14 19 Education

Autor: Jacky Lumby
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446202690
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'AT LAST, A BOOK ABOUT THIS MOST VEXED PART OF THE CURRICULUM WHICH IS OBJECTIVE, HONEST AND RESEARCH-BASED. These two well-established authors have done what even supposedly neutral writers of official reports have been unable to do and this is because they emerge as having only one 'axe to grind', namely what is best for the students and the country. Showing only too clearly the confusions and competitions which have bedevilled provision for this age group, THE AUTHORS' VIEWS ARE CONVINCING AND CREDIBLE PARTLY BECAUSE-UNUSUALLY- THEY COME FROM NEITHER A 'PRO-SCHOOL' OR A 'PRO-COLLEGE' LOBBY.( Read , for example, the chapter on leadership to see how leaders in the two sectors-but providing for the same young people ! - can be seen being encouraged to move in different directions.) They rightly argue that this not the point. Although, like others, they argue that partnerships are the way ahead, they show that these so far have a poor record. Their arguments, all firmly based on clear analysis of the politics and resourcing of 14-19 education, and constantly referenced by the experiences of young people of fourteen to nineteen years, are set in a totally realistic perspective and, as they conclude, the price of future failure in this provision will be calamitous. LEADERS IN BOTH THE SCHOOLS AND THE POST-16 SECTORS SHOULD READ THIS BOOK AND REFLECT ON THE WHOLE PICTURE IT OFFERS OF WHAT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE FOR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE. Policy makers should do the same but whether they have the will and courage to act accordingly is a matter for future debate' - David Middlewood 'The reform of the 14-19 stage of education and training in England is likely to be on the policy agenda for the next two decades, but until now our understanding of 14-19 education, like the stage itself, has been incoherent and fragmented. Lumby and Foskett provide a comprehensive, authoritative and readable account of the recent history and current state of 14-19 education. They challenge some of the myths and misconceptions that have grown up around it. I recommend this book to all people with an interest in 14-19 education in England and in the current attempts to reform it' - Professor David Raffe, Centre for Educational Sociology, University of Edinburgh Schools and colleges are being asked to deal with fundamental changes in 14-19 education. Designed to support policy makers, practitioners and students of education in improving their understanding of this phase of education, the authors present a discussion of the evolution of policy and practice across schools and colleges, and their possible future development. A range of educational institutions are discussed with specific reference to changes in government policy, the curriculum, support services, and the advent of Learning and Skills Councils.

New Directions In Professional Higher Education

Autor: Tom Bourner
Publisher: Open Univ Pr
ISBN: 9780335206155
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This book exemplifies the growing involvement in universities in professional education at its highest level. It also demonstrates the increasing importance of education for the professions in the work of universities. It contains a wealth of practical examples and ideas about how universities can respond to the changing needs of students' initial professional training, continuing professional development and lifelong learning. At the heart of the book is a series of analytical case studies developing practices that respond to the challenges to higher education at the start of the new millenium. These chapters address important themes in developing professional HE. partnership, independent learning, reflective practices, new technologies, intranets, world wide web, distance learning, the international dimension, work readiness, assessment and standards. Many of the case studies test out ideas in action. The result is a valuable handbook for practitioners of professional education in HE and an important resource for staff and educational developers and higher education managers.

Telling Tales On Technology

Autor: Neil Selwyn
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780754631910
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Information and communications technology (ICT) has become an unavoidable element of education, yet new technologies have failed to become wholly integrated. This engaging volume critically examines the role of ICT in education and explores how, given its assumed importance, new technology remains a peripheral part of much of what goes on in education. An essential text for anyone thinking seriously about the use of ICT in education.

Vocational Studies Lifelong Learning And Social Values

Autor: Terry Hyland
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing
ISBN: 9781840148473
File Size: 30,12 MB
Format: PDF
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A multi-disciplinary analysis of recent developments in vocational education and training under the Labour government's New Deal and lifelong learning initiatives. These policies are examined from the standpoint of moral and social values.

Balancing The Skills Equation

Autor: Geoff Hayward
Publisher: Policy Press
ISBN: 9781861345769
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Governments worldwide assume that national competitiveness can be improved by developing workforce skills. This book critically examines this 'high skills' vision at both policy and practice levels. It challenges an oversimplified policy rhetoric that underestimates the complexity of the processes involved in developing a skilled workforce.The book focuses on key issues relating to the high skills agenda: skills and political economy; different investment strategies for producing skills; qualification systems and learning. A multidisciplinary team of authors from a range of disciplines, including economics, management and education, provides the cross-cutting international and comparative analysis. Editorial comment links their explorations to wider questions of skill formation processes and overarching questions are addressed through in-depth analysis of the roles of higher education, apprenticeship and formal school learning in skill formation.

Curriculum Innovation

Autor: Roger Crombie White
Publisher: Open Univ Pr
ISBN: 9780335197569
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Curriculum Innovation is a celebration of teachers' achievements and creativity at the secondary level of schooling. It examines the historical and political contexts of curriculum development and control in the United Kingdom, and analyses the values and beliefs that have shaped the reforms in schools and colleges over the last two decades. It considers the extent to which these changes have acted to challenge the professional autonomy and status of teachers and lecturers, and reflects the views of those affected.It provides an account of the current curriculum provision for the 14-19 age group - a contemporary "map of the territory" - and highlights the ASDAN Award Scheme, one successful example of teacher led innovation. As the pendulum begins to swing back from the centrally controlled and narrowly prescribed programmes of study and attainment targets of the national curriculum, it is important to draw attention to such areas of good practice and identify the policy implications of these grass roots initiatives.This book highlights not only the "professional imagination" but also what it can achieve. It makes for inspirational reading and will be of great interest to students, teachers and lecturers, and anyone involved with curriculum development for the 14-19 age group.