The Champion Of Bar Sh

Autor: Susan Grant
ISBN: 9781940200286
File Size: 51,22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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If it sounded like a fairytale, it probably was...Tug driver Jemm Aves struggles to keep her dreams alive on a dead-end world. Working for the mines by day, she's a successful bajha player at night, disguised as a male to be allowed to compete in the colony's lucrative and violent underworld where club owners will go to extremes to retain the best players. When a man from the galaxy's richest family recruits her to be a star player for his team, it's because he doesn't know her secret. Only, she soon learns he's not so easily fooled. Suddenly playing bajha jumps from a scheme to feed her family to something far more risky. She'd sooner face down an irate mine boss than be caught lying to the Vash. Prince Charming he was not...Fresh off house arrest, Vash Prince Klark is eager to reverse his reputation as the black sheep of the Vedla clan, a family as famous for its wealth and power as it is for being a bastion of male-dominated tradition. If his bajha team can win the galactic title it would go a long way toward restoring the family honor that his misdeeds tarnished. With a couple of the most celebrated pro-players in the galaxy in tow, he travels to Barésh to track down an amateur who's risen to the top of the seedy world of street bajha, offering the commoner a chance of a lifetime: a way off that reeking space rock for good.RITA-winner Susan Grant enchants readers with an all-new, stand-alone tale of two improbable lovers, their daring secret, and a gamble destined to alter the course of their lives forever.

The Star Prince

Autor: Susan Grant
ISBN: 9780505524577
File Size: 55,67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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In this follow-up to the author's RITA-Award nominated "The Star King", Princess Tee'ah flees her royal responsibility to wed and ends up piloting the star craft owned by Ian Hamilton--the one man she should avoid at all costs--who is the handsome stepson of the King of the Galaxy.

Star Champion

Autor: Susan Grant
Publisher: Pronoun
ISBN: 194020027X
File Size: 33,70 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 9849
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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS THE CHAMPION OF BARÉSH! RITA® winner and New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Susan Grant sweeps readers away to exciting new worlds in another romance and action-packed story! Dreaming big on a dead-end world... Jemm Aves toils for a mining company by day, but at night she is a successful bajha player, disguised as a male to compete in the violent underworld of the colony’s fight clubs. Every win puts her one small step closer to her goal: saving enough to escape Barésh with her family. When a royal recruits her to be a star player for his team, her ruse proves to be her most perilous game yet when it puts both their lives—and her heart—at risk. Prince Charming he was not... Prince Klark is eager to reverse his reputation as the black sheep of the Vedla clan. If his bajha team can win the galactic title it would go a long way toward restoring the family honor that his misdeeds tarnished. On Barésh, he tracks down an amateur who has risen to the top of the seedy world of street bajha, offering the commoner a chance of a lifetime: a way off that reeking space rock for good. But his new player comes with a scandalous secret that turns his plans and his beliefs upside down. He sets out to win a very different prize—his champion’s reluctant heart. RITA® finalist *** Galaxy Award Winner


Autor: Marcos Zimmermann
ISBN: 9788498012651
File Size: 28,36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7788
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This inspiring, nearly mystical, photographic journey through one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world traverses the whipped plateau and the extreme coasts, the transparent sea and the highest peaks, and the creatures of the profoundly isolated region of Patagonia. An accompanying essay discusses the region and the photography with lyricism and respect.

Star Hero

Autor: Susan Grant Gunning Grant
ISBN: 9781940200507
File Size: 61,95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 7737
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Space Marine Lieutenant Lukas Frank has a lot in common with a street dog named Bang-Bang; they both started off as scrappy orphans fighting to survive--and beat the odds. Things change when Bang-Bang leads Lukas to starpilot Captain Carlynn Riga. The tough war hero learns what it means to surrender--his heart. Lukas's struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, threaten to tear the three of them apart, but nothing threatens them more than when Carlynn goes missing on a mission. Now the rugged, emotionally scarred Marine and his K-9 partner must find Carlynn and bring her home, or risk losing everything he has finally found worth fighting for.

Metabolic Regulation

Autor: Keith N. Frayn
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118685334
File Size: 31,72 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 4846
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The important Third Edition of this successful book conveys a modern and integrated picture of metabolism and metabolic regulation. Explaining difficult concepts with unequalled clarity, author Keith Frayn provides the reader with an essential guide to the subject. Covering topics such as energy balance, body weight regulation and how the body copes with extreme situations, this book illustrates how metabolic regulation allows the human body to adapt to many different conditions. Changes throughout the new edition include: Extensive chapter updates Clear and accessible 2-color diagrams Q&A sections online at to facilitate learning Frayn has written a book which will continue to be an extremely valuable tool for scientists, practitioners and students working and studying across a broad range of allied health sciences including medicine, biochemistry, nutrition, dietetics, sports science and nursing.

Gabriel S Ghost

Autor: Linnea Sinclair
Publisher: Spectra
ISBN: 0553902040
File Size: 10,84 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 6827
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Award-winning author Linnea Sinclair brings her special sizzle to science fiction with this action-packed blend of otherworldly adventure and sexy stellar romance.… After a decade of piloting interstellar patrol ships, former captain Chasidah Bergren, onetime pride of the Sixth Fleet, finds herself court-martialed for a crime she didn’t commit–and shipped off to a remote prison planet from which no one ever escapes. But when she kills a brutal guard in an act of self-defense, someone even more dangerous emerges from the shadows. Gabriel Sullivan–alpha mercenary, smuggler, and rogue–is supposed to be dead. Yet now this seductive ghost from Chaz’s past is offering her a ticket to freedom–for a price. Someone in the Empire is secretly breeding jukors: vicious and uncontrollable killing machines that have long been outlawed. Gabriel needs Chaz to help him stop the practice before it decimates Imperial space. The mission means putting their lives on the line–but the tensions that heat up between them may be the riskiest part of all. From the Paperback edition.

Contemporary Hollywood Stardom

Autor: Thomas Austin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780340809372
File Size: 76,18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 205
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Taking account of the major developments in the field of star studies, this book explores the political economy of stardom, questions of performance, the effect on stardom of convergence between the film industry and other leisure industries, and the role of audiences. The book combines a review of current trends with case studies of individual stars enabling students and researchers to widen their knowledge of the field and explore new ways of approaching the star phenomenon.

Heart Sight

Autor: Robin D. Owens
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0451488172
File Size: 14,11 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 8861
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Journey back to the planet Celta with award-winning author Robin D. Owens in this novel about shadowed enemies and unimaginable psi power. Muin "Vinni" T'Vine has been the prophet of Celta since he was six years old. A unique and lonely child, his strong psi power made most people wary of him. But now that he's older, he's ready to marry and protect the girl he's known was his HeartMate for years. Avellana isn't as fragile as Vinni believes...nor as compliant. She fights to be considered Vinni's equal and a strong member of her Family and community. Both of them have kept Avellana's main power secret for over a decade. But rumors of her strange psi talent are spreading, and Vinni is experiencing premonitions of danger to Avellana--even from the highest people of the land. When the whispers become threats, Vinni and Avellana must discover and defeat their secret enemies before they can finally claim happiness together.

Shades Of Dark

Autor: Linnea Sinclair
Publisher: NLA Digital LLC
ISBN: 1620512289
File Size: 38,75 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 4022
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For two fugitive lovers, space has no haven, no mercy, no light—only... SHADES OF DARK. Court-martialed Imperial Fleet captain Chasidah Bergren is on the run with her fugitive lover, the telepathic mercenary Gabriel Sullivan. Rim-worlds and illegal deep-space outposts offer little safety. Corruption in the empire—expertly orchestrated by Sully’s powerful cousin, Hayden Burke—is everywhere: among her crew, her friends. Even her family. Then a mysterious operative offers critical intel on Burke’s plans. But Captain Del Regarth has plans of his own… Everyone has a price. Everyone can make a choice. But when Sully makes his, Chaz must choose between what Sully has become—and what her heart demands she must do.