Human And Organizational Factors In Nuclear Safety

Autor: Gregory Rolina
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0203768876
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This book discusses the specifics of safety regulations regarding nuclear risk and how experts contribute to the safety of nuclear installations. Drawing on research conducted in collaboration with the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), the ideas that are put forward rely on a review of the practices of specialists in human and organizational factors concerning nuclear safety. The author shows that the French approach depends on maintaining a technical dialogue between the regulatory authority (ASN), IRSN and nuclear operators. This method of risk management is known as "French cooking" in the Anglo-Saxon world, where a more formal regulatory approach is taken. This technical dialogue does however hold certain benefits, particularly in the field of human and organizational factors, where it allows an advancement of the state of knowledge, which remains incomplete. After the Fukushima accident, in the face of an ongoing European and global re-evaluation of the safety of nuclear power and alignment towards the Anglo-Saxon standard, the French cooking approach may yet be able to make a significant contribution. This work will be of interest to all involved in nuclear power engineering and in the field of risk management and nuclear safety. Includes a preface by Jacques Repussard, Director General, IRSN, France, and a postface by Erik Hollnagel, Professor, Institute of Regional Health Research, University of Southern Denmark / Chief Consultant, Centre for Quality, Region of Southern Denmark.

Safety Culture In Nuclear Power Operations

Autor: Bernhard Wilpert
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 020330215X
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Technical, psychological and social aspects of industrial safety come under the rigorous scrutiny of scientists and engineers from a vast array of different backgrounds. For many years, as an immediate result of direct international governmental and popular concern, the nuclear power industry has led the safety world. Safety Culture in Nuclear Power Operations presents a cross-disciplinary look at the latest human factors developments in this industry, with wider applications for the entire industrial sector. The book discusses all aspects of safety issues including conceptual bases, societal dynamics and trends, and managing workplace issues and personnel.

Safer Complex Industrial Environments

Autor: Erik Hollnagel
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420092493
File Size: 69,41 MB
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While a quick response can save you in a time of crisis, avoiding a crisis remains the best defense. When dealing with complex industrial systems, it has become increasingly obvious that preparedness requires a sophisticated understanding of human factors as they relate to the functional characteristics of socio-technology systems. Edited by industrial safety expert Erik Hollnagel and featuring commentary from leaders in the field, Safer Complex Industrial Environments: A Human Factors Approach examines the latest research on the contemporary human factors approach and methods currently in practice. Drawing on examples mainly from the nuclear industry, the book presents a contemporary view on human factors in complex industrial systems. The contributors contrast the traditional view of human factors as a liability with the contemporary view that recognizes human factor as also an asset without which the safe and efficient performance of complex industrial systems would be impossible. It describes how this view has developed in parallel to the increasing complexity and intractability of socio-technical systems and partly as a consequence of that. The book also demonstrates how this duality of the human factor can be reconciled by recognizing that the human and organizational functions that can be the cause of adverse events are also the very foundation for safety. Building on this, the book introduces theories and methods that can be used to describe human and collective performance in a complex socio-technical environment. It explores how contemporary human factors can be used to go beyond failure analysis to actively make complex industrial environments safer.

Human Reliability And Safety Analysis Data Handbook

Autor: David I. Gertman
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471591108
File Size: 21,41 MB
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Takes into account the human element as well as the classical aspects of mechanical, electrical and chemical designs that contribute to risk. Features a significant amount of data essential for risk analysis not normally available. Contains numerous examples of authentic applications and case studies.

Energy Research Abstracts

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Includes all works deriving from DOE, other related government-sponsored information and foreign nonnuclear information.