Nationhood And Nationalism In France

Autor: Robert Tombs
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9780044457428
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The political scene in France was changed dramatically in the late 1880s by a radical brand of nationalism, which was to become a major influence on twentieth-century fascist and conservative movements. Nationhood and Nationalism in Francebrings together leading international scholars to explore the complex combined impact of nationhood and nationalism on French life. The rise of radical nationalism in France rejuvenated existing conservative anti-liberal politics with urban populism and fashionable intellectual ideas such as social darwinism and antisemitism. The essays in Nationhood and Nationalism in Franceconcentrate on ideas, politics and policy, and develop the work done in the 1960s and 1970s by writers such as Girardet, Weber, and Sternhell. The contributors, many publishing for the first time in English, exemplify the wide spectrum of the often controverial work in this field.

Authority Identity And The Social History Of The Great War

Autor: Frans Coetzee
Publisher: Berghahn Books
ISBN: 9781571810670
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The unprecedented scope and intensity of the First World War has prompted an enormous body of retrospective scholarship. However, efforts to provide a coherent synthesis about the war's impact and significance have remained circumscribed, tending to focus either on the operational outlines of military strategy and tactics or on the cultural legacy of the conflict as transmitted bythe war's most articulate observers. This volume departs from traditional accounts on several scores: by exploring issues barely touched upon in previous works, by deviating from the widespread tendency to treat the experiences of front and homefront isolation, and by employing a thematic treatment that, by considering the construction of authority and identity between 1914 and 1918, illuminates the fundamental question of how individuals, whether in uniform or not, endured the war's intrusion into so many aspects of their public and private lives.

Under The Shadow Of Defeat

Autor: Karine Varley
Publisher: Palgrave MacMillan
ISBN: 9780230005198
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A wide-ranging analysis of the political and cultural impact of the French defeat of 1870-71 and the emergence of widespread war remembrance for the first time in European history.

French Women And The First World War

Autor: Margaret H. Darrow
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
ISBN: 9781859733615
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Despite acts of female heroism, popular memory, as well as official memorialization in monuments and historic sites, has ignored French women's role in the First World War. This book explores stories that were never told and why they were not. These include the experiences of French women in the war, the stories they themselves told about these experiences and how French society interpreted them. The author examines the ways French women served their country - from charity work, nursing and munitions manufacture to volunteering for military service and espionage. In tracing stories about war heroines, but also about villainesses like Mata Hari, this fascinating study shows what these stories reveal about French understanding of the war, their hopes and fears for the future. While the masculine war story was unitary and unchanging, the feminine story was multiple and shifting. Initially praised for their voluntary mobilization, women's claims of patriotism were undercut by criticisms as the war bogged down in the trenches. Were nurses giving solace or seeking romance? Were munitions workers patriots or profiteers? The prosecutions of Mata Hari for espionage and HÈl'ne Brion for subversion show how attitudes to women's claim of patriotism changed. French women's relationship to the war called into question ideas about gender, definitions of citizenship and national identity. This book is the first study of women at war to treat both their experiences and its representations, which shaped nationalism, war and gender for the rest of the twentieth century. It makes an important contribution to the burgeoning history of collective memory and of the First World War.

What Is A Nation

Autor: Timothy Baycroft
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Nationalism has had global repercussions throughout the modern world, lying at the root of wars, revolutions, and social and cultural movements. This volume analyses and compares different forms of nationalism as they originated and developed in Europe throughout the 'long nineteenth century', and offers an original and authoritative reassessment.