Humanism And Calvinism

Autor: Steven J. Reid
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 135192950X
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Across early-modern Europe the confessional struggles of the Reformation touched virtually every aspect of civic life; and nowhere was this more apparent than in the universities, the seedbed of political and ecclesiastical society. Focussing on events in Scotland, this book reveals how established universities found themselves at the centre of a struggle by competing forces trying to promote their own political, religious or educational beliefs, and under competition from new institutions. It surveys the transformation of Scotland's medieval and Catholic university system into a greatly-expanded Protestant one in the decades following the Scottish Reformation of 1560. Simultaneously the study assesses the contribution of the continentally-educated religious reformer Andrew Melville to this process in the context of broader European social and cultural developments - including growing lay interest in education (as a result of renaissance humanism), and the involvement of royal and civic government as well as the new Protestant Kirk in university expansion and reform. Through systematic use of largely neglected manuscript sources, the book offers fresh perspectives on both Andrew Melville and the development of Scottish higher education post-1560. As well as providing a detailed picture of events in Scotland, it contributes to our growing understanding of the role played by higher education in shaping society across Europe.

Ramus Pedagogy And The Liberal Arts

Autor: Dr Steven J Reid
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409482502
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Most early modern scholars know that Petrus Ramus (1515-1572) is important, but may be rather vague as to where his importance lies. This new collection of essays analyses the impact of the logician, rhetorician and pedagogical innovator across a variety of countries and intellectual disciplines, reappraising Ramus in the light of scholarly developments in the fifty years since the publication of Walter Ong's seminal work Ramus, Method, and the Decay of Dialogue. Chapters reflect the broad impact of Ramus and the Ramist 'method' of teaching across many subjects, including logic and rhetoric, pedagogy, mathematics, philosophy, and new scientific and taxonomic developments in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. There is no current work that offers such a broad survey of Ramus and Ramism, or that looks at him in such an interdisciplinary fashion. Ramus' influence extended across many disciplines and this book skillfully weaves together studies in intellectual history, pedagogy, literature, philosophy and the history of science. It will prove a useful starting point for those interested in Ramus and his impact, as well as serving to redefine the field of Ramist studies for future scholars.

Andrew Melville 1545 1622

Autor: Professor Roger A Mason
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409426939
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With the exception of John Knox, no one did more to shape the Scottish Reformation than Andrew Melville. Remembered chiefly as a firebrand defender of radical Presbyterianism and reformer of the Scottish university system, his broader contributions to the cultural development of early modern Scotland - his poetry and prose - have largely been marginalised in subsequent historiography. Yet, as this collection shows, Melvillle was much more than simply a parochial reformer - rather he was an influential member of a pan-European humanist network.

Reforming The Scottish Parish

Autor: Dr John McCallum
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409480798
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The Protestant Reformation of 1560 is widely acknowledged as being a watershed moment in Scottish history. However, whilst the antecedents of the reform movement have been widely explored, the actual process of establishing a reformed church in the parishes in the decades following 1560 has been largely ignored. This book helps remedy the situation by examining the foundation of the reformed church and the impact of Protestant discipline in the parishes of Fife. In early modern Scotland, Fife was both a distinct and important region, containing a preponderance of coastal burghs as well as St Andrews, the ecclesiastical capital of medieval Scotland. It also contained many rural and inland parishes, making it an ideal case study for analysing the course of religious reform in diverse communities. Nevertheless, the focus is on the Reformation, rather than on the county, and the book consistently places Fife's experience in the wider Scottish, British and European context. Based on a wide range of under-utilised sources, especially kirk session minutes, the study's focus is on the grass-roots religious life of the parish, rather than the more familiar themes of church politics and theology. It evaluates the success of the reformers in affecting both institutional and ideological change, and provides a detailed account of the workings of the reformed church, and its impact on ordinary people. In so doing it addresses important questions regarding the timescale and geographical patterns of reform, and how such dramatic religious change succeeded and endured without violence, or indeed, widespread opposition.

Jewish Christians And Christian Jews

Autor: R.H. Popkin
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401109125
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The appearance of religious toleration combined with the intensification of the search for theological truth led to a unique phenomenon in early modern Europe: Jewish Christians and Christian Jews. These essays will demonstrate that the cross-fertilization of these two religions, which for so long had a tradition of hostility towards each other, not only affected developments within the two groups but in many ways foreshadowed the emergence of the Enlightenment and the evolution of modern religious freedom.

When Scotland Was Jewish

Autor: Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 9780786455225
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"Much traditional history of Scotland rests on fundamental interpretive errors perpetuated to maintain an origin as Celtic, Christian. This equation of Scotland with Celtic culture in popular (and academic) imagination has buried a more accurate understan

The Social Life Of Coffee

Autor: Brian Cowan
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300133502
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What induced the British to adopt foreign coffee-drinking customs in the seventeenth century? Why did an entirely new social institution, the coffeehouse, emerge as the primary place for consumption of this new drink? In this lively book, Brian Cowan locates the answers to these questions in the particularly British combination of curiosity, commerce, and civil society. Cowan provides the definitive account of the origins of coffee drinking and coffeehouse society, and in so doing he reshapes our understanding of the commercial and consumer revolutions in Britain during the long Stuart century. Britain’s virtuosi, gentlemanly patrons of the arts and sciences, were profoundly interested in things strange and exotic. Cowan explores how such virtuosi spurred initial consumer interest in coffee and invented the social template for the first coffeehouses. As the coffeehouse evolved, rising to take a central role in British commercial and civil society, the virtuosi were also transformed by their own invention.

The Scottish Reformation

Autor: Donaldson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521086752
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This book provides a truly historical account of the origins and progress of the Scottish Reformation based on research in the documents of the period.

Regency In Sixteenth Century Scotland

Autor: Amy Blakeway
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 1843839806
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A study of the actions and responsibilities of those taking temporary power during the minority of a monarch.