Japan S International Fisheries Policy

Autor: Roger D. Smith
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317682874
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Few nations rely upon the ocean as much as Japan for livelihood, culture and transport. The seas have long played a vital role for the Japanese, helping to support the economic and social life of a nation that possesses few resources and little arable land, and sustain a population that has nearly tripled in the last century. Fish are a distinctive feature of the Japanese diet, constituting nearly half of all animal protein consumed – the highest rate in the world. The industry itself has provided an impetus for coastal community growth and national economic development over the past century, while fisheries have worked their way into Japanese culture and customs, serving as a dominant symbol in traditional arts and folklore. This book explores the overarching rationale that motivated Japanese international fisheries policy throughout the post-war period until today, highlighting the importance of international fisheries to Japan and the stature this resource has occupied as a national interest. It provides a comparative view of Japanese foreign policy at various ocean conferences, treaty negotiations, bilateral diplomatic initiatives and other maritime relations that constitute ocean policy over half a century, and investigates the domestic constituents of national policy. Roger Smith argues that the rationale for international fisheries policy may be best viewed as deriving from Japan’s unique defence strategy for its national interests: comprehensive security. Encompassing non-military elements and most importantly defence of economic interests, Japan’s international fisheries policy provides an interesting case study of how comprehensive security is conceptualised and carried out. Taking a broad view of Japan’s international fisheries policies from 1945 to the present, this book highlights the key trends in policy motives and means throughout the post-war period. As such, it will be of great interest to students and scholars of Japanese studies, international and environmental law, resource management and international relations, as well as to policy makers working in the field.

Grassroots Fascism

Autor: Yoshimi Yoshiaki
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231538596
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Grassroots Fascism profiles the Asia Pacific War (1941--1945) -- the most important though least understood experience of Japan's modern history -- through the lens of ordinary Japanese life. Moving deftly from the struggles of the home front to the occupied territories to the ravages of the front line, the book offers rare insight into popular experience from the war's troubled beginnings through Japan's disastrous defeat in 1945 and the new beginning it heralded. Yoshimi Yoshiaki mobilizes personal diaries, memoirs, and government documents to portray the ambivalent position of ordinary Japanese as both wartime victims and active participants. He also provides equally penetrating accounts of the war experience of Japan's imperial subjects, including Koreans and Taiwanese. This book challenges the idea that the Japanese operated as a passive, homogenous mass during the war -- a mere conduit for a military--imperial ideology imposed upon them by the political elite. Viewed from the bottom up, wartime Japan unfolds as a complex modern mass society, with a corresponding variety of popular roles and agendas. In chronicling the diversity of the Japanese social experience, Yoshimi's account elevates our understanding of Japan's war and "Japanese Fascism," and in its relation of World War II to the evolution -- and destruction -- of empire, it makes a fresh contribution to the global history of the war. Ethan Mark's translation supplements the Japanese original with explanatory annotations and an in-depth analytical introduction, drawing on personal interviews to situate the work within Japanese studies and global history.

Japan S Foreign Policy 1945 2009

Autor: Kazuhiko Tōgō
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004185011
File Size: 11,63 MB
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"This book stands out amongst the crop of textbooks on Japanese foreign policy that have been available to date, because of its authoritative, insider voice. Here we not only learn what happened in postwar Japan's foreign policy, but what the thinking was behind these decisions. This is an invaluable element that brings the reader inside the policy-making rooms of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself. In the process, Japan's world view and its own self-image are concurrently revealed, in fascinating and unexpected ways. This book destroys stereotypes, and vastly improves the quality of our understanding of Japan as an international player. We are spoiled by the wisdom and experience of not just one, but three major forces in the shaping of Japan's international existence. Mr Togo's own formidable experience, plus the seminal contributions of his father and grandfather, who was instrumental in the closing phases of World War II. All of this makes this book indispensable to those who wish to truly understand Japan in her own terms, and through her own eyes."---Rikki Kersten, Professor, Modern Japanese Political History, Australian National University "Ambassador Togo's distinctive account of Japanese foreign policy highlights the impact of the vacuum left by the humiliation of defeat in 1945. It bears witness to the intellectual and diplomatic challenge of finding answers to unresolved issues, including managing the U.S. alliance and enhancing cooperation in Asia. Updated to cover the results of the 2009 victory of the Democratic Party of Japan, this book shows how its change of course fits into a long-term narrative. In contrast to more impersonal, often unsympathetic analysis of Western authors and the self-serving writing of many Japanese, Togo offers a guide to Japan's quest, not a defense of its choices. The result is a wide-ranging look at foreign policy over more than 60 years seen from the perspective of an insider attentive to a proud nation's search for its bearings."---Gilbert Rozman, Musgrave Professor of Sociology, Princeton University

Japan S Future In East Asia And The Pacific

Autor: Mari Pangestu
ISBN: 9780731538157
File Size: 38,23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The book analyzes Japan's diplomatic and economic integration strategies are also exmined for their impact on East Asia and on Australia. The collection assesses China's growth and dynamism, and questions the nature of the competition for economic influence between Japan and China.

Limits To Free Trade

Autor: David Hanson
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 184980334X
File Size: 80,32 MB
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Limits to Free Trade ranges over a wide diversity of relevant issues ranging from international agreements, to regional trade policies, to import trade barriers, to movements for trade reforms. Informed, informative, and strongly recommended for academic library reference and resource collections, Limits to Free Trade is a model of detailed and articulate scholarship. The Midwest Book Review This book explores the growing list of non-tariff trade barriers raised by the US, EU and Japan and assesses the prospects for significant trade liberalization. The author examines the liability of global free trade through a review of the complaints that these three countries raised about each other over a five-year period. He concludes that free trade may be increasingly hampered as barriers are created more rapidly than can be resolved, and that the prospects for significantly strengthening safeguards are limited. These issues are analyzed in the contexts of the major WTO trade agreements and the political economy of decision-making in the US, EU and Japan. The author concludes that the growing problems are endemic to the system and are not amenable to easy remedy. He tackles topics including international agreements, the trade policy processes in the three regions, issues concerning trade practices, import trade barriers in the EU, and prospects for reform. Scholars, students and practitioners in business economics, international business, and international economics will find much of interest in this book.

Encyclopedia Of Japanese Business And Management

Autor: Allan Bird
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134657617
File Size: 48,12 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The Encyclopedia of Japanese Business and Management is the definitive reference source for the exploration of Japanese business and management. Reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of this field, the Encyclopedia consolidates and contextualises the leading research and knowledge about the Japanese business system and Japanese management thought and practice. It will be welcomed by scholar and student alike as an essential resource for teaching, an invaluable companion to independent study, and a solid starting point for wider exploration.

A Genealogy Of Japanese Self Images

Autor: Eiji Oguma
Publisher: ISBS
ISBN: 9781876843830
File Size: 56,53 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book presents a counter-argument to the Japanese belief that they are a homogeneous nation since the Meiji period. Eiji Oguma demonstrates that the myth of ethnic homogeneity was not established during the Meiji period, nor during the Pacific War, but only after the end of the war. The study covers a large range of areas, including archaeology, ancient history, linguistics, anthropology, ethnology, folk law, eugenics and philosophy, to obtain an overview of how a variety of authors dealt with the theme of ethnicity. It also examines how this myth of homogeneity arose and how the peoples of such Japanese colonies as Korea and Taiwan were viewed in the pre-war literature on ethnic identity. This is the first English translation of A Genealogy of "Japanese" Self-Images, which won the Suntory Culture Award in 1996.

Japan S International Relations

Autor: Glenn D. Hook
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134328060
File Size: 13,42 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The new edition of this comprehensive and user-friendly textbook provides a single volume resource for all those studying Japan's international relations.

International Education Policy In Japan In An Age Of Globalisation And Risk

Autor: Robert W. Aspinall
Publisher: Global Oriental
ISBN: 9004235280
File Size: 15,57 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In International Education Policy in Japan in an Age of Globalisation and Risk, Robert Aspinall analyses the ways in which Japanese government policies on English language education and the promotion of Study Abroad have been implemented in schools and universities.

China S Rise In The Age Of Globalization

Autor: Jianyong Yue
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319639978
File Size: 36,94 MB
Format: PDF
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This book deconstructs a series of myths surrounding China’s economic rise. The first myth is that globalization led directly to China’s rise; the second is that China is another East Asian developmental state; the third that China’s market reform had been implemented in an incremental way; and fourth that China’s ‘resilient authoritarianism’ has been effective in ensuring the country’s economic and political transformation. Yue argues that the China model is one of ‘crony comprador capitalism’ that has hindered the country’s attempts at economic and political modernity. It is argued that the United States’ strategy of integrating China into the international system is self-defeating in the long run; not because such an approach has created a 'restless empire' capable of challenging US primacy, but because the Chinese 'miracle' has subsequently backfired on the liberal order created after World War Two. Covering the entire reform period from the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1976 to the present day, the author calls for readers to rethink globalization and leave more policy space for China and the developing nations to pursue national development through internal integration, which is more conducive to democratic transition and global peace.