Protest And Survive Underground Gi Newspapers During The Vietnam War

Autor: James Lewes
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313093253
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Drawing from more than 120 newspapers, published between 1968 and 1970, this study explores the emergence of an anti-militarist subculture within the U.S. armed services. These activists took the position that individual GIs could best challenge their subordination by working in concert with like-minded servicemen through GI movement organizations whose behaviors and activities were then publicized in these underground newspapers. In examining this movement, Lewes focuses on their treatment of power and authority within the armed forces and how this mirrored the wider and more inclusive relations of power and authority in the United States. He argues that this opposition among servicemen was the primary motivation for the United States to withdraw from Vietnam. This first book length study of GI-published underground newspapers sheds light on the utility of alternative media for movements of social change, and provides information on how these movements are shaped by the environments in which they emerge. Lewes asserts that one cannot understand GI opposition as an extension of the civilian antiwar movement. Instead, it was the product of an embedded environment, whose inhabitants had been drafted or had enlisted to avoid the draft. They came from cities and small towns whose populations were often polarized between those who wholeheartedly supported the war and those who became progressively more critical of the need for Americans to be involved in Vietnam.

Insider Histories Of The Vietnam Era Underground Press

Autor: Ken Wachsberger
Publisher: MSU Press
ISBN: 1609172205
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This enlightening book offers a collection of histories of underground papers from the Vietnam Era as written and told by key staff members of the time. Their stories (as well as those to be included in Part 2, forthcoming) represent a wide range of publications: counterculture, gay, lesbian, feminist, Puerto Rican, Native American, Black, socialist, Southern consciousness, prisoner's rights, New Age, rank-and-file, military, and more. The edition includes forewords by former Chicago Seed editor Abe Peck, radical attorney William M. Kunstler, and Markos Moulitsas, founder of the Daily Kos, along with an introductory essay by Ken Wachsberger. Wachsberger notes that the underground press not only produce a few well-known papers but also was truly national and diverse in scope. His goal is to capture the essence of "the countercultural community." A fundamental resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of a dramatic era in U.S. history.

People S Movements People S Press

Autor: Bob Ostertag
Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)
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An insightful analysis of five social justice movements and their relationship with the newspapers and journals produced by the activists traces the history of the alternative print media and their influence on the forces of abolition, women's suffrage, environmental awareness, gay liberation, and the Vietnam anti-war movement, as well as on public opinion as a whole.

Dangerous Grounds

Autor: David L. Parsons
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469632020
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As the Vietnam War divided the nation, a network of antiwar coffeehouses appeared in the towns and cities outside American military bases. Owned and operated by civilian activists, GI coffeehouses served as off-base refuges for the growing number of active-duty soldiers resisting the war. In the first history of this network, David L. Parsons shows how antiwar GIs and civilians united to battle local authorities, vigilante groups, and the military establishment itself by building a dynamic peace movement within the armed forces. Peopled with lively characters and set in the tense environs of base towns around the country, this book complicates the often misunderstood relationship between the civilian antiwar movement, U.S. soldiers, and military officials during the Vietnam era. Using a broad set of primary and secondary sources, Parsons shows us a critical moment in the history of the Vietnam-era antiwar movement, when a chain of counterculture coffeehouses brought the war's turbulent politics directly to the American military's doorstep.

Supplement To Vietnam 1964 1973

Autor: Elwood L. White
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This bibliography is a supplement to the Special Bibliography Series, Number 80, compiled in 1990 to support the 14th Military History Symposium. It is primarily intended as a listing of scholarly works completed since 1990 on the Vietnam War, although some works prior to that date are included. The bibliography is selected from the holdings on that war housed in the McDermott library, United States Air Force Academy, and includes books, journal articles, government publications, and technical reports. Newspaper articles, works of fiction, collections of poetry, and most personal narratives are not included. The Clark Special Collections Branch of the library has extensive primary source materials and artifacts focused on American POW experiences in Southeast Asia. Those items are also excluded from this bibliography since they are limited to in-house use only. Individuals wanting information about that collection should contact the Special Collections Curator and Academy Archivist.

Peace Not Terror

Autor: Mary Susannah Robbins
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780739124970
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This book contains essays by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Dave Dellinger, Staughton Lynd, and other antiwar activists, including veterans. It is in the vanguard of the new peace movement and deals with the United States government's militaristic response to the events of 9/11, proposing alternative paths that will lead to peace instead of perpetual war_including the use of the World Court, the Geneva Convention laws, and alternatives to oil for energy

Hanoi Jane

Autor: Jerry Lembcke
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A provocative analysis of how and why Jane Fonda the person became Hanoi Jane the myth.