Remote Drone Pilot Certification Study Guide

Autor: T. C. Freeman
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Guaranteed to Pass the Remote Pilot Certification Knowledge Test or your Money Back!* Pass the FAA Part 107 Remote (Drone) Pilot Certification, includes 1 year FREE Membership at with private Facebook group discussion, blog and videos. Study guide has 12 chapters and over 400 practice questions. Good for small business, corporate or government (like law enforcement)) commercial operators of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS). Don't risk not passing the FAA Remote Pilot test at a cost of $150. There are 60 questions on the FAA test with a test bank of over 300 questions. Our study guide is not your typical study guide; it's fun and efficient (sometimes blunt), not a dry textbook. Study on your own schedule. Make money with your drone!

Part 107 Drone Certificate Study Guide

Autor: Paul Aitken
ISBN: 9781543057645
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This study guide for the Part 107 Drone Certification was carefully researched,compiled and produced utilizing 13 separate FAA documents. With the 107test outline released by the FAA as our guide, we poured through the over2,500 pages of content in an effort to break it down for you into thissummarized study guide. Therefore, we believe this guide contains the mostimportant, relevant items you need to know as you study for your 107 test.It helps you understand more clearly what you must know, what you shouldknow and even what you don't need to know so you are maximizing your timeand effort. It's been our pleasure to help many pass their tests on the first try, and hope to hear similar success stories from you as well.

Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide

Autor: Federal Aviation Administration
Publisher: FAA Knowledge Series
ISBN: 9780999793749
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This FAA study guide targets individuals looking to study for their FAA Remote Pilot test with sUAS rating, and those seeking to renew their license (certificate). As such, the aim of this text is to identify and provide the resources necessary to study for and pass the FAA written test in order to operate Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems or "drones" commercially.The study guide covers applicable regulations, airspace classification operating requirements and flight restrictions, aviation weather services, effects of weather on sUAS performance, small unmanned aircraft loading, emergency procedures, crew resource management (CRM), radio communication procedures, physiological factors (including drugs and alcohol) affecting pilot performance, aeronautical decision making (ADM) and judgment, airport operations, and maintenance and preflight inspection procedures.

Remote Pilot Test Prep 2018

Autor: Asa Test Board
Publisher: Test Prep
ISBN: 9781619545595
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"Operating a drone for non-hobby operations requires a Remote Pilot Certificate. You must successfully complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Knowledge Exam to earn a Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) rating. This book is your key to success"--Back cover,

Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide Faa G 8082 22

Autor: Unmanned Publishing
ISBN: 9781976893858
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This FAA study guide targets individuals looking to study for their FAA Remote Pilot test with sUAS rating, and those seeking to renew their license (certificate). As such, the aim of this text is to identify and provide the resources necessary to study for and pass the FAA written test in order to operate Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems or "drones" commercially.The study guide covers:Applicable RegulationsAirspace Classification Operating Requirements and Flight RestrictionsAviation Weather ServicesEffects of Weather on sUAS PerformanceSmall Unmanned Aircraft LoadingEmergency ProceduresCrew Resource Management (CRM)Radio Communication ProceduresPhysiological Factors (Including Drugs and Alcohol) Affecting Pilot PerformanceAeronautical Decision-Making (ADM) and JudgmentAirport OperationsMaintenance and Preflight Inspection ProceduresStudy ReferencesRegistration and Marking Requirements for Small Unmanned AircraftAbbreviations and Acronyms

Far Part 107 Explained A Definitive Guide For Serious Drone Pilots

Autor: Federal Aviation Federal Aviation Administration
ISBN: 9781973363477
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If you're a serious small UAS pilot flying your drone for compensation in the U.S., the FAA's FAR Part 107 provides a long list of rules and regulations you'll be required to follow. Written in typical government "legalese," Part 107 isn't always easy to understand. That's where this book can help. It provides the full text of FAR Part 107 with easy to understand explanations of each section and paragraph. With URLs for other resources online and cross-references to book content, this book will answer all of your questions and get you on the right track to becoming a commercial drone pilot.

Professional Drone Pilot S Handbook Faa Remote Pilot Test Guide

Autor: David G. Price
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781535567305
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This book is a "must have" for all Professional Drone Pilots as well as any hobbyist who wants to expand their knowledge. It is the most comprehensive Professional Drone Pilot Text available. Written by experienced, professional instructors and college professors. This text book, along with the Professional Drone Pilot's Checklist is used in all Association of Professional Drone Pilot certified ground school courses. The FAA has developed regulations to allow the operation of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS) for purposes other than hobby and recreation. These rules are specified in 14 CFR part 107 and address sUAS classification, certification, and operating rules.This text is designed for pilots and non-pilots alike who wish to obtain a part 107 remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating. References to "part 61 pilot certificate holders" specifically refer to holders of pilot certificates other than student pilot certificates. Part 61 pilot certificates include sport pilot, recreational pilot, private pilot, commercial pilot and air transport pilot certificates. Text Content and ObjectivesWhen you complete this text, you will be able to identify: * Requirements to obtain a part 107 remote pilot certificate with a small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) rating * Characteristics of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) as stipulated in part 107 * Exclusions from the requirements in part 107 * Requirements for sUAS registration, markings, and condition * Possible supporting crew roles in sUAS operations * Best practices for crew management * Recommended maintenance procedures for sUAS * Inspection requirements to verify that the sUAS is in condition for safe operation * Restrictions and procedures for safe loading of sUAS * Procedures for evaluating performance during UAS operations * Effects of weather on sUAS operations * Operational requirements and limitations for sUAS * Procedures for requesting a waiver for eligible requirements in part 107 * Abnormal and emergencies situations that may arise during sUAS operations * Requirements for reporting accidents resulting from sUAS operations


Autor: Jonathan Rupprecht
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502805522
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This book has 402 citations and was last updated on February 10, 2015. The media has been buzzing about Amazon's announcement of their plans to use drones to deliver packages to customers. Soon after Amazon made their announcement, DHL and UPS followed with their own drone delivery announcements. Google has also become interested in drones as evidenced by their purchase of Titan Aerospace. These activities have caused many people to wonder what is going on with integration which is why I wrote this book. This book was written to be a useful resource for hobbyists, lawyers, businessmen, or anyone wanting to know what is going on legally to integrate what are called unmanned aircraft, "drones," or remotely piloted aircraft into the United States' airspace. While many individuals have been talking about the Fourth Amendment concerns with unmanned government aircraft (public unmanned aircraft), this book does not focus on those privacy concerns. This book will give an overview about unmanned aircraft and then explore their uses. Finally, this book will dive into the statutes, regulations, and policy statements surrounding unmanned aircraft.

Remote Pilot Airman Certification Standards

Publisher: Practical Test Standards
ISBN: 9781619544710
File Size: 38,66 MB
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This ACS book from the FAA lists the standards and requirements for the Remote Pilot Certificate, issued for operating drones and small unmanned aircraft systems in the National Airspace System. The new Airman Certification Standards are ideal for checkride preparation, and will help applicants develop an understanding of how knowledge, risk management, and skill elements work together for safe performance of each required task they may be asked to perform during the checkride. For instructors, the ACS will serve as a guide for teaching and training an applicant everything they need to know for certification and safe operation within the National Airspace System. Designated Pilot Examiners (DPEs) will use the ACS to assess an applicant's understanding, knowledge, risk management considerations, and performance of each task. As always, ASA delivers authentic, accurate, and reliable FAA documents exactly as provided by the FAA. One noticeable change is that the FAA has adapted the size and format of the ACS so that it lists everything an applicant needs to know, consider, and do in order to pass both the knowledge test and the practical test for a certificate or rating.

Wild Edibles

Autor: Sergei Boutenko
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"This practical guide to plant foraging provides readers with the tools to safely identify, harvest, and prepare wild edible plants and enjoy the health and economic benefits of eating wild"--