chapter on Feminist Theory. A new chapter on Strengths-based Social Work has been added to the section on meta-theories for social work practice. Other new chapters include Emotion-focused Therapy and Collaborative Therapy. These revisions are based on suggestions from an extensive survey of professors. New to the Third Edition: • A new section on Critical Theories • New chapters on Strengths-based Social Work, Emotion-focused Therapy, Empowerment Theory, and Collaborative Therapy • Updated research on the debate about the importance of theory/technique versus common (e.g., relationship) factors, and on the critique of the empirically supported treatment movement Key Features: • Grounds direct practice firmly in the principles and values of generalist social work • Promotes a problem-solving model of social work as a flexible structure for integrating the eclectic use of theory with the artistic, reflective elementsof practice • Organizes direct practice theories into like groupings and provides an overview of the main characteristics of each grouping • Provides in-depth coverage of topics in a clear, logical, and consistent format • Includes editors and contributors from the U.S. and Canada

Emotion Regulating Play Therapy With Adhd Children

Autor: Enrico Gnaulati
Publisher: Jason Aronson
ISBN: 9780765705235
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The first book of its kind, Staying with Playing seeks to formulate an understanding of ADHD and its treatment within the domain of children's emotional development. It masterfully frames the various ways in which ADHD symptoms are really atypical ways of grappling with emotional experiences. Moreover, it sketches out a manner of conducting play therapy with ADHD children to enhance their emotion-regulation skills that is grounded in the therapist embodying an energetic, participatory style of engaging children. The reader will be lured in by the book's ample clinical case descriptions.

Optimal Responsiveness

Autor: Howard A. Bacal
Publisher: Jason Aronson
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A generation of dynamic therapists is starting to look at what actually heals the patient, in contrast to the classical Freudian vision, according to which interpretation is the essential contribution of the therapist and insight is its chief therapeutic effect. There is a growing awareness among practitioners of what patients have always known - that the successful therapeutic experience derives not only and probably not primarily from the insight rooted in interpretation but rather from a relationship of optimal responsiveness.

Progress In Self Psychology V 15

Autor: Arnold I. Goldberg
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134902654
File Size: 34,20 MB
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Volume 15 of Progress in Self Psychology conveys the rich pluralism of contemporary self psychology with respect to a central theoretical and clinical issue: the nature of the self and the manner in which is can best be studied. This topic is initially addressed through a series of papers reassessing selfobject transferences and the selfobject function of interpretation. It is then approached via the theory of psychoanalytic technique, with papers that focus on boundaries and intimacy and on "Surface, Depth, and the Isolated Mind". And it culminates in two case studies that elicit animated discussion delineating different perspectives - intersubjective, motivational systems, and self-selfobject - on the self in relation to the therapeutic process. Two studies comparing Melanie Klein and Heinz Kohut; a discussion of how current cultural attitudes affect parenting; a relational view of the therapeutic partnership; and an integration of Silvan Tomkin's affect theory with self psychology add breadth to this timely and provocative collection. Volume 15 includes additional letters from the Kohut Archives and a moving account of Kohut's struggle with his own impending death.

Treating The Adult Survivor Of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Autor: Jody Messler Davies
File Size: 77,50 MB
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The first model for treatment of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse that takes advantage of a relational approach and that integrates psychoanalytic thinking with the latest findings from the literature on psychological trauma and sexual abuse.

Mutuality Recognition And The Self

Autor: Christine C. Kieffer
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 178049159X
File Size: 27,84 MB
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Mutuality, Recognition, and the Self examines emerging trends in contemporary psychoanalytic theory and practice, highlighting intersubjective and relational models of the mind. It presents vivid and extended clinical vignettes that demonstrate the analyst’s use of the self in building clinical momentum and continued development. The author highlights the importance of mutuality and recognition in the development of the self, illustrating the impact of family, the larger group context, and the contribution of the analytic encounter. This book is divided into three sections: First, the contribution of family to development, including some relatively neglected topics, such as the importance of fathers in female development, the role of siblings, the experience of “only” children or singletons in the family, and the impact of the extended family (including grandparents) upon the individual. A second section examines the influence of unconscious group processes upon individual development and functioning, and includes papers that highlight the contribution of group psychotherapy as a form of treatment. The last section of the book focuses upon challenging cases in which there has come to be a transference-countertransference impasse, illustrating the author’s approach to enabling both patient and analyst to work through these daunting moments, resulting in renewed therapeutic action.