Corporate Reporting And Company Law

Autor: Charlotte Villiers
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781107406537
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The importance of disclosure as a regulatory device in company law is widely recognized. This 2006 book explores the disclosure requirements of companies in their reporting activities, and seeks to bring together the main features of the reporting system. The book considers the theoretical basis of the corporate reporting system and describes the regulatory framework for that system. It explores financial reporting and 'narrative' reporting, highlighting the fact that financial reporting requirements are more substantially developed than narrative reporting requirements - a consequence of the shareholder-centred vision that persists in company law. The roles of those responsible for providing corporate reports and those entitled to receive such information are examined. The book concludes with some broad suggestions for future development, with particular focus on the need to recognize the relevance of the communicative role of corporate reporting. The use of new technology also presents both challenges and opportunities for improving the regime.

Company Law And Sustainability

Autor: Beate Sjåfjell
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316298930
File Size: 51,59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This investigation of the barriers to and opportunities for promoting environmental sustainability in company law provides an in-depth comparative analysis of company law regimes across the world. The social norm of shareholder primacy is the greatest barrier preventing progress, and it also helps explain why voluntary action by companies and investors is insufficient. By deconstructing the myth that shareholder primacy has a legal basis and challenging the economic postulates on which mainstream corporate governance debate is based, Company Law and Sustainability reveals a surprisingly large unexplored potential within current company law regimes for companies to reorient themselves towards sustainability. It also suggests possible methods of reforming the existing legal infrastructure for companies and provides an important contribution to the broader debate on how to achieve sustainability.

Directors Duties And Shareholder Litigation In The Wake Of The Financial Crisis

Autor: Joan Loughrey
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 0857939661
File Size: 71,92 MB
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ÔThis book takes us back to the financial crisis and asks: should the directors of the financial institutions that caused the crisis be held responsible to their investors? LoughreyÕs and her contributorsÕ analysis of that question and the suggestions to implement their proposals are insightful and timely. This is a must-read book for those of us who are still trying to determine how to avoid the next financial crisis.Õ Ð Randall Thomas, Vanderbilt Law School, US The financial crisis revealed failings at board level at many financial institutions. But despite calls for bank boards to be held to account, there has been a remarkable paucity of litigation against bank directors for breach of their duties. This book assesses whether the law relating to directorsÕ duties and shareholder litigation has contributed to this, taking into account the changes to both that were introduced by the Companies Act 2006. With contributions from leading academics and practitioners, the book examines the directorÕs duty of care and skill, the s.172 duty, reporting obligations under s.417 of the Companies Act 2006, and shareholder litigation including the derivative action and just and equitable winding up. It concludes that neither the common law nor the statutory duties and derivative action under the Companies Act 2006 function effectively to hold directors to account and analyses why this is so. This detailed book will appeal to academics in company law and corporate governance as well as commercial law practitioners particularly those who specialize in company litigation.

Shaping The Corporate Landscape

Autor: Nina Boeger
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1509914315
File Size: 44,26 MB
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Currently, there exists a distrust of corporate activity in the continuing aftermath of the financial crisis and with increasing recognition of the threats of climate change and global, as well as national, inequalities. Despite efforts in the arena of corporate governance to address these, we are still beset with corporate scandals and witness companies facing large fines for their environmental and cost-cutting misdemeanours. Recognising that the usual responses to dealing with these corporate problems are not effective, this book asks whether the traditional form of the joint stock corporation itself lies at the heart of these problems. What are the features of the corporate form and how does its current regulation underscore these problems? Identifying such features provides a basis for the discussion to develop towards suggesting more progressive regulatory developments around the corporate form. More fundamentally, this book investigates a diverse range of corporate governance models that are emerging as alternatives to the shareholder corporation, including employee-owned, cooperative and social enterprises. The contributors are leading scholars from various backgrounds including law, management and organisation studies, finance and accounting, as well as experienced professionals and policy makers with expertise in social and cooperative business models and the role of employees in the corporation.

Routledge Handbook Of Corporate Law

Autor: Roman Tomasic
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317662172
File Size: 29,98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 1984
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The Routledge Handbook of Corporate Law provides an accessible overview of current research in the field, from an international and comparative perspective. In recent years there has been an explosion of corporate law research, as this area of law continues to develop rapidly throughout the world. Traditionally, Anglo–American corporate law theory has dominated debates and publications; however, this handbook readdresses the balance by exploring the treatment of corporate law in both Europe and Asia, as well developments in the US and UK. Bringing together a wide range of key thinkers in the field, this volume is divided into three main parts: Thinking about corporate law Corporate law principles and governance Some cross-cultural comparisons Providing up-to-date and authoritative articles covering all the key aspects of corporate law, this reference work is essential reading for advanced students, scholars and practitioners in the field.

Cambridge Yearbook Of European Legal Studies

Autor: John Bell
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1847310362
File Size: 66,41 MB
Format: PDF
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The Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies provides a forum for the scrutiny of significant issues in European Union Law, the Law of the Council of Europe, and Comparative Law with a "European" dimension, and particularly those which have come to the fore during the year preceding publication. The contributions appearing in the collection are commissioned by the Centre for European Legal Studies (CELS) Cambridge, which is the research Centre of Cambridge University Law Faculty specialising in European legal issues. The papers presented are all at the cutting edge of the fields which they address, and reflect the views of recognised experts drawn from the University world, legal practice, and the civil services of both the EU and its Member States. Inclusion of the comparative dimension brings a fresh perspective to the study of European law, and highlights the effects of globalisation of the law more generally, and the resulting cross fertilisation of norms and ideas that has occurred among previously sovereign and separate legal orders. The Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies is an invaluable resource for those wishing to keep pace with legal developments in the fast moving world of European integration. INDIVIDUAL CHAPTERS Please click on the link below to purchase individual chapters from Volume 5 through Ingenta Connect: SUBSCRIPTION TO SERIES To place an annual online subscription or a print standing order through Hart Publishing please click on the link below. Please note that any customers who have a standing order for the printed volumes will now be entitled to free online access. Editorial Advisory Board: Philip Allott, Tony Arnull, Catherine Barnard, Dan Goyder CBE, Rosa Greaves, Bob Hepple QC, David O'Keeffe, Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC, Stephanie Palmer, David Vaughan QC, CBE, David Williams Q.C., D.A.Wyatt Q.C. Founding Editors: Alan Dashwood and Angela Ward

The Oxford Handbook Of Corporate Law And Governance

Autor: Jeffrey N. Gordon
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0191061409
File Size: 75,73 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Corporate law and corporate governance have been at the forefront of regulatory activities across the world for several decades now, and are subject to increasing public attention following the Global Financial Crisis of 2008. The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Law and Governance provides the global framework necessary to understand the aims and methods of legal research in this field. Written by leading scholars from around the world, the Handbook contains a rich variety of chapters that provide a comparative and functional overview of corporate governance. It opens with the central theoretical approaches and methodologies in corporate law scholarship in Part I, before examining core substantive topics in corporate law, including shareholder rights, takeovers and restructuring, and minority rights in Part II. Part III focuses on new challenges in the field, including conflicts between Western and Asian corporate governance environments, the rise of foreign ownership, and emerging markets. Enforcement issues are covered in Part IV, and Part V takes a broader approach, examining those areas of law and finance that are interwoven with corporate governance, including insolvency, taxation, and securities law as well as financial regulation. The Handbook is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary resource placing corporate law and governance in its wider context, and is essential reading for scholars, practitioners, and policymakers in the field.

Principles Of Contemporary Corporate Governance

Autor: Jean Jacques du Plessis
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 113949385X
File Size: 70,35 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Principles of Contemporary Corporate Governance, Second Edition, provides a concise presentation of vital topics and emerging themes in corporate governance within the private sector, while maintaining the key elements of the successful first edition. This definitive book not only exposes the fundamental principles of corporate governance, it builds upon them by illustrating how they are applied. It includes several prominent case studies, and directors' duties and liability are illustrated by drawing on the most recent Australian court cases. Although grounded in Australian corporate governance, the book will appeal to practitioners and students of law and business management internationally. Principles of corporate governance are explicated for readers in all jurisdictions, with specific reference to the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and the implications for corporate governance developments in the future.