Speaking Reading And Writing In Children With Language Learning Disabilities

Autor: Katharine G. Butler
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1135665923
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The ability to use language in more literate ways has always been a central outcome of education. Today, however, "being literate" requires more than functional literacy, the recognition of printed words as meaningful. It requires the knowledge of how to use language as a tool for analyzing, synthesizing, and integrating what is heard or read in order to arrive at new interpretations. Specialists in education, cognitive psychology, learning disabilities, communication sciences and disorders, and other fields have studied the language learning problems of school age children from their own perspectives. All have tended to emphasize either the oral language component or phonemic awareness. The major influence of phonemic awareness on learning to read and spell is well-researched, but it is not the only relevant focus for efforts in intervention and instruction. An issue is that applications are usually the products of a single discipline or profession, and few integrate an understanding of phonemic awareness with an understanding of the ways in which oral language comprehension and expression support reading, writing, and spelling. Thus, what we have learned about language remains disconnected from what we have learned about literacy; interrelationships between language and literacy are not appreciated; and educational services for students with language and learning disabilities are fragmented as a result. This unique book, a multidisciplinary collaboration, bridges research, practice, and the development of new technologies. It offers the first comprehensive and integrated overview of the multiple factors involved in language learning from late preschool through post high school that must be considered if problems are to be effectively addressed. Practitioners, researchers, and students professionally concerned with these problems will find the book an invaluable resource.

The Abcs Of Learning Disabilities

Autor: Bernice Wong
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780080569024
File Size: 64,58 MB
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The ABCs of Learning Disabilities, Second Edition, discusses major research findings on learning disabilities in children, adolescents and adults in language, memory, social skills, self-regulation, reading, mathematics, and writing, with an additional chapter on assessment. This concise primer is intended for use as an undergraduate introductory text to the field. Written with an evenness of tone, breadth, and depth, the conveys an engaging style meant to encourage the beginning student to identify the “big picture and to be interested in conceptual issues as well as research findings. Undergraduate level text 90% new material Concise introduction to field Covers current concepts like removing the IQ-performance discrepancy formula in diagnosing learning disabilities New chapter on self-regulation and learning disabilities Whole school approach to social skills intervention

Scaffolding Literacy Instruction

Autor: Adrian Rodgers
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
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Grades K-4 Helping emerging readers and writers reach their full potential requires a delicate balance between teacher assistance and student independence. With Scaffolding Literacy Instruction you can create that balance for every member of your classroom, gradually shifting the responsibility for learning to your students and creating confident learners in the process. Editors Adrian Rodgers and Emily Rodgers frame Scaffolding Literacy Instruction, first giving you a valuable overview of guided instruction-the theory and scholarship behind it as well as its instructional goals-and then, in the final essay, anticipating its challenges and offering usable-on-Monday-morning tips for implementation. In between, wide-ranging essays from ten experts in the field, including Gay Su Pinnell and Irene C. Fountas, offer straight talk and well-researched ideas that scaffold lessons and strategies in support of: phonics instruction word solving partner reading working with special needs students building student identity. As Rodgers and Rodgers write, "All scaffolding is teaching, but not all teaching is scaffolding." So whether you are a preservice teacher studying scaffolding in the literacy classroom, a novice looking for step-by-step ways to support students, or a veteran who wants to consider other case studies to see what might apply to your instructional setting, Scaffolding Literacy Instruction will help you do it and help you do it better.

Bibliographic Guide To Education

ISBN: 9780783898056
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... lists publications cataloged by Teachers College, Columbia University, supplemented by ... The Research Libraries of The New York Publica Library.

Mental Retardation

Autor: Clifford J. Drew
Publisher: Prentice Hall
ISBN: 9780131112162
File Size: 53,16 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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For undergraduate and graduate introductory courses in Mental Retardation and intellectual disabilities in special education, psychology, social work, and social sciences programs. The eighth edition of this classic text again fulfills its goal of providing an introduction to intellectual disabilities that is readable and comprehensive, and which reflects the broad array of stories associated with this disability. The authors combine a developmental approach-discussing their subject as it evolves from birth to the elder years-with a multidisciplinary perspective that acknowledges the need for collaboration in regard to diagnosis and intervention in order to effectively assist people with mental retardation, intellectual disabilities and their families. Coverage pays particular attention to multicultural issues and incorporates the latest research in the field.

School Matters

Autor: Lisa R. Jackson
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780805896671
File Size: 44,26 MB
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This special issue presents theoretical and empirical studies that provide an understanding of the dynamic, complex, and often conflicting school, family, and community context in which African-American and Latino adolescents are formally and informally educated. Focusing on the examination of identity development, family/community background and resources, and academic performance, this issue is concerned with the development and implementation of culturally relevant policies and programs for these adolescents that effectively support their academic success. Each paper addresses a set of challenging questions and, in the process, raises new questions. As a result, the papers challenge researchers, policymakers, and educators to engage in thoughtful examination of the sociocultural context in which African American and Latino youth live as they address their developmental and academic needs.

Improving Adult Literacy Instruction

Autor: Committee on Learning Sciences: Foundations and Applications to Adolescent and Adult Literacy
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309219590
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A high level of literacy in both print and digital media is required for negotiating most aspects of 21st-century life, including supporting a family, education, health, civic participation, and competitiveness in the global economy. Yet, more than 90 million U.S. adults lack adequate literacy. Furthermore, only 38 percent of U.S. 12th graders are at or above proficient in reading. Improving Adult Literacy Instruction synthesizes the research on literacy and learning to improve literacy instruction in the United States and to recommend a more systemic approach to research, practice, and policy. The book focuses on individuals ages 16 and older who are not in K-12 education. It identifies factors that affect literacy development in adolescence and adulthood in general, and examines their implications for strengthening literacy instruction for this population. It also discusses technologies for learning that can assist with multiple aspects of teaching, assessment,and accommodations for learning. There is inadequate knowledge about effective instructional practices and a need for better assessment and ongoing monitoring of adult students' proficiencies, weaknesses, instructional environments, and progress, which might guide instructional planning. Improving Adult Literacy Instruction recommends a program of research and innovation to validate, identify the boundaries of, and extend current knowledge to improve instruction for adults and adolescents outside school. The book is a valuable resource for curriculum developers, federal agencies such as the Department of Education, administrators, educators, and funding agencies.