Civility And Savagery

Autor: Andrew Turton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136797513
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This is a book about social differentiation and distinction in one of the ethnically and politically most complex regions of the world, dealing with crucial issues in currently renewed debates on cultural pluralism, nationalism, irredentism and ethnic dispersal. The themes are given a regional and historical focus by treating peoples within the Tai-speaking regions of mainland South East Asia, namely the two basically Tai states, Thailand and Laos, and Tai areas in Burma, China, Vietnam and Malaysia. The book examines representations of non-Tai peoples by various Tai, and representations of Tai by others, and the related experiences of each as they have interacted with different Tai political spaces. The historical scope includes contemporary policy debates on 'nationalities; of 'minorities; policy in the light of earlier colonial and pre-colonial situations.

Migration Micro Business And Tourism In Thailand

Autor: Alexander Trupp
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 131536364X
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Visitors to Thailand’s urban and beach-sided tourist hotspots notice the presence of colourful and predominantly female vendors offering self-made and mass-manufactured products. A high percentage of these vendors are members of the highland ethnic minority group of Akha who have become micro-entrepreneurs or self-employed street vendors. The work and everyday life experiences of these ethnic minority migrants are situated at the intersections of tourism, migration, and the informal sector. This book investigates the social, economic, and political embeddedness of street vendors in urban tourist contexts in Thailand. Based on extensive field research, it presents a detailed analysis of urban-directed mobility patterns and revealing strategies and dilemmas in the urban souvenir business. Focusing on the development of urban ethnic minority souvenir stalls run mostly by people belonging to the highland group of Akha, the author explains the spatial expansion of ethnic businesses and assesses the economic and political obstacles micro-entrepreneurs are confronted with. The book offers an understanding of the everyday practices and social relations of and between unequally powerful actors related to ethnic minority tourism in urban contexts, and systematically integrates individual and collective action into socio-economic and politico-institutional contexts. A significant contribution to migration and ethnic minority studies in the Thai and Asian urban tourism context, the book will be of interest to researchers in the fields of Southeast Asian studies, tourism, migration, and ethnic minority studies.

Ghost Movies In Southeast Asia And Beyond

Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004323643
File Size: 36,59 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ghost Movies in Southeast Asia and Beyond explores ghost movies, one of the most popular film genres in East and Southeast Asia, by focusing on movie narratives, the cultural contexts of their origins and audience reception.

State Terror State Violence

Autor: Bettina Koch
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 365811181X
File Size: 36,33 MB
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The volume critically discusses theoretical discourses and theoretically informed case studies on state violence and state terror. How do states justify their acts of violence? How are these justifications critiqued? Although legally state terrorism does not exist, some states nonetheless commit acts of violence that qualify as state terror as a social fact. In which cases and under what circumstances do (illegitimate) acts of violence qualify as state terrorism? Geographically, the volume covers cases and discourses from the Caucasus, South East and Central Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Tai Lands And Thailand

Autor: Andrew Walker
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 9780824833596
File Size: 35,62 MB
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Studies of the Tai world often treat ¿state¿ and ¿community¿ as polar opposites: the state produces administrative uniformity and commercialization while community sustains tradition, local knowledge, and subsistence economy. This assumption leads to the conclusion that the traditional community is undermined by the modern forces of state incorporation and market penetration. States rule and communities resist. Tai Lands and Thailand takes a very different view. Using thematic and ethnographic studies from Thailand, Laos, Burma, and southern China, the authors describe modern forms of community where state power intersects with markets, livelihoods, and aspirations. Modern community is not easily created nor is it inevitable, but rapid social and economic change in the Tai world has provided many opportunities for new forms of communal belonging to emerge. Tai Lands and Thailand opens up fresh perspectives on a region in transition, and the discussion promises to inform future studies of contemporary sociality in Southeast Asia.

Contested Heritages

Autor: Reiner Buergin
File Size: 33,68 MB
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Zusammenfassung: In December 1991 the Wildlife Sanctuaries Thung Yai Naresuan and Huai Kha Khaeng in Thailand were declared a heritage to mankind by UNESCO due to their outstanding universal value regarding global biodiversity. For conservationists this was a great success in their long lasting efforts to protect the forest area against detrimental effects of national modernization. People of the Karen ethnic minority group who live there since about 200 years were also among the threats mentioned in the nomination submitted to UNESCO. Stereotyped as 'hill tribes' they are marginalized in Thai society and preferentially are to be resettled. As the legal grounds for their eviction are shaky, the state authorities try to convince the Karen to resettle 'voluntarily', using strategies of exclusion and ethnicism together with restrictions and terror. The paper sketches the emergence of Thung Yai as a protected area and its promotion to a global heritage in the context of international conservationism and national controversies about nature conservation and modernization. Since the beginning 1990s these conflicts about forests increasingly focus on the territorial, social, and political exclusion of so-called 'hill tribe' ethnic minority groups. The Royal Forest Department and the Military, thereby, try to secure and regain positions and power challenged in the course of the democratization process and the controversies about people and forests in Thailand.

Creating Laos

Autor: Søren Ivarsson
Publisher: Nordic Inst of Asian Studies
ISBN: 9788776940225
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This book examines the process through which Laos came into existence under French colonial rule through to the end of World War II. Here, Laos's position at the intersection of two conflicting spatial layouts of "Thailand" and "Indochina" made its national form a particularly contested process. Rather than analyze this process in terms of administrative and political structures, the book discusses how a specific idea about a separate "Lao space" and its culture was formed.