From Mukogodo To Maasai

Autor: Lee Cronk
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0429979975
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Explores the strategic manipulation of ethnic identity by the Mukogodo of Kenya. Can one change one's ethnicity? Can an entire ethnic group change its ethnicity? This book focuses on the strategic manipulation of ethnic identity by the Mukogodo of Kenya. Until the 1920s and 1930s, the Mukogodo were Cushitic-speaking foragers (hunters, gatherers, and beekeepers). However, changes brought on by British colonial policies led them to move away from life as independent foragers and into the orbit of the high-status Maasai, whom they began to emulate. Today, the Mukogodo form the bottom rung of a regional socioeconomic ladder of Maa-speaking pastoralists. An interesting by-product of this sudden ethnic change has been to give Mukogodo women, who tend to marry up the ladder, better marital and reproductive prospects than Mukogodo men. Mukogodo parents have responded with an unusual pattern of favoring daughters over sons, though they emulate the Maasai by verbally expressing a preference for sons. 0813337054 That Complex Whole : Culture and the Evolution of Human Behavior 0813340942 from Mukogodo to Maasai : Ethnicity and Cultural Change in Kenya

Archaeologies Of Us And Them

Autor: Charlotta Hillerdal
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317281683
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Archaeologies of “Us” and “Them” explores the concept of indigeneity within the field of archaeology and heritage and in particular examines the shifts in power that occur when ‘we’ define ‘the other’ by categorizing ‘them’ as indigenous. Recognizing the complex and shifting distinctions between indigenous and non-indigenous pasts and presents, this volume gives a nuanced analysis of the underlying definitions, concepts and ethics associated with this field in order to explore Indigenous archaeology as a theoretical, ethical and political concept. Indigenous archaeology is an increasingly important topic discussed worldwide, and as such critical analyses must be applied to debates which are often surrounded by political correctness and consensus views. Drawing on an international range of global case studies, this timely and sensitive collection significantly contributes to the development of archaeological critical theory.

Tanners Of Taiwan

Autor: Scott Simon
Publisher: Westview Press
ISBN: 0813341930
File Size: 60,66 MB
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An ethnography of the leather-tanning industry in Southern Taiwan, Tanners of Taiwan examines what it means to be Chinese.

Weekend Warriors

Autor: Mac Marshall
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities Social
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In a unique blend of historical investigation, cross-cultural comparison, and in-depth analysis, Weekend Warriors draws parallels between past traditions of aggression and the present-day problem of drunkenness on the Pacific island of Truk. Marshall demonstrates that many of our beliefs about drinking and drunkenness may be faulty and that a genuine understanding demands a social and cultural approach as well as a medical one.

An Introduction To Native North America

Autor: Mark Q. Sutton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317219643
File Size: 76,95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An Introduction to Native North America provides a basic introduction to the Native Peoples of North America, covering what are now the United States, northern Mexico, and Canada. It covers the history of research, basic prehistory, the European invasion and the impact of Europeans on Native cultures. A final chapter covers contemporary Native Americans, including issues of religion, health, and politics. In this updated and revised new edition, Mark Q. Sutton has expanded and improved the existing text as well as adding a new case study, updated the text with new research, and included new perspectives, particularly those of Native peoples. Featuring case studies of several tribes, as well as over 60 maps and images, An Introduction to Native North America is an indispensable tool to those studying the history of North America and Native Peoples of North America. .

The End Of The Soul

Autor: Jennifer Hecht
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231502389
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On October 19, 1876 a group of leading French citizens, both men and women included, joined together to form an unusual group, The Society of Mutual Autopsy, with the aim of proving that souls do not exist. The idea was that, after death, they would dissect one another and (hopefully) show a direct relationship between brain shapes and sizes and the character, abilities and intelligence of individuals. This strange scientific pact, and indeed what we have come to think of as anthropology, which the group's members helped to develop, had its genesis in aggressive, evangelical atheism. With this group as its focus, The End of the Soul is a study of science and atheism in France in late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It shows that anthropology grew in the context of an impassioned struggle between the forces of tradition, especially the Catholic faith, and those of a more freethinking modernism, and moreover that it became for many a secular religion. Among the adherents of this new faith discussed here are the novelist Emile Zola, the great statesman Leon Gambetta, the American birth control advocate Margaret Sanger, and Arthur Conan Doyle, whose Sherlock Holmes embodied the triumph of ratiocination over credulity. Boldly argued, full of colorful characters and often bizarre battles over science and faith, this book represents a major contribution to the history of science and European intellectual history.


Autor: Nigel Pavitt
Publisher: W W Norton & Company Incorporated
ISBN: 9780393067774
File Size: 32,94 MB
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A volume of restored photographs culled from family archives and scrapbooks is a visual record of turn-of-the-twentieth-century Africa that offers insight into regional culture, the impact of the Uganda Railway and the East African Campaign, and the pioneering spirit of early European settlers and farmers. 13,000 first printing.

Meeting At Grand Central

Autor: Lee Cronk
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400845483
File Size: 43,68 MB
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From the family to the workplace to the marketplace, every facet of our lives is shaped by cooperative interactions. Yet everywhere we look, we are confronted by proof of how difficult cooperation can be--snarled traffic, polarized politics, overexploited resources, social problems that go ignored. The benefits to oneself of a free ride on the efforts of others mean that collective goals often are not met. But compared to most other species, people actually cooperate a great deal. Why is this? Meeting at Grand Central brings together insights from evolutionary biology, political science, economics, anthropology, and other fields to explain how the interactions between our evolved selves and the institutional structures we have created make cooperation possible. The book begins with a look at the ideas of Mancur Olson and George Williams, who shifted the question of why cooperation happens from an emphasis on group benefits to individual costs. It then explores how these ideas have influenced our thinking about cooperation, coordination, and collective action. The book persuasively argues that cooperation and its failures are best explained by evolutionary and social theories working together. Selection sometimes favors cooperative tendencies, while institutions, norms, and incentives encourage and make possible actual cooperation. Meeting at Grand Central will inspire researchers from different disciplines and intellectual traditions to share ideas and advance our understanding of cooperative behavior in a world that is more complex than ever before.

Foundations Of Human Sociality

Autor: Joseph Patrick Henrich
Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN: 0199262047
File Size: 11,18 MB
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What motives underlie the ways humans interact socially? Are these the same for all societies? Are these part of our nature, or influenced by our environments? Over the last decade, research in experimental economics has emphatically falsified the textbook representation of Homo economicus. Hundreds of experiments suggest that people care not only about their own material payoffs, but also about such things as fairness, equity, and reciprocity. However, this research left fundamental questions unanswered: Are such social preferences stable components of human nature, or are they modulated by economic, social, and cultural environments? Until now, experimental research could not address this question because virtually all subjects had been university students. Combining ethnographic and experimental approaches to fill this gap, this book breaks new ground in reporting the results of a large cross-cultural study aimed at determining the sources of social (non-selfish) preferences that underlie the diversity of human sociality. In this study, the same experiments carried out with university students were performed in fifteen small-scale societies exhibiting a wide variety of social, economic, and cultural conditions. The results show that the variation in behaviour is far greater than previously thought, and that the differences between societies in market integration and the importance of cooperation explain a substantial portion of this variation, which individual-level economic and demographic variables could not. The results also trace the extent to which experimental play mirrors patterns of interaction found in everyday life. The book includes a succinct but substantive introduction to the use of game theory as an analytical tool, and to its use in the social sciences for the rigorous testing of hypotheses about fundamental aspects of social behaviour outside artificially constructed laboratories. The editors also summarize the results of the fifteencase studies in a suggestive chapter about the scope of the project.