Public Relations Theory Ii

Autor: Carl H. Botan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135216878
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The public relations landscape has changed dramatically from what it was in 1989, when the original Public Relations Theory volume was published. Reflecting the substantial shifts in the intervening years, Public Relations Theory II, while related to the first volume, is more a new work than a revision. Editors Carl H. Botan and Vincent Hazleton have brought together key theorists and scholars in public relations to articulate the current state of public relations theory, chronicling the ongoing evolution of public relations as a field of study. The contributors to this volume represent the key figures in the discipline, and their chapters articulate the significant advances in public relations theory and research. Working from the position that public relations is a theoretically grounded and research based discipline with the potential to bring numerous areas of applied communication together, Botan and Hazleton have developed this volume to open up the public relations field to a broad variety of theories. Organized into two major sections--Foundations, and Tools for Tomorrow--the volume presents four types of chapters: discussions addressing how public relations should be understood and practiced; examinations of theories from other areas applied to public relations; explorations of theories about a specific area of public relations practice; and considerations of public relations theories and research that have not been given sufficient attention in the past or that hold particular promise for the future of public relations. It serves as a thorough overview of the current state of theory in public relations scholarship. Like its predecessor, Public Relations Theory II will be influential in the future development of public relations theory. Taken as a whole, the chapters in this book will help readers develop their own sense of direction for public relations theory. Public Relations Theory II is an essential addition to the library of every public relations scholar, and is appropriate for use in advanced public relations theory coursework as well as for study and reference.

Public Relations Theory

Autor: Carl H. Botan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136695664
File Size: 75,97 MB
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Beginning with the basic premise that public relations can best be understood as a specialized type of communication, the contributors to this volume establish public relations as a vital and viable realm for communication research and theory development. Through the application of communication theories, they attempt to explain and predict public relations practices and then use these practices to develop communication theories. Their discussions fall into three distinct categories: metatheory, theory, and examples of applications of theories. An ideal volume for professionals and students in communication, journalism, and related fields.

Arizona Embrace

Autor: Leigh Greenwood
ISBN: 9780505526038
File Size: 24,44 MB
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Nothing could have prepared bounty hunter Trinity Smith for fiery haired fugitive Victoria Davidge. His investigation may not uncover her secrets, but it will discover her searing passion. Reissue.

Fatal Last Words

Autor: Quintin Jardine
Publisher: Headline Book Pub Limited
ISBN: 9780755329175
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It's no ordinary summer for DCC Bob Skinner, as murder mystery leaps from the page into reality in the nineteenth volume of Quintin Jardine's outstanding cop series. It's August and the Edinburgh International Book Festival is in full swing. So it's a considerable embarrassment when one of Scotland's most successful crime writers is found dead in the author tent. The victim's phone was tapped. Are the spooks involved? Or has mystery fiction become true crime? A second victim begs the question: have the authors become targets themselves?

Pr Superstar

Autor: Susan Haswell
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781479364114
File Size: 24,19 MB
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PR Superstar is designed for everyone who wants to capture the power of press release writing; swiftly and without waffle. From the small business owner to the newcomer in a large marketing or PR department, PR Superstar is written with clarity, vision and insightful tips so that you can take your company to the media instantly, and with surprising results. PR Superstar is based on the author's 20+ years of experience in PR, sales and marketing, and the highly successful training courses that she delivers to companies throughout the UK. From the excellent results of clients and delegates, Sue has distilled the essence of this expertise and training into a short easy-to-read book. The book is peppered with PR case-studies illustrating what works - and what doesn't work, combined with a step-by-step toolkit that takes you through the actual thinking and writing processes of PR. A PR jargon-buster and a good helping of successful press releases, at-a-glance guides to the tools of PR and even a chapter on how to choose a PR agency, make this an indispensable asset for everyone who wants to make their marketing pound, dollar or euro work even harder! PR Superstar is a one-day journey to PR enlightenment.

Rules Of Passion

Autor: Sara Bennett
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0061753386
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The boldest, most unconventional of the three Greentree sisters, Marietta believes her best course would be to emulate her natural mother, the notorious courtesan Madame Aphrodite. Being woefully unschooled in the ways of passion, however, Marietta, at Aphrodite's insistence, must first prove herself by properly seducing one man: Max Valland, the moody, disgraced, anddisinherited former Lord Roseby. With his life and reputation already in tatters, Max is most willing to help the exquisite young minx practice her chosen craft—though he is surprised at the depth of his desire . . . and by her most unprofessional tenderness. But Marietta's plans are threatened by the dangerous mysteries swirling around this disarmingly sensual gentleman . . . and by a heart that urges her to break the courtesan's cardinal rule: never fall in love.