Mobile Media And The Change Of Everyday Life

Autor: Joachim R. Höflich
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9783631597651
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This volume is dedicated to the subject of mobile communication and the transition in everyday life. Mobile media have become a part of the media ensemble and lead to specific media communication practices. Researching the integration of mobile media to everyday life allows a further analysis of the process of mediatization. The collected essays of this volume trace back to an international conference -(Mobile) Media and the Change of Everyday Life- at the University of Erfurt. The contributions investigate various aspects of the vibrant field of mobile communication."

Leveraging Mobile Media

Autor: Valerie Feldmann
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3790816337
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Mobile communications and next generation wireless networks emerge as new distribution channels for the media. This development offers exciting new opportunities for media companies: the mobile communication system creates new usage contexts for media content and services; the social use of mobile communications suggests that identity representation in social networks, impulsive access to trusted media brands, and micro-coordination emerge as new sources of value creation in the media industries. In the light of this background, this book takes two different viewpoints on the development of mobile media: from a competitive strategy point of view it analyzes the extension of cross-media strategies and the emergence of cross-network strategies; from a public policy point of view it develops demands and requirements for an innovation policy that fosters innovation in mobile media markets.

Understanding New Media

Autor: Eugenia Siapera
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446254283
File Size: 38,74 MB
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"An admirably clear-sighted and engaging analysis of contemporary forms of mediation, illuminating the dynamics of new media across social, political and cultural spheres... Eugenia Siapera provokes her reader to think afresh about familiar phenomena, to synthesise diverse theoretical positions, and to stretch their imaginations to anticipate what is coming." - Sonia Livingstone, London School of Economics and Political Science "An excellent introduction to the past, present and future of the electronic, networked media world. By carefully examining the complex interactions between society and media, Siapera insightfully illuminates the social, political, economic and cultural consequences of our increasingly electronically networked and mediated world... a highly useful teaching tool and an engaging read for students, teachers and scholars." - Steve Jones, University of Illinois, Chicago New media are everywhere, yet with so many technological developments and theoretical perspectives understanding them has never been more difficult. Eugenia Siapera explains the key concepts and approaches to the impact of new media on the economy, society, identity, politics, friendship, citizenship and everyday life. Putting the student first, this book: Engages the reader with integrated, up-to-date case studies Brings it all together with chapter summary charts Challenges students to apply concepts with e-tivities Provides key further online readings at This book is both starting point and map for any student of new media and digital culture.

The City As Interface

Autor: Martijn de Waal
Publisher: NAI Publishers
ISBN: 9789462080508
File Size: 43,94 MB
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Digital and mobile media play an increasingly important role in everyday urban life. They are changing the way urban life takes shape and how we experience our built environment. This seems a mainly practical matter: thanks to these technologies we can organize our lives more conveniently. But the rise of these 'urban media' also presents us with an important philosophical issue: What do they mean for how the city functions as a community? Employing detailed examples of new media uses as well as historical case studies, Martijn de Waal shows how new technologies, on one level, contribute to the further individualization and liberalization of urban society. There is an alternative future scenario, however, in which digital media construct a new definition of the urban public sphere. In the process they also breathe new life into the classical republican ideal of the city as an open, democratic 'community of strangers'.--Back cover.

Media Consumption And Everyday Life In Asia

Autor: Youna Kim
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135896437
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This book explores people’s everyday experience of the media in Asian countries in confrontation with huge social change and transition and the need to understand this phenomenon as it intersects with the media. It argues for the centrality of the media to Asian transformations in the era of globalization. The profusion of the media today, with new imaginations, new choices and contradictions, generates a critical condition for reflexivity engaging everyday people to have a resource for the learning of self, culture and society in a new light. Media culture is creating new connections, new desires and threats, and the identities of people are being reworked at individual, national, regional and global levels. Within historically specific social conditions and contexts of the everyday, the chapters seek to provide a diversity of experiences and understandings of the place of the media in different Asian locations. This book considers the emerging consequences of media consumption in people’s everyday life at a time when the political, socio-economic and cultural forces by which the media operate are rapidly globalizing in Asia.

The Routledge Companion To Mobile Media

Autor: Gerard Goggin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135949182
File Size: 77,58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The last decade has witnessed the rise of the cell phone from a mode of communication to an indispensable multimedia device, and this phenomenon has led to the burgeoning of mobile communication studies in media, cultural studies, and communication departments across the academy. The Routledge Companion to Mobile Media seeks to be the definitive publication for scholars and students interested in comprehending all the various aspects of mobile media. This collection, which gathers together original articles by a global roster of contributors from a variety of disciplines, sets out to contextualize the increasingly convergent areas surrounding social, geosocial, and mobile media discourses. Features include: comprehensive and interdisciplinary models and approaches for analyzing mobile media; wide-ranging case studies that draw from this truly global field, including China, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, as well as Europe, the UK, and the US; a consideration of mobile media as part of broader media ecologies and histories; chapters setting out the economic and policy underpinnings of mobile media; explorations of the artistic and creative dimensions of mobile media; studies of emerging issues such as ecological sustainability; up-to-date overviews on social and locative media by pioneers in the field. Drawn from a range of theoretical, artistic, and cultural approaches, The Routledge Companion to Mobile Media will serve as a crucial reference text to inform and orient those interested in this quickly expanding and far-reaching field.

Personal Media And Everyday Life

Autor: T. Rasmussen
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137446463
File Size: 14,56 MB
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This book addresses the widespread use of digital personal media in daily life. With a sociological and historical perspective, it explores the media-enhanced individualization and rationalization of the lifeworld, discussing the dramatic mediatization of daily life and calling on theorists such as McLuhan, Habermas and Goffman.

E Marketing Attractiveness Of Interactive Digital Tv Mobile Media And Internet

Autor: Florian Konow
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638349438
File Size: 79,35 MB
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Taken from the marketing perspective e-marketing is an integral part of t-commerce, m-commerce and e-commerce. An evaluation of each using six fundamental criteria items, will identify strength and weaknesses within each, driven by several forces including future enhancement thus leading to a conclusion about the e-marketing attractiveness of each. In the ever changing world of e-commerce, the internet has been the primary channel of use by consumers. Several other electronic devices have enabled e-commerce without hard wired PC connectivity. One such device being the popular mobile media. Another upcoming media is the interactive digital TV, already popular in countries like the UK and France, but still in it’s infancy in Germany. Experts see great potential in all three media as developing markets. These evolving technologies will continue to enhance and change everyday life, and business strategy. As marketing is a vital component of commerce, it needs to evolve and acknowledge these changes. Chaffey (2004) mentioned the '6 Is' of e-marketing as a tool to take into account the differences between 'traditional' marketing and e-marketing to accommodate special characteristics of ecommerce. Therefore examining the current status of these three media channels, additional assumptions about their possible future development will be added. Each will be followed by examining the potential of the '6 Is' toward those medias respectively. This will lead to an evaluation of the influence on marketing for the prevailing media.

Everyday Media Culture In Africa

Autor: Wendy Willems
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1315472759
File Size: 73,59 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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African audiences and users are rapidly gaining in importance and increasingly targeted by global media companies, social media platforms and mobile phone operators. This is the first edited volume that addresses the everyday lived experiences of Africans in their interaction with different kinds of media: old and new, state and private, elite and popular, global and national, material and virtual. So far, the bulk of academic research on media and communication in Africa has studied media through the lens of media-state relations, thereby adopting liberal democracy as the normative ideal and examining the potential contribution of African media to development and democratization. Focusing instead on everyday media culture in a range of African countries, this volume contributes to the broader project of provincializing and decolonizing audience and internet studies.