Manual Del Gin Tonic Perfecto

Autor: Jordi Millan Campoy
Publisher: Grupo Planeta Spain
ISBN: 8408121065
File Size: 11,28 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Toda la información para descubrir los secretos, desterrar falsos mitos y aprender a preparar y a apreciar el combinado más popular del momento. Incluye: Historia del gin-tonic Recetas de autores de prestigio Directorio pormenorizado de una amplia selección de ginebras y tónicas Glosario

Gin Tonica

Autor: David T Smith
Publisher: Ryland Peters & Small
ISBN: 9781849758536
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Format: PDF
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Aromatic, refreshing, delicious and a feast for the eyes, the generously-sized and creatively garnished "gin tonica" Spanish-style drink is taking the cocktail world by storm. Spaniards love their gin and tonics. In Spain, the bartender doesn’t ask you what you want to drink, he asks you how you want your gin and tonic prepared. This simplest of drinks—just gin, tonic, ice and a garnish—is now considered the national drink of Spain. The trend started in the north of Spain, in Basque country, where you can walk into a bar and upon ordering you are presented with a cart teeming with gin and tonic options to create your very own bespoke drink. A beautiful cocktail with a variety of herb and flower garnishes, a Spanish-style gin and tonic or "gin tonica", is made with a premium gin and the best quality tonic water, combined with bitters and various herbs, spices, flowers, and fruits that will complement the botanicals of a specific gin. It is served over ice in an oversized balloon glass—the idea being that the shape enables the drinker to enjoy all the lovely aromas their drink gives off. For a cocktail with only two ingredients, the flavor potential is staggering! Making a gin tonica is an intricate process, sometimes taking a barman as long as 15 minutes to deliver the ideal drink. The ice has to be dense so that it melts slowly, the glass might be spritzed with a fine layer of citrus oil, chilled to perfection, with the tonic poured in delicately. No detail is ignored, the wait is part of the experience, and the result is absolutely delicious. Attention to detail and respect for the classic is what truly elevates the Spanish gin tonica above all others. With more gin brands and styles of tonic available than ever before, and 40 inspired recipes here to try at home, there has never been a better time to discover the joy of the gin tonica—saludos!

Gin The Manual

Autor: Dave Broom
Publisher: Mitchell Beazley
ISBN: 1784720585
File Size: 46,83 MB
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'You could not write a more sophisticated book or pack more detail onto each is rocket science impressive' Huffington Post In recent years, gin has shed its old-fashioned image and been reborn as a hot and hip spirit. The number of brands grows every day and bartenders - and consumers - are now beginning to re-examine gin as a quality base spirit for drinks both simple and complex. Now, with more brands available than ever before, it is the time to set out what makes gin special, what its flavours are and how to get the most out of the brands you buy. With this book as your guide, discover: How gin is made What a botanical is and how they impact a gin's flavour What the difference between Dutch, London, Scottish, Spanish and American gins is How you drink them to maximise your pleasure Whether there is life beyond the gin & tonic (yes!) The body of the book covers 120 gins which Dave has tested four ways - with tonic, with lemonade, in a negroni and in a martini - and then scored. In addition, each gin is categorised according to an ingenious flavour camp system, which highlights its core properties and allows you to understand how you can best drink it, and therefore enjoy it.

Gin Tonic

Autor: Frédéric Du Bois
Publisher: Lannoo Meulenhoff - Belgium
ISBN: 9401432112
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Gin & tonic, the long drink of the 80's, is hipper than ever. Cocktail bars and restaurants are creating astonishingly varied gin menus, and the present trend in the flourishing market is a mark of this true revival. Gin is in.

Travels In Peru

Autor: J.J. von Tschudi
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3732636755
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Reproduction of the original: Travels in Peru by J.J. von Tschudi

Life Is Meals

Autor: James Salter
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447254945
File Size: 68,96 MB
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From the award-winning author James Salter and his wife, Kay - amateur chefs and terrific hosts - here is a lively, beautifully illustrated food lover's companion. With an entry for each day of the year, Life Is Meals takes us from a Twelfth Night cake in January to a champagne dinner on New Year's Eve. This is a book rich with culinary wisdom, history, recipes, literary pleasures, and the authors' own stories of their triumphs - and catastrophes - in the kitchen. Entries include: The menu on the Titanic on the fatal night The seductiveness of a velvety Brie or the perfect martini How to decide whom to invite to a dinner party - and whom not to The greatest dinner ever given at the White House Where in Paris Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter had French onion soup at 4:00 a.m. How to cope with acts of god and man-made disasters in the kitchen Sophisticated, practical, opinionated and indispensable, Life Is Meals is a tribute to the glory of food and drink, and the joy of sharing them with others.

Radio Benjamin

Autor: Walter Benjamin
Publisher: Verso Books
ISBN: 1781685762
File Size: 55,26 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Walter Benjamin was fascinated by the impact of new technology on culture, an interest that extended beyond his renowned critical essays. From 1927 to ’33, he wrote and presented something in the region of eighty broadcasts using the new medium of radio. Radio Benjamin gathers the surviving transcripts, which appear here for the first time in English. This eclectic collection demonstrates the range of Benjamin’s thinking and his enthusiasm for popular sensibilities. His celebrated “Enlightenment for Children” youth programs, his plays, readings, book reviews, and fiction reveal Benjamin in a creative, rather than critical, mode. They flesh out ideas elucidated in his essays, some of which are also represented here, where they cover topics as varied as getting a raise and the history of natural disasters, subjects chosen for broad appeal and examined with passion and acuity. Delightful and incisive, this is Walter Benjamin channeling his sophisticated thinking to a wide audience, allowing us to benefit from a new voice for one of the twentieth century’s most respected thinkers. From the Hardcover edition.

Sudoku Para Expertos

Autor: Alastair Chisholm
Publisher: EDAF
ISBN: 9788441424838
File Size: 78,67 MB
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Read: 1925
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Sudoku es el juego de números que arrasa en todo el mundo. Cada día gana más y más adeptos, y convierte en adictos a millones de personas de todas las edades, atrapados en este aparentemente simple pero entretenido juego.


Autor: Xerardo Quintiá
ISBN: 9788498710175
File Size: 47,79 MB
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Titiritess is a princess of the kingdom of Daybeforeyesterday, but instead of the good marriage and life of refinement that her parents have planned for her, she would prefer a life of adventure with another beautiful princess as her companion.


Autor: Martin Suter
Publisher: No Exit Press
ISBN: 9781843448228
File Size: 59,31 MB
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Video journalist Jonas Brand is on a rail journey from Zurich to Basel when stock trader Paolo Contini appears to throw himself from the train to his death. Brand sets his footage of the aftermath of the incident aside to investigate an apparently unconnected coincidence: two 100-Swiss-franc banknotes bearing the same serial number have come into his possession. Sensing an opportunity to graduate from celebrity journalism to serious investigation, he has the banknotes analysed, with bizarrely contradictory - and fatal - results.