Using The Results Of A National Assessment Of Educational Achievement

Autor: Thomas Kellaghan
Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 0821379666
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What are students learning? Throughout the world, governments striving to improve educational quality are turning to national assessments to provide this much-needed information in key curriculum areas. The capacity for carrying out national assessments has grown remarkably in recent years, but it has not been matched by widespread use of their findings. This book seeks to maximize an appreciation for the value of such data and to assist countries in exploiting the knowledge that national assessments yield. Using the Results of a National Assessment of Educational Achievement identifies the main factors affecting the use of national assessment findings. These include the political context in which an assessment is carried out, the nature of the assessment (census based or sample based), the assignment of accountability for the results, and the quality of assessment instruments. The book describes the type of information that the main report of a national assessment should contain, as well as other means of communicating findings to technical and nontechnical audiences. It outlines general considerations in translating national assessment results into policy and action, and examines specific procedures for using the data in policy making, educational management, teaching, and promoting public awareness. The topics addressed in this volume should be of interest to policy makers, educators, researchers, and development practitioners.

The Imaginary Institution Of Society

Autor: Cornelius Castoriadis
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262531559
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"[T]he most original, ambitious, and reflective attempt to think through the liberating mediation of history, society, external and internal nature once again as praxis". -- Jü rgen Habermas, "The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity" "Castoriadis's "The Imaginary Institution of Society" is a work of great power and originality. As a work of social theory, I would argue that it belongs in a class with the writings of Habermas and Arendt". -- Jay Bernstein, University of Essex This is one of the most original and important works of contemporary European thought. First published in France in 1975, it is the major theoretical work of one of the foremost thinkers in Europe today. Castoriadis offers a brilliant and far-reaching analysis of the unique character of the social-historical world and its relations to the individual, to language, and to nature. He argues that most traditional conceptions of society and history overlook the essential feature of the social-historical world, namely that this world is not articulated once and for all but is in each case the creation of the society concerned. In emphasizing the element of creativity, Castoriadis opens the way for rethinking political theory and practice in terms of the autonomous and explicit self-institution of society.

The Teaching And Learning Of Mathematics At University Level

Autor: Derek Holton
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0306472317
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This is a text that contains the latest in thinking and the best in practice. It provides a state-of-the-art statement on tertiary teaching from a multi-perspective standpoint. No previous book has attempted to take such a wide view of the topic. The book will be of special interest to academic mathematicians, mathematics educators, and educational researchers. It arose from the ICMI Study into the teaching and learning of mathematics at university level (initiated at the conference in Singapore, 1998).

International Handbook Of Emotions In Education

Autor: Reinhard Pekrun
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136512624
File Size: 47,37 MB
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For more than a decade, there has been growing interest and research on the pivotal role of emotions in educational settings. This ground-breaking handbook is the first to highlight this emerging field of research and to describe in detail the ways in which emotions affect learning and instruction in the classroom as well as students’ and teachers’ development and well-being. Informed by research from a number of related fields, the handbook includes four sections. Section I focuses on fundamental principles of emotion, including the interplay among emotion, cognition, and motivation, the regulation of emotion, and emotional intelligence. Section II examines emotions and emotion regulation in classroom settings, addressing specific emotions (enjoyment, interest, curiosity, pride, anxiety, confusion, shame, and boredom) as well as social-emotional learning programs. Section III highlights research on emotions in academic content domains (mathematics, science, and reading/writing), contextual factors (classroom, family, and culture), and teacher emotions. The final section examines the various methodological approaches to studying emotions in educational settings. With work from leading international experts across disciplines, this book synthesizes the latest research on emotions in education.

A License To Teach

Autor: Linda Darling-Hammond
Publisher: Jossey-Bass
ISBN: 9780787946807
File Size: 49,54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The authors provide a comprehensive blueprint for developing a better system of teacher liscensing. They detail the essential components of that plan--from establishing rigorous professional standards to developing performance assesments, as well as institutional accreditation, advanced certification for individual teachers, and appropriate internships. Rich with examples of real-life standards, exams, assessments, and other useful tools, A License to Teach not only shares the wisdom of professionals who are experienced in setting accreditation and certification standards, but offers important advice on how to prepare and evaluate aspiring teachers for the challenges of their profession.

Supervision A Redefinition

Autor: Thomas Sergiovanni
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education
ISBN: 0077435141
File Size: 67,52 MB
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The ninth edition of Supervision: A Redefinition is a research-based guide to the practice of supervision that aims to clarify the major challenges teachers and supervisors face within the policy context; focus on essential, foundational understandings that feed the integrity of teaching and supervision; and explore the complexities of the practice of supervision and teaching which supervisors must deal with. The 9th edition re-defines supervision once again in light of the complex demands being placed on principals and central office administrators, while continuing to emphasize the bookËs original theme of human perspectives.

The Blended Learning Book

Autor: Josh Bersin
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780787976453
File Size: 56,28 MB
Format: PDF
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The Blended Learning Book is your user?s manual for implementing blended learning. It gives you a guidebook to combining the latest technologies with traditional training models to create high-impact programs that drive superior business results (not just reduce costs). Filled with real-world examples and case studies from organizations such as Accenture, BI, Cisco, FedEx, Kinko?s, Grant-Thornton, IBM, Novell, the U.S. Navy, Verizon, and more, e-learning veteran Josh Bersin zeros in on What Works -- in all shapes and sizes of training departments from a variety of industries.


Autor: Walter Kintsch
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521629867
File Size: 56,11 MB
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In this landmark volume, Walter Kintsch presents a theory of human text comprehension that he has refined and developed over the past 20 years.

Human Behavior And The Principle Of Least Effort

Autor: George Kingsley Zipf
Publisher: Ravenio Books
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This classic is arranged as follows: Preface 1. The Question of Practical Application. 2. The Question of Natural Science. 1. Introduction and Orientation I. The Selection of a Path II. The “Singleness of the Superlative” III. The Principle of Least Effort IV. The Scope of the Principle: “Tools-and-Jobs” V. Previous Studies VI. Prospectus 2. On the Economy of Words I. In Medias Res: Vocabulary Usage, and the Forces of Unification and Diversification II. The Question of Vocabulary Balance III. The Orderly Distribution of Meanings IV. The Integrality of Frequencies V. The Integrality of Rank VI. The Length of Intervals Between Repetitions VII. The Problem of Spreading Work Over Time (The Even Distribution of Work Over Time) 3. Formal Semantic Balance and the Economy of Evolutionary Process I. The “Minimum Equation” Of Arrangement II. The Law of Abbreviation of Words III. The Law of Diminishing Returns of Tools IV. The Law of Diminishing Returns of Words 4. Children’s Verbalizations and the “Origin of Speech” I. The Problem II. Quantitative Data III. Theoretical Discussion of the “Origin” Of Speech IV. Summary 5. Language as Sensation and Mentation I. The Comparative Conservatism of Tools in the Risks and Opportunities of the Environment II. The Economy of Sensation III. Mentation: The Correlation of Sensory Data IV. A Mind as a Unit Semantic System V. Intellectual Rigidity and Death: Miscellanea V. Summary: The N Minimum 6. The Ego as the “Origin” Of a Frame of Reference I. A Definition of an Organism II. The Biosocial Population of Organisms III. The Economy of Procreation IV. The Synchrony of the Biosocial Continuum 7. Mind and the Economy of Symbolic Process: Sex, Culture, and Schizophrenia I. Human Sexual Activity II. The Economy of Symbolic Process (Substitution III. Culture, Society, and the Superego IV. Autism and the Confusion of Kinds of Reality V. On Schizophrenic Speech VI. Semantic Dynamics: Summary VI. Language and the Structure of the Personality 8. The Language of Dreams and of Art I. The Language of Dreams II. The Language of Art III. Language and the Structure of the Personality: Mary of Part One 9. The Economy of Geography I. A Lemma in Which a Number of Human Beings Becomes Increasingly More Organized II. The Hypothesis of the “Minimum Equation” III. Empiric Tests IV. Concluding Remarks 10. Intranational and International Cooperation and Conflict I. Canadian Data II. Unstable and Stable Intranational Conditions III. Stable and Unstable International Equilibria 11. The Distribution of Economic Power and Social Status I. Theoretical Considerations II. Empiric Data III. The Interaction Between Individuals: Dominance and Submission IV. Summary 12. Prestige Symbols and Cultural Vogues I. Theoretical Considerations II. Pioneer Empiric Data III. Musical Composers and Compositions IV. Samples of Congressional Action V. Summary