The Women Founders

Autor: Patricia Madoo Lengermann
Publisher: Waveland Press
ISBN: 1478609362
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An essential volume for anyone interested in the history of sociology, the development of sociological theory, or the history of women in the profession, this well-researched, compellingly argued book makes the case for the active and significant presence of women in the creation of sociology and social theory in its founding and classic periods. Further, Lengermann and Niebrugge explain how the women came to be erased from the history of sociology and identify the political and intellectual currents that now make their recovery both possible and important. The volume focuses on 15 women in eight chapters. Each chapter begins with a biographical sketch situating each thinkers ideas in a historical, social, and cultural context. Next, the authors analyze the womans theory, summarizing its underlying assumptions, explicating its major themes, and introducing key vocabulary. The chapter concludes with excerpts from the original texts of the women founders. All the theories discussed in this text share a moral commitment to the idea that sociology should and could work for the alleviation of socially produced human pain. The ethical duty of the sociologist is to seek sound scientific knowledge, to refuse to make the knowledge an end in itself, to speak for the disempowered, to advocate social reform, and to never forget that the appropriate relationship between researcher and subject is one of mutuality.

The Women Founders

Autor: Patricia Madoo Lengermann
Publisher: Waveland PressInc
ISBN: 9781577665090
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This book presents the often overlooked contributions of 15 extraordinary women sociologists of the 19th and early 20th centuries--their work, history and voices. Lengermann and Niebrugge-Brantley's text is designed to give students a complete picture of each woman's contribution to sociology and social theory; they offer for each subject a biographical background, a thematic analysis of the social theory, and selections from the woman's own writings. The structure of the book allows instructors to craft their teaching around the text. By focusing each chapter on one specific sociologist, instructors are free to incorporate the text as they like, serving as either a supplement to sociology and women's studies courses, or as a primary text.

The Women Founders

Autor: Patricia M. Lengermann
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities Social
ISBN: 9780070371699
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This text presents the contributions of 15 women sociologists of the 19th and early-20th century. The text is designed to provide students with a complete picture of each woman's contribution to sociology and social theory. For each subject the author offers a biographical background, a thematic analysis of the social theory and selections from their writings. The text relates women's social theory to their activist and policy-oriented work and essays feature analysis of key theoretical arguments, locating them in the conventional canon and in the developing tradition of feminist social theory. Visual aids summarize women's relation to male sociologists, major historical developments and each other.

Jane Addams And The Men Of The Chicago School 1892 1918

Autor: Mary Jo Deegan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351511149
File Size: 45,29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Jane Addams is well known for her leadership in urban reform, social settlements, pacifism, social work, and women's suffrage.The men of the Chicago School are well known for their leadership in founding sociology and the study of urban life.What has remained hidden however, is that Jane Addams played a pivotal role in the development of sociology and worked closely with the male faculty at the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago. By using extensive archival material, Mary Jo Deegan is the first to document Addams's sociological significance and the existence of a sexual division of labor during the founding years of the discipline. As the leader of the women's network, Addams was able to bridge these two spheres of work and knowledge.Through an analysis of the changing relations between the male and female networks, Deegan shows that the Chicago men varied widely in their understanding and acceptance of her sociological though and action.Despite this variation, it was through her work with the men of the Chicago School that Addams left a legacy for sociology as a way of thinking, an area of study, and a methodological approach to data collecting. This previously unexamined heritage of American sociology will be of value to anyone interested in the history of the social sciences, especially sociology and social work, the development of American social thought, the role of professional women, the Progressive Era, and the intellectual contributions of Jane Addams.

The Promise Of Sociology

Autor: Rob Beamish
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442693614
File Size: 50,24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Unlike most introductory texts that take a topical approach to studying sociology, this smart, challenging, and accessibly written text looks at the core principles of the discipline, making links to a contemporary context. Both students and instructors will find in these pages a fresh and original approach to teaching sociology. Beamish begins by providing a sociological profile of today's students, juxtaposing their collective biography against the current historical moment. He builds on this discussion by introducing Mills's concept of the sociological imagination and outlining a method for thinking sociologically; then, he uses Hitchcock's film Psycho to illustrate the difference between psychological and sociological analysis. Having established the usefulness of sociological thinking, Beamish moves back to the classical theorists, outlining in depth their important contributions to sociology. He concludes the book by applying concepts from the classical tradition to a sociological discussion of culture—ending with an analysis of Bob Dylan's artistry to illustrate how these concepts have an enduring quality in contemporary times.

Classical Sociological Theory

Autor: Michael S. Kimmel
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 9780195187854
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In an accessible and thoughtful manner, this anthology--an update of Social and Political Theory: Classical Readings (1998)--introduces students to the key classic texts in social thought. In the second edition, Michael Kimmel focuses more specifically on the discipline of sociology, rather than melding classical sociological and political theories in one volume. Taking a serious look at the canonical texts, he presents a diverse range of thinkers who were critical to the development of sociological theory and offers a more inclusive classical canon that is informed by both the historical record and the needs of contemporary students. Many of the classical theorists whose works are included here were much more influential than the canon suggested. For example, the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft, Frederick Douglass, Margaret Fuller, and W.E.B Du Bois were widely disseminated and discussed in their time, yet they were pushed to the margins of the canon, declared to be derivative or second-rate. In attempting to set the record a bit straighter, Kimmel restores these and other forgotten thinkers to the positions they once held. The questions they posed are among the most vital theoretical and political questions of our era, evidence that classical social and political theory continues to speak to new generations of students about the issues that most affect their lives. Features new to the second edition: * Selections of key texts by Auguste Comte (Positive Philosophy of Auguste Comte); Edmund Burke (Reflections on the Revolution in France); John Dewey (Democracy and Education); and Elsie Clews Parsons (Women in Public Life) * Stronger disciplinary focus within sociology Classical Social Theory, Second Edition, is an ideal text for courses in the theory of sociology, the history of social theory, the history of political thought, and western philosophy.

Capitalism And Classical Social Theory

Autor: John Bratton
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442606533
File Size: 10,13 MB
Format: PDF
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Capitalism and Classical Social Theory, Second Edition offers solid coverage of the classical triumvirate (Marx, Durkheim, and Weber), but also extends the canon strategically to include Simmel, four early female theorists, and the writings of Du Bois.

Pathways Of Desire

Autor: Héctor Carrillo
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022651787X
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With Pathways of Desire, Héctor Carrillo brings us into the lives of Mexican gay men who have left their home country to pursue greater sexual autonomy and sexual freedom in the United States. The groundbreaking ethnographic study brings our attention to the full arc of these men’s migration experiences, from their upbringing in Mexican cities and towns, to their cross-border journeys, to their incorporation into urban gay communities in American cities, and their sexual and romantic relationships with American men. These men’s diverse and fascinating stories demonstrate the intertwining of sexual, economic, and familial motivations for migration. Further, Carrillo shows that sexual globalization must be regarded as a bidirectional, albeit uneven, process of exchange between countries in the global north and the global south. With this approach, Carrillo challenges the view that gay men from countries like Mexico would logically want to migrate to a “more sexually enlightened” country like the United States—a partial and limited understanding, given the dynamic character of sexuality in countries such as Mexico, which are becoming more accepting of sexual diversity. Pathways of Desire also provides a helpful analytical framework for the simultaneous consideration of structural and cultural factors in social scientific studies of sexuality. Carrillo explains the patterns of cross-cultural interaction that sexual migration generates and—at the most practical level—shows how the intricacies of cross-cultural sexual and romantic relations may affect the sexual health and HIV risk of transnational immigrant populations.

Capitalism And Classical Sociological Theory

Autor: John Bratton
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802096814
File Size: 80,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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"This is one of the sharpest and most rewarding textbooks for teaching classical social theory. The emphasis on depth over breadth pays off handsomely, providing students with a badly needed foundation in the classics of sociology." - Philip Walsh, York University

Women S Activism In Africa

Autor: Balghis Badri
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1783609117
File Size: 15,39 MB
Format: PDF
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Throughout Africa, growing numbers of women are coming together and making their voices heard, mobilising around causes ranging from democracy and land rights to campaigns against domestic violence. In Tanzania and Tunisia, women have made major gains in their struggle for equal political rights, and in Sierra Leone and Liberia women have been at the forefront of efforts to promote peace and reconciliation. While some of these movements have been influenced by international feminism and external donors, increasingly it is African women who are shaping the global struggle for women’s rights. Bringing together African authors who themselves are part of the activist groups, this collection represents the only comprehensive and up-to-date overview of women’s movements in contemporary Africa. Drawing on case studies and fresh empirical material from across the continent, the authors challenge the prevailing assumption that notions of women’s rights have trickled down from the global north to the south, showing instead that these movements have been shaped by above all the unique experiences and concerns of the local women involved.