Jordan Past Present

Autor: E. Borgia
Publisher: Getty Publications
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Biography of, and writings by, Mary Ward, the founder of the Congregation of Jesus, still in existence today.

Objects In Context Objects In Use

Autor: Luke Lavan
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 904743305X
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This collection of papers, arising from the conference series Late Antique Archaeology, examines material spatiality in late antiquity. Synthetic papers drawing on archaeological, art-historical and textual sources, are complemented by case-studies of sites, an introductory essay, and several bibliographic essays.


Autor: Bruce Poon Tip
Publisher: Business Plus
ISBN: 1455574074
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Much in the same vein as DELIVERING HAPPINESS, LOOPTAIL combines both Bruce Poon Tip's extraordinary first-person account of his entrepreneurial instincts to start and develop G Adventures, a highly-successful international travel adventure company, and along the way, he reveals his unusual management secrets that not only keep his employees fully engaged but also keep his customers extremely happy.

The Food Traveler S Handbook

Autor: Jodi Ettenberg
Publisher: Jodi Ettenberg
ISBN: 0987706160
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Part of the Traveler's Handbook series, The Food Traveler's Handbook provides a compelling argument for why it is important to use food as a lens through which you see the world. Using this handbook as a guide, you will learn how to eat safely in developing countries, source cheap but delicious streetside meals and discover how to make food a tool for understanding a new place and connecting to its local culture.

Dk Eyewitness Travel Guide Jerusalem Israel Petra And Sinai

Autor: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff
ISBN: 9780241209684
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Discover the fascinating history and unique landscape of the Holy Land with DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Jerusalem, Israel, Petra & Sinai. It is packed with expert tips on what to see in this diverse region, including the ancient wonders of Jerusalem - from the pilgrim sites of the Mount of Olives, to the sacred Wailing Wall. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Jerusalem, Israel, Petra & Sinai also showcases the best beaches in Galilee, the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, and historical towns such as Nazareth. Beyond Israel, it encompasses the ancient gems of Western Jordan and all the attractions of Sinai and the Red Sea. Every must-see location is detailed with superb photography, vivid illustrations, full-colour maps, and in-depth descriptions.

Welcome To Jordan

Autor: Grace Pundyk
Publisher: Gareth Stevens
ISBN: 9780836825657
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Provides an overview of the geography, government, people, and culture of Jordan.

Tourism Principles Practices Philosophies 12th Edition

Autor: Charles R. Goeldner
Publisher: Wiley Global Education
ISBN: 1118214315
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The 12th Edition of Tourism: Principles, Practices, Philosophies explores major concepts in tourism, what makes tourism possible, and how tourism can become an important factor in the wealth of any nation. Written in global terms, it provides an overview of the principles, practices, and philosophies that affect the cultural, social, economic, psychological, and marketing aspects of human travel and the tourism industry. Among the topics given expanded coverage in this edition are: B&Bs, time shares, meetings and conventions, sustainable tourism, climate change, social media, and mobile marketing.

In The Steps Of The Master

Autor: H.v. Morton
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 9780306810817
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Here, in the spirit of Bruce Feiler's beloved bestseller Walking the Bible, is a portrait of the Holy Land as a physical embodiment of faith. Dramatically conjuring the beauty of Israel's countryside, In the Steps of the Master also evokes the all-consuming passions and deep-rooted mysteries of Jerusalem—and while much has changed, as Morton says, the essential nature of the sites he visits has not.

Jordan Walks Treks Caves Climbs And Canyons

Autor: Tony Howard
Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited
ISBN: 1849659532
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This guidebook to Jordan describes a variety of walks, treks, caves, climbs and canyons in this wonderful landscape, based around Pella, Ajloun, the Dead Sea Hills, Dana, Petra and Wadi Rum and covers Jordan's newly-created nature reserves. It describes 150 routes in Jordan - half- to one-day walks and multi-day treks, including 30 canyon routes and 5 climbing areas, 24 desert and mountain walks and scrambles in Wadi Rum and information on how to get to Jordan, when to go, what to take, and everything you need to know about the routes. From its flower-carpeted meadows in the north to spectacular canyons with fast-flowing rivers, and from ancient cities to towering mountains, caves and vast deserts, Jordan has something for everyone.

The Archaeology Of The Holy Land

Autor: Jodi Magness
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521124131
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"In the heart of the ancient Near East (modern Middle East) and at a crossroads between once mighty powers such as Assyria to the east and Egypt to the south is a tiny piece of land -- roughly the size of New Jersey -- that is as contested as it is sacred. One cannot even name this territory without sparking controversy. Originally called Canaan after its early inhabitants (the Canaanites), it has since been known by various names. To Jews this is Eretz-Israel (the Land of Israel), the Promised Land described by the Hebrew Bible as flowing with milk and honey. To Christians it is the Holy Land where Jesus Christ -- the messiah or anointed one -- was born, preached, and offered himself as the ultimate sacrifice. Under the Greeks and Romans, it was the province of Judea, a name which hearkened back to the biblical kingdom of Judah. After the Bar-Kokhba revolt ended in 135 C.E., Hadrian renamed the province Syria-Palestina, reviving the memory of the long-vanished kingdom of Philistia. Under early Islamic rule the military district (jund) of Filastin was part of the province of Greater Syria (Arabic Bilad al-Sham). In this book, the term Palestine is used to denote the area encompassing the modern state of Israel, the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, and the Palestinian territories"--