The Essential Guide For Educating Beginning English Learners

Autor: Debbie Zacarian
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1452284121
File Size: 67,50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 4010
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Put all English learners on the path to success—right from the start! As more beginning ELs enroll in schools every year, educators need a realistic framework for addressing the varied needs of this growing population. In this practical resource, the authors provide templates, tools, and vignettes illustrating real-world challenges to help teachers and administrators: Learn strategies for teaching beginning level ELs across the curriculum Create a welcoming environment for students and families Reach out to students from both literacy and non-literacy-oriented homes Design programs that meet the needs of beginning ELs and students with limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE)

English Language Learners

Autor: David E. Freeman
Publisher: Teaching Resources
File Size: 24,50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7061
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Presents information for classroom teachers on working effectively with students with limited English-language proficiency.

Teaching English 3 11

Autor: Julia Myers
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 0826470076
File Size: 43,68 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 5818
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This title highlights aspects of progression and continuity in the teaching of English across the Foundation and Primary years and encourages readers to develop an understanding of key principles and the confidence to apply these appropriately to their classroom practice.

Learning Teaching

Autor: Jim Scrivener
Publisher: MacMillan
ISBN: 9780230729841
File Size: 50,17 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 287
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A guide to English. Suitable for initial training courses, and for practising ELT teachers, it covers developments in ELT and includes a DVD featuring a full lesson as well as demonstrations of practical teaching techniques.

Teaching English Language Learners Across The Content Areas

Autor: Judie Haynes
Publisher: ASCD
ISBN: 1416612335
File Size: 34,78 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5762
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English language learners (ELLs) often face the difficult challenge of learning both a new language and new subject matter at the same time. In Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas, Judie Haynes and Debbie Zacarian offer strategies, tools, and tips that teachers can use to help ELLs at all levels flourish in mainstream classrooms. This book will show teachers how to * Determine their ELLs' stages of English language acquisition. * Modify assignments and assessments in different content areas for ELLs at different stages of language development. * Ensure that all ELLs participate fully in lesson activities alongside their English-fluent peers. * Communicate effectively with parents and guardians of students from diverse cultures. Real-life examples of lessons from elementary, middle, and high school that have been modified for ELLs in language arts, math, science, and social studies classes show how to effectively put the authors' recommendations into practice. A glossary of important ELL and ESL terms is included as well, for those who are new to teaching ELLs. Whether novice or veteran, all teachers of ELLs will benefit from this wonderfully practical guide to ensuring that ELLs learn English by learning content--and learn content while learning English.

Transforming Schools For English Learners

Autor: Debbie Zacarian
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1452239398
File Size: 45,98 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 3085
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Position your school to successfully teach English learners Could your school be more effective at instructing its English learners? Whether you are just beginning to work with an emergent population or need to improve your program, this book provides a comprehensive framework for improving ELs’ academic performance and school engagement through visionary planning of EL education programming. The author addresses such critical topics as: Selecting the appropriate program model for your school Creating effective student course schedules for language development and content Making data-driven decisions using effective measures of student performance learning Effectively using Response to Intervention (RTI)

Students With Interrupted Formal Education

Autor: Brenda Custodio
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1506359671
File Size: 25,39 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 6945
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New hope for our most vulnerable English learners “One of the guiding principles of effective English language teaching is for educators to know their students. And that in a nutshell captures the value of this book. . . . The compassion that Custodio and O’Loughlin feel for our SIFE students, the commitment they have to educating them well, and the comprehension they have of the assets these learners bring to the classroom are evident in the writing, tools, and vignettes they share.” -Deborah J. Short Under the best of circumstances, the academic demands of today’s classrooms can be daunting to our English learners. But for the tens of thousands of newly arrived students with interrupted formal education, even the social challenges can be outright overwhelming. Rely on this all-in-one guide from Brenda Custodio and Judith O’Loughlin for expert insight on how to build the skills these students need for success in school and beyond. Inside you’ll find Essential background on factors leading to interrupted education Specific focus on refugee children and Latino immigrants Guidance on building internal resilience for long-term social and emotional health Recommendations for creating supportive environments at the classroom, school, and district level About one thing, Brenda and Judith are absolutely convinced: our SIFE students can learn and make progress, often at a remarkable speed. But it’s up to us, their educators, to provide the time, attention, and a specific focus. Consider this book your first step forward.

Learn English The Ultimate Guide To English Learning

Autor: Martha Wilson
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1365717046
File Size: 79,18 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 9745
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Whether you’re living here in the USA or not, learning english is about as important as say, breathing! Not all people or all countries use english, but it is one of the most learned languages today next to Spanish. So why not go that extra step and learn english!

Teaching English As A Foreign Language For Dummies

Autor: Michelle Maxom
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119992288
File Size: 36,25 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 4661
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Learn to: Put an EFL course programme together from scratch Let your students loose in skills classes – from reading to listening Deliver grammar lessons in a logical and intuitive way Cope with different age groups and capabilities Your one-stop guide to a career that will take you places If you thought that teaching a language that's second nature to you would be easy, think again! Explaining grammar, or teaching correct pronunciation while simultaneously developing your own skills as a teacher can be a huge challenge. Whether you're on a training course or have already started teaching, this book will help launch your career and give you the confidence and expertise you need to be a brilliant teacher. Make an educated decision – decide between the various courses, qualifications and job locations available to you Start from scratch – plan well-structured lessons and develop successful and effective teaching techniques Focus on skills – from reading and writing, to listening and speaking, get your students sounding and feeling fluent Get your head around grammar – teach students to put sentences together, recognise tenses and use adjectives and adverbs All shapes and sizes – tailor your lessons to younger learners, one-to-ones, exam classes and Business English learners Open the book and find: TEFL, TESOL, EFL – what all the acronyms mean The best course books and materials to supplement your teaching Advice on running your class and handling difficulties Lesson plans that you can use in the classroom Activities and exercises to keep your students on their toes Constructive ways to correct and assess your students' performance Ways to inject some fun into your classes Insider information on the best jobs around the world 'An invaluable manual for anyone thinking of embarking on a TEFL journey. Michelle Maxom's step-by-step guide provides practical tips to get you started and offers key advice to help unleash the creative English language teacher within.' – Claire Woollam, Director of Studies & a Teacher Trainer at Language Link London

Baked Beans Somtam The Essential Guide To Teaching Thai Students

Autor: Rick Kirtland
Publisher: Booksmango
ISBN: 1633239535
File Size: 78,20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 4056
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‘Baked Beans & Somtam: the essential guide to teaching Thai students’ is a must-have for newbies and a recommended read for more experienced teachers. Although it is probably most helpful for those new to the profession, ‘old hands’ should also find it interesting and useful. As the title suggests, most of the material is related specifically to understanding and teaching Thai students. That said, much of the content will be applicable across different cross-cultural contexts and so can be seen as useful to anyone teaching English Language Learners. Written in a lively, upbeat and at times humorous manner as a reference book rather than a resource book, ‘Baked Beans & Somtam’ aims to fill an obvious gap between TESOL methodology and classroom practice in the Thai context. Reading this book will not magically transform anyone overnight into a master teacher. However, it will complement any formal teacher training in this area and will also equip readers with a set of ‘lenses’ through which they can see themselves, their students and the classroom experience more clearly.