The Carolingians And The Written Word

Autor: Rosamond McKitterick
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521315654
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This pioneering book studies the function and status of the written word in Carolingian society in France and Germany in the eighth and ninth centuries. It demonstrates that literacy was by no means confined to a clerical élite, but was dispersed in lay society and used for government and administration, as well as for ordinary legal transactions among the peoples of the Frankish kingdom. While employing a huge range of primary material, the author does not confine herself to a functional analysis of the written word in Carolingian northern Europe but goes on to assess the consequences and implications of literacy for the Franks themselves and for the subsequent development of European society after 1000.

Symbolic Childhood

Autor: Daniel Thomas Cook
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
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In a dozen original essays, contributors to Symbolic Childhood engage directly with the politics of representation byscurtinizing the connection between the exericse of power and portrayals of children and childhood. The voulme as a whole construes childhood not as a givencategory, transparently understood, but as a thoroughly social artifact infused with contradictory and inexact meaning. As a social construct, childhood is thus approached as an active production which can be taken apart and reconstructed in a variety of ways, and for a varietyt of purposes. Chapters examine a range of issues and topics, including: precocio9us and gifted children, gender, sexuality, innocence, school shootings, cartoons, video games, adoption, street children and feral children. Contents: Daniel Thomas Cook: Introduction: Interrogating Symbolic Childhood--Harriet Strandell: On Questions of Representation in iChildhood Ethnography--Mary Lorena Kenny: Orators and Outcasts, Wanderers and Workers: Street Children in Brazil--Adriana S. Benzaquen: John, Genie, and Kaspar: Some Recent Scientific Uses of Wildness, Confinfement, and Abuse--Roblyn Rawlins: "Long Rows of Short Graves": Sentimentality, Science, and Child-Saving in the Construction of the Intellectually Precocious Child, 1870-1925--Kathryn Libal: Realizing Modernity Through the Robust Turkish Child, 1923-1938--Janice Hill: Governing Children: The Boy Scouts, theGirl Guides, and Visions of Canadian Nationhood, 1880-1920--Sara K. Dorow: "China 'R' Us"?: Care, Consumoption, and Transantionally Adopted Children--Mark D. Jacobs: The School Shooting as a Ritual of Sacrifice--Susan B. kaiser/Kathleen huun: Fashioning Innocence and Anxiety: ClothingGender, andSymbolic Childhood--Jeffery P. Dennis: The Heterosexualization of Boyhood--Chandra Mukerji/Tarleton Gillespie: Recognizable Ambiguity: Cartoon Imagery and Amercian Childhood in Animaniacs--kStephen Kline/Greig de Peuter: Ghosts in the Machine: Postmodern Childhood, Video Gaming, and Advertising.

The Cambridge Guide To Children S Books In English

Autor: Victor Watson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521550642
File Size: 74,15 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Cambridge Guide to Children's Books is an alphabetized reference work providing a critical and appreciative overview of children's books written in English worldwide. It is not a guide to "children's literature" but has a wider task--to include any author, or illustrator, or work, believed by the editors to have made a significant impact on young readers, or to have in some way influenced the development of children's books. In addition to the long-established traditions of children's writing from Great Britain and the USA, the Guide covers the increasing range of successful children's books produced in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, West Africa, and India; and the exciting renaissance in children's books currently taking place in Ireland and South Africa. Reflecting the developing scholarly appreciation for the history of children's books, The Guide gives due weight to children's books from pre-Norman times, and acknowledges recent developments in publishing practices and in children's own reading. Victor Watson is Assistant Director of Research, Homerton College, University of Cambridge. He has edited several volumes about children's literature, including Opening the Nursery Door (Routledge, 1997) and Where Texts and Children Meet (Routledge, 2000).

Reviving Catalan At School

Autor: Prof. Joaquim Arnau
Publisher: Multilingual Matters
ISBN: 1783090278
File Size: 28,53 MB
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This book presents a comprehensive picture of languages and schools in Catalan-speaking countries, making much of the information available in English for the first time. The chapters examine multiple aspects of the language situation in these countries, including: the recovery of Catalan in schools; the position and status of the majority languages (English and Spanish); language-in-education policies in a multilingual, multicultural context; the possibility of multilingual competence; and the successes and failures of instructional processes.

Conversations With J K Rowling

Autor: J. K. Rowling
Publisher: Turtleback
ISBN: 9780606212588
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From her birth in Chipping Sodbury near Bristol, England, to stories about her favorite teachers, to her first fan letter, the author of the Harry Potter books discusses her life and her writing.

Non Dominant Varieties Of Pluricentric Languages

Autor: Rudolf Muhr
Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
ISBN: 9783631620243
File Size: 33,39 MB
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This volume comprises 28 papers presented at the 1<SUP>st International Conference on Non-Dominant Varieties of Pluricentric Languages in Graz (Austria) in July 2011. The conference was also held in memory of Michael Clyne - eminent linguist, scholar, language enthusiast and advocate of multilingualism who died in October 2010. The volume pays homage to his important contributions in many fields of linguistics and in the theory of pluricentric languages. The conference in Graz was the first international event to document the situation of non-dominant varieties world-wide in order to identify common or diverging features. It provided substantial insights into the codification and in corpus and status planning of non-dominant varieties. The volume deals with 18 languages and 31 different national and other varieties in 29 countries of the world.

Sustaining Language Diversity In Europe

Autor: G. Williams
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230514685
File Size: 21,52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Adopting a post-structuralist approach in analyzing the Euromosaic data about European minority language groups, Glyn Williams argues that different states construct minority language groups and speakers in different ways. This leads to an argument about the nature of democracy and how the current changes in governmental discourses accommodate linguistic and cultural diversity.