Enterprise Liability And The Common Law

Autor: Douglas Brodie
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139492985
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Theories of enterprise liability have, historically, had a significant influence on the development of various aspects of the law of torts. Enterprise liability has impacted upon both statutory and common law rules. Prime examples would include laws on workmen's compensation and products liability. Of late, in a number of jurisdictions, enterprise liability has been a powerful catalyst for change in the employer's responsibilities towards third parties by prompting changes to the law on vicarious liability. The results have been seen most dramatically where the employer's responsibility for the intentional torts of employees is concerned. Recent common law reforms have not been without controversy and have raised difficult and challenging questions about the appropriate scope of an employer's responsibility. In response to this, Douglas Brodie offers a critique of the employer's common law obligations, both in tort and under the law of contract of employment.

Understanding Enterprise Liability

Autor: Virginia Nolan
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 1439907641
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In recent years critics have assailed the cost, inefficiency, and unfairness of American tort law, including products liability and medical malpractice. Yet victims of accidental injury who look to the tort system for deserved compensation often find it a formidable obstacle. Those who seek to reform tort law find legislatures, particularly the United States Congress, paralyzed by the clash of powerful special interest groups. Understanding Enterprise Liability sheds new light on the raging tort reform debate by challenging its fundamental assumptions. Offering historical insights and fresh perspectives on the politics and possibilities for sensible reform, Virginia Nolan and Edmund Ursin pragmatically assess alternative routes to a workable, balanced, and equitable system of compensation for personal injury. They offer a specific proposal, based on the precedent of strict products liability that incorporates the insights of no-fault compensation plan scholarship to create an enterprise liability doctrine that should appeal to courts and to tort reformers.

Limited Liability

Autor: Stephen M. Bainbridge
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 1783473037
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The modern corporation has become central to our society. The key feature of the corporation that makes it such an attractive form of human collaboration is its limited liability. This book explores how, by allowing those who form the corporation to limit their downside risk and personal liability to only the amount they invest, there is the opportunity for more risks taken at a lower cost.

Tort Contract And Other Common Law Problems In The Substantive Law Of Parent And Subsidiary Corporations

Autor: Phillip I. Blumberg
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
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This book analyzes the on-going shift from entity to enterprise theory in the law of corporate groups. The concept of corporate limited liability and its application to parent and subsidiary corporations are thoroughly discussed in this work along with the substantive common law of corporate groups.

Enterprise Liability In Commercial Relationships

Autor: Phillip I. Blumberg
Publisher: Aspen Publishers
File Size: 73,20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Traditional corporation law (or "entity" law) no longer covers the challenges presented by today's multinational corporate integration and control. Now, Blumberg's ground-breaking analysis of the law of corporate groups (or "enterprise" law) brings current trends in business law into sharp focus, with detailed examination of thousands of cases. This unique addition to The Law of Corporate Groups library provides in-depth coverage of statutory and judicial law, federal and state, that affects companies engaged in enterprises linked by franchise, license, or contract rather than by corporate stock. It explains and analyzes in detail the issues facing such entities as franchisers and franchisees, licensor and licensees, contractors and subcontractors, hospitals and other health care institutions, medical personnel in independent practice, and many others.

Modernising Civil Liability Law In Europe China Brazil And Russia

Autor: Gert Br├╝ggemeier
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139497626
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Non-contractual liability, stemming from damage accountably caused to another, has been the subject of the PETL and DCFR VI European reform initiatives. Gert Br├╝ggemeier, however, proposes alternative reforms which, instead of trying to overcome the differences between civil law (delict) and common law (torts), are restricted to civil liability. The focus is on the grounds of accountability, and stricter forms of liability are at the fore. Quasi-strict enterprise liability is introduced to fill the lacuna between personal fault and forms of strict liability. A commentary is included on recent legislation on civil liability in China, Brazil and Russia to demonstrate how these large countries try to come to grips with the challenges of 'risk society'.

Enterprise And American Law 1836 1937

Autor: Herbert Hovenkamp
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674038837
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In this integration of law and economic ideas, Herbert Hovenkamp charts the evolution of the legal framework that regulated American business enterprise from the time of Andrew Jackson through the first New Deal. He reveals the interdependent relationship between economic theory and law that existed in these decades of headlong growth and examines how this relationship shaped both the modern business corporation and substantive due process. Classical economic theory--the cluster of ideas about free markets--became the guiding model for the structure and function of both private and public law. Hovenkamp explores the relationship of classical economic ideas to law in six broad areas related to enterprise in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. He traces the development of the early business corporation and maps the rise of regulated industry from the first charterbased utilities to the railroads. He argues that free market political economy provided the intellectual background for constitutional theory and helped define the limits of state and federal regulation of business behavior. The book also illustrates the unique American perspective on political economy reflected in the famous doctrine of substantive due process. Finally, Hovenkamp demonstrates the influence of economic theory on labor law and gives us a reexamination of the antitrust movement, the most explicit intersection of law and economics before the New Deal. Legal, economic, and intellectual historians and political scientists will welcome these trenchant insights on an influential period in American constitutional and corporate history.

Joint Enterprise

Autor: Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Justice Committee
Publisher: The Stationery Office
ISBN: 9780215040589
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Joint enterprise is a form of secondary liability whereby a person who agrees to commit a crime with another becomes liable for all criminal acts committed by the other person (the principal offender) in the course of their joint criminal venture. It is a common law doctrine, which means it has been developed by the courts over the years. Inthis report the Justice Committee find that the law on joint enterprise is so confusing for juries and courts alike that legislation is needed urgently to ensure justice for both victims and defendants and end the high number of cases reaching the Court of Appeal. The MPs also call on the Director of Public Prosecutions to produce guidance for prosecutors on joint enterprise, particularly in cases of gang-related homicide. The Director of Public Prosecutions should collate data on the number of people charged under joint enterprise so that problems with the operation of the law identified by campaigning groups representing both victims and those that say they have been convicted in a miscarriage of justice can be alleviated, if necessary.

Torture As Tort

Autor: Craig Scott
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847316808
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The controversial nature of seeking globalised justice through national courts has become starkly apparent in the wake of the Pinochet case in which the Spanish legal system sought to bring to account under international criminal law the former President of Chile,for violations in Chile of human rights of non-Spaniards. Some have reacted to the involvement of Spanish and British judges in sanctioning a former head of state as nothing more than legal imperialism while others have termed it positive globalisation. While the international legal and associated statutory bases for such criminal prosecutions are firm, the same cannot be said of the enterprise of imposing civil liability for the same human-rights-violating conduct that gives rise to criminal responsibility. In this work leading scholars from around the world address the host of complex issues raised by transnational human rights litigation. There has been, to date, little treatment, let alone a comprehensive assessment, of the merits and demerits of US-style transnational human rights litigation by non-American legal scholars and practitioners. The book seeks not so much to fill this gap as to start the process of doing so, with a view to stimulating debate amongst scholars and policy-makers. The book's doctrinal coverage and analytical inquiries will also be extremely relevant to the world of transnational legal practice beyond the specific question of human rights litigation.