The Hasmoneans

Autor: Regev Eyal
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
ISBN: 352555043X
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Eyal Regev presents an inter-disciplinary analysis of the Hasmoneans: How they perceived themselves and their role in Jewish history, and how they wanted to be perceived by their subjects. By exploring the ways—some common among ancient monarchies, others unique—in which the Hasmoneans shored up their authority, the author reveals the deliberate and innovative construction of a national politico-religious ideology. Regev discusses the Hasmoneans’ use of Temple and its cult, government and subsequent kingship, and their symbolic representations as reflected in their coins and palaces in comparison with contemporary Hellenistic kingdoms. The volume uncovers the cultural and social character of the Hasmoneans as rulers as well as of their state or kingdom. Merging historical sources with archaeological findings, Jewish perspectives and Hellenistic settings, a traditional text-oriented, historical-critical method with comparative and socio-anthropological approaches, The Hasmoneans aims to be the defining work on the cultural and social character of the priestly family that forms one of Jewish history’s most inspiring and instructive chapters.

Shifting Images Of The Hasmoneans

Autor: Vered Noam
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198811381
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The shifting image of the Hasmoneans in the eyes of their contemporaries and later generations is a compelling issue in the history of the Maccabean revolt and the Hasmonean commonwealth. Based on a series of six Jewish folktales from the Second Temple period that describe the Hasmonean dynasty and its history from its legendary founders, through achievement of full sovereignty, to downfall, this volume examines the Hasmoneans through the lens of reception history. On the one hand, these brief, colorful legends are embedded in the narrative of the historian of the age, Flavius Josephus; on the other hand, they are scattered throughout the extensive halakhic-exegetical compositions known as rabbinic literature, redacted and compiled centuries later. Each set of parallel stories is examined for the motivation underlying its creation, its original message, language, and the historical context. This analysis is followed by exploration of the nature of the relationship between the Josephan and the rabbinic versions, in an attempt to reconstruct the adaptation of the putative original traditions in the two corpora, and to decipher the disparities, different emphases, reworking, and unique orientations typical of each. These adaptations reflect the reception of the pristine tales and thus disclose the shifting images of the Hasmoneans in later generations and within distinct contexts. The compilation and characterization of these sources which were preserved by means of two such different conduits of transmission brings us closer to reconstruction of a lost literary continent, a hidden Jewish "Atlantis" of early pseudo-historical legends and facilitates examination of the relationship between the substantially different libraries and worlds of Josephus and rabbinic literature.

The Grammar Of Messianism

Autor: Matthew V. Novenson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190255021
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"This book is a scholarly treatment of messianism in ancient Judaism and Christianity. In particular, and in contrast to other recent treatments, it is a study of what we might call the grammar of messianism, that is, the patterns of language inherited from the Hebrew Bible that all ancient messiah texts, Jewish and Christian, use. It makes the point that all ancient messiah texts are creative efforts at negotiating a shared set of linguistic possibilities and limitations inherited from the Hebrew Bible. The distinguishing features of the book are several: First, breaking with an ideologically loaded tradition, it incorporates both Jewish and Christian texts as evidence for this discursive practice. Second, rather than drawing up a taxonomy of types of ancient messiah figures, it analyzes a range of other more specific issues raised by the texts themselves. Third, it cuts the Gordian knot of the longstanding question of the prominence of messianism in antiquity, suggesting that that question is ultimately unanswerable but also entirely unnecessary for an understanding of the pertinent texts"--

The Invention Of Judaism

Autor: John J. Collins
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520294122
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"Judaism is often understood as the way of life defined by the Torah of Moses, but it was not always so. This book identifies key moments in the rise of the Torah, beginning with the formation of Deuteronomy, advancing through the reform of Ezra, the impact of the suppression of the Torah by Antiochus Epiphanes and the consequent Maccabean revolt, and the rise of Jewish sectarianism. It also discusses variant forms of Judaism, some of which are not Torah-centered and others which construe the Torah through the lenses of Hellenistic culture or through higher, apocalyptic, revelation. It concludes with the critique of the Torah in the writings of Paul"-- Prové de l'editor.

A History Of The Hasmonean State

Autor: Kenneth Atkinson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567669033
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Kenneth Atkinson tells the exciting story of the nine decades of the Hasmonean rule of Judea (152 - 63 BCE) by going beyond the accounts of the Hasmoneans in Josephus in order to bring together new evidence to reconstruct how the Hasmonean family transformed their kingdom into a state that lasted until the arrival of the Romans. Atkinson reconstructs the relationships between the Hasmonean state and the rulers of the Seleucid and the Ptolemaic Empires, the Itureans, the Nabateans, the Parthians, the Armenians, the Cappadocians, and the Roman Republic. He draws on a variety of previously unused sources, including papyrological documentation, inscriptions, archaeological evidence, numismatics, Dead Sea Scrolls, pseudepigrapha, and textual sources from the Hellenistic to the Byzantine periods. Atkinson also explores how Josephus's political and social situation in Flavian Rome affected his accounts of the Hasmoneans and why any study of the Hasmonean state must go beyond Josephus to gain a full appreciation of this unique historical period that shaped Second Temple Judaism, and created the conditions for the rise of the Herodian dynasty and the emergence of Christianity.

The Jewish Revolt Against Rome

Autor: Mladen Popovi?
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004216685
File Size: 32,97 MB
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This volume brings together different disciplines, some for the first time, The contrubutions reflect on a wide range of literary, archaeological, documentary, epigraphic and numismatic sources and their bearing on the historical context of the Jewish revolt against Rome and on our own historical methods.

The Jewish Community Of Rome Electronic Resource

Autor: Silvia Cappelletti
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004151575
File Size: 31,32 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This publication on the Jewish community of Rome in ancient times provides interesting information about the development of the Jewish presence in the Capital of the Roman Empire and the cultural links this community created with the Diaspora and Eretz-Israel.

The Institution Of The Hasmonean High Priesthood

Autor: Vasile Babota
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004252045
File Size: 80,11 MB
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In The Institution of the Hasmonean High Priesthood, Vasile Babota offers an interdisciplinary study of the historical process (167–140 B.C.E.), which led to the establishment of the Hasmonean rebellious priests as high priests of the Hellenistic Judea.

Imperialism And Jewish Society

Autor: Seth Schwartz
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400824850
File Size: 71,46 MB
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This provocative new history of Palestinian Jewish society in antiquity marks the first comprehensive effort to gauge the effects of imperial domination on this people. Probing more than eight centuries of Persian, Greek, and Roman rule, Seth Schwartz reaches some startling conclusions--foremost among them that the Christianization of the Roman Empire generated the most fundamental features of medieval and modern Jewish life. Schwartz begins by arguing that the distinctiveness of Judaism in the Persian, Hellenistic, and early Roman periods was the product of generally prevailing imperial tolerance. From around 70 C.E. to the mid-fourth century, with failed revolts and the alluring cultural norms of the High Roman Empire, Judaism all but disintegrated. However, late in the Roman Empire, the Christianized state played a decisive role in ''re-Judaizing'' the Jews. The state gradually excluded them from society while supporting their leaders and recognizing their local communities. It was thus in Late Antiquity that the synagogue-centered community became prevalent among the Jews, that there re-emerged a distinctively Jewish art and literature--laying the foundations for Judaism as we know it today. Through masterful scholarship set in rich detail, this book challenges traditional views rooted in romantic notions about Jewish fortitude. Integrating material relics and literature while setting the Jews in their eastern Mediterranean context, it addresses the complex and varied consequences of imperialism on this vast period of Jewish history more ambitiously than ever before. Imperialism in Jewish Society will be widely read and much debated.