Structure Activity And Selectivity Relationships In Heterogeneous Catalysis

Autor: R.K. Grasselli
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Structure plays an important role in heterogeneous catalysis. It provides a framework for the arrangement and stragetic placement of key catalytic elements, hosting them in a prescribed manner so that their respective electronic properties can exhibit their desired catalytic functions and mutual interactions. Under reaction conditions these framework structures and their catalytic guests undergo dynamic processes becoming active participants of the overall catalytic process. They are not mere static geometric forms. The dynamics of catalytic structures are particularly vivid in selective oxidation catalysis where the lattice of a given catalytic solid partakes as a whole, not only its surface, in the redox processes of the reaction. The catalyst becomes actually a participating reagent. By proper choice of key catalytic elements and their host structures, preferred catalytic pathways can be selected over less desired ones. However, not only in selective redox catalysis does structure play an important role, its importance is also well documented, among others, in shape selective zeolite catalysis, enantioselective hydrogenation and hydrodesulfurization. The contributions presented in this book address the dynamic character of the solid state under catalytic reaction conditions. By relating structure to activity and selectivity in heterogeneous catalysis our understanding of such correlations has been significantly enhanced through the use of sophisticated spectroscopic means, surface science and modeling.

Selective Oxidation By Heterogeneous Catalysis

Autor: Gabriele Centi
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461541751
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Selective Oxidation by Heterogeneous Catalysis covers one of the major areas of industrial petrochemical production, outlining open questions and new opportunities. It gives keys for the interpretation and analysis of data and design of new catalysts and reactions, and provides guidelines for future research. A distinctive feature of this book is the use of concept by example. Rather than reporting an overview of the literature results, the authors have selected some representative examples, the in-depth analysis of which makes it possible to clarify the fundamental, but new concepts necessary for a better understanding of the new opportunities in this field and the design of new catalysts or catalytic reactions. Attention is given not only to the catalyst itself, but also to the use of the catalyst inside the process, thus evidencing the relationship between catalyst design and engineering aspects of the process. This book provides suggestions for new innovative directions of research and indications on how to reconsider the field of selective oxidation from different perspectives, outlining that is not a mature field of research, but that new important breakthroughs can be derived from fundamental and applied research. Suggestions are offered on how to use less conventional approaches in terms of both catalyst design and analysis of the data.

Acid Base Catalysis Ii

Autor: H. Hattori
Publisher: Elsevier
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Solid acid catalysts are already being used in various processes in petroleum refining and are presently being studied intensively in both academic and applied fields for usage in a variety of reactions. Solid base catalysts are also gaining increasing recognition as potential catalysts. Both acidic and basic catalysts are promising not only with respect to acid and base-catalyzed reactions but also in materials sciences, such as the production of adsorbents, sensors, ceramics, etc. The present volume presents the text of 21 invited oral presentations and 58 poster presentations. The material covers a wide range of aspects on acid-base catalysis, from quantum chemistry to industrialized processes.

Heterogeneous Catalysis And Fine Chemicals Iii

Autor: J. Barbier
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080887692
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Heterogeneous catalysis plays a major role in the organic synthesis of specialty and fine chemicals. However, as the interaction between surface sites and functional groups is complex, more investigations are necessary into the effects of catalysts on the reaction mechanisms. The Third International Symposium on Heterogeneous Catalysis and Fine Chemicals provided an opportunity for discussions on the basic and practical aspects of this subject between researchers, manufacturers and users of solid catalysts for synthesis of fine chemicals. The present volume comprises the invited plenary lectures and research papers classified under the three main headings, hydrogenation, oxidation and acid-catalysis. All papers were refereed. A large variety of reactions are described, the emphasis being on selectivity, taking into account all aspects: chemo-, regio-, and stereoselectivity (including enantioselectivity) and on the change of these selectivities as a function of the characteristics of the catalysts and operating conditions.

Molecular Sieves From Basic Research To Industrial Applications

Autor: Jiri Cejka
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080473512
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Due to their unique porous properties, zeolites (also referred to as molecular sieves) are used in a variety of applications - major uses are in petrochemical cracking, ion-exchange (water softening and purification), and in the separation and removal of gases and solvents. Molecular Sieves: From Basic Research to Industrial Applications, Volume 158 A,B presents over 265 worldwide contributions on the latest developments in zeolitic research. Readers will find this book, which is divided into five sections: Synthesis, Characterization, Adsorption, Catalysis, and Novel applications, ideal for staying up to date on current research on porous materials. * Comprehensive overview of current research on porous materials * Contains experimental as well as theoretical input, reflecting the increasing overlap between theory and experiment * Contributions from the world's leading authorities

Nanoporous Materials Ii

Autor: T.J. Pinnavaia
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080537269
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The first symposium on Access in Nanoporous Materials was held in Lansing, Michigan on June 7-9, 1995. The five years that have passed since that initial meeting have brought remarkable advances in all aspects of this growing family of materials. In particular, impressive progress has been achieved in the area of novel self-assembled mesoporous materials, their synthesis, characterization and applications. The supramolecular self-assembly of various inorganic and organic species into ordered mesostructures became a powerful method for synthesis of mesoporous molecular sieves of tailored framework composition, pore structure, pore size and desired surface functionality for advanced applications in such areas as separation, adsorption, catalysis, environmental cleanup and nanotechnology. In addition to mesostructured metal oxide molecular sieves prepared through supramolecular assembly pathways, clays, carbon molecular sieves, porous polymers, sol-gel and imprinted materials, as well as self-assembled organic and other zeolite-like materials, have captured the attention of materials researchers around the globe. The contents of the current volume present a sampling of more than 150 oral and poster papers delivered at the Symposium on Access in Nanoporous Materials II held in Banff, Alberta on May 25-30, 2000. About 70% of the papers are devoted to the synthesis of siliceous mesoporous molecular sieves, their modification, characterization and applications, which represent the current research trend in nanoporous materials. The remaining contributions provide some indications on the future developments in the area of non-siliceous molecular sieves and related materials. This book reflects the current trends and advances in this area, which will certainly attract the attention of materials chemists in the 21st century.

Preparation Of Catalysts V

Autor: B. Delmon
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080879192
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The organizers of this Fifth Symposium maintained their initial objectives, namely to gather experts from both industries and universities to discuss the scientific problems involved in the preparation of heterogeneous catalysts, and to encourage as much as possible the presentation of research work on catalysts of real industrial significance. Another highlight of these symposia was to reserve a substantial part of the program to new developments in catalyst preparation, new preparation methods and new catalytic systems. The fact that chemical reactions which were hardly conceivable some years ago have become possible today through the development of appropriate catalytic systems proves that catalysis is in constant progress. The papers in this volume deal with studies of unit operations in catalyst preparation, catalyst preparation via the sol-gel route, preparation of catalysts from layered structures and pillaring of clays, preparation and modification of zeolite-based catalysts, carbon supported catalysts, preparation of oxidation catalysts and novel and unusual preparation methods.

Impact Of Zeolites And Other Porous Materials On The New Technologies At The Beginning Of The New Millennium

Autor: R. Aiello
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080534589
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Crystalline solids with highly structured micro-scale pores are called zeolites. Their well-defined structure and large contact surface make them extremely useful as catalysts. Their most common use is in washing powders. Different features are caused by the shape and size of the pores and the presence of different metals in the crystal structure. Research is conducted both towards better understanding of the relations between form and function and towards identifying new possible uses. This title presents a collection of contributions from internationally renowned researchers in the field of the Science and Technology of micro and mesoporous materials. The aim of the conference is to create an international forum where researchers from academia as well as from industry can discuss ideas and evaluate the impact of zeolites, and other porous materials, on new technologies at the beginning of the new millennium. · Gives the most recent developments in the origin, synthesis and characterisation of zeolitic materials · Outlines the impact and application of zeolites in various industrial processes · An adjourned state of art in the field of zeolites and other porous materials

Morphological Compositional And Shape Control Of Materials For Catalysis

Autor: Paolo Fornasiero
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0323446655
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Morphological, Compositional, and Shape Control of Materials for Catalysis, Volume 177, the latest in the Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis series, documents the fast-growing developments in the synthesis, characterization, and utilization of nanostructures for catalysis. The book provides essential background on using well-defined materials for catalysis and presents exciting new paradigms in the preparation and application of catalytic materials, with an emphasis on how structure determines catalytic properties. In addition, the book uniquely features discussions on the future of the field, with ample space for future directions detailed in each chapter. Presents the latest paradigms in the preparation and application of catalytic materials Provides essential background on using well-defined materials for catalysis Features discussion of future directions at the end of each chapter

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