Regenerative And Cell Therapy

Autor: A. Keating
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 354026843X
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This book gives an updated review of the state of the art in regenerative cell therapy in the fields of cardiology, hematology, pediatrics, neurology, orthopedics and infectious diseases. The book emphasizes clinical advances as proof of concept in cell therapy based on the revolutionizing observation that regeneration can occur throughout the body even in highly differentiated organs like the heart and the neuronal system. It provides examples of breakthroughs in the clinical implementation of adult stem cell therapy.

Stem Cells From Cord Blood In Utero Stem Cell Development And Transplantation Inclusive Gene Therapy

Autor: W. Holzgreve
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662044692
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The title "Stem Cells from Cord Blood, In Utero Stem Cell Develop ment, and Transplantation-Inclusive Gene Therapy" suggests that more than one topic is combined in one workshop. Indeed, at first glance the recovery of stem cells from cord blood has to be seen as separate from the attempts to achieve effective in utero therapy by stem cell trans plantation, because the first issue deals with an innovative stem cell source as an alternative to bone marrow, which is already spreading rapidly in medical practice, whereas the second topic is still strictly ex perimental and only investigated in medical centers with the appropri ate background. It is, however, not only justified, but helpful to com bine the two topics in one workshop and consequently to cover them in the same volume of the Ernst Schering Research Foundation Work shop series, because they are intimately related and both based on the new insights into the biology of stem cells. Professor Werner Arber, the Nobel Laureate from the University of Basel, pointed out in his In- Professor Dr. W. Holzgreve VI Preface The participants of the workshop troductory Lecture that our understanding of hematopoietic stem cells as descendents of totipotent cells and our current approaches to using them in post-and prenatal therapy have been furthered significantly by genetic engineering technologies which are "artificial contributions to the process of biologic evolution".

Cellular Therapy

Autor: H. Wekerle
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783662035108
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The use of cells for the treatment of a variety of diseases is no longer a dream. Today, blood transfusion, bone marrow transplantation, the use of ex vivo cultured skin in wound healing, and peripheral stern cell transplantation, including the ex vivo expansion of hematopoietic stern cells after high-dose chemo/radiation therapy, are routine. This high standard of knowledge and skills in cell transplantation might also re sult in tackling hitherto untreatable diseases. Organ transplantation is presently the only life-saving treatment for a variety of conditions. Important findings in cell and molecular biol ogy, the identification of hematopoietic, mesenchymal and neuronal stern cells, together with breakthroughs in the methodology for isolat ing, purifying, expanding, and storing human cells could make cellular therapy an alternative to organ transplantation in certain diseases within the next decade. Placental blood may be the source of choice in isolating naive progenitor cells for allogeneic transplantation. Immunotherapy is the most hopeful strategy to date for the treat ment of tumors resistant to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or hor mone therapy. It includes the use of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, ex vivo activated memory T lymphocytes, and cell-based vaccines.

Immunotherapy In 2020

Autor: Andreas Radbruch
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540708510
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This volume features contributions from participants of the ESRF symposium on Immunotherapy in 2020—Visions and Trends for Targeting Inflammatory Diseases held in Potsdam near Berlin, Germany, in October 2006. The symposium presentations covered the main mechanisms of immunoregulation.

Stem Cells In Reproduction And In The Brain

Autor: John Morser
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540314377
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Expectations of the potential of regenerative medicine have risen recently because of exciting research results. This book contains contributions from leading researchers who describe their successes and the problems that remain in converting the hopes into concrete therapies. The focus of the book is on the role of stem cells in two main areas -- reproduction and the brain -- described from molecular, cellular, in vivo and clinical perspectives.

The Sage Encyclopedia Of Stem Cell Research

Autor: Eric E. Bouhassira
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1506331890
File Size: 63,54 MB
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The SAGE Encyclopedia of Stem Cell Research, Second Edition is filled with new procedures and exciting medical breakthroughs, including executive orders from the Obama administration reversing barriers to research imposed under the Bush administration, court rulings impacting NIH funding of research based on human embryonic stem cells, edicts by the Papacy and other religious leaders, and the first success in cloning human stem cells. Stem cell biology is clearly fueling excitement and potential in traditional areas of developmental biology and in the field of regenerative medicine, where they are believed to hold much promise in addressing any number of intractable medical conditions. This updated second edition encyclopedia will expand on information that was given in the first edition and present more than 270 new and updated articles that explore major topics in ways accessible to nonscientists, thus bringing readers up-to-date with where stem cell biology stands today, including new and evolving ethical, religious, legal, social, and political perspectives. This second edition reference work will serve as a universal resource for all public and academic libraries. It is an excellent foundation for anyone who is interested in the subject area of stem cell biology. Key Features: Reader’s Guide, Further Readings, Cross References, Chronology, Resource Guide, Index A Glossary will elucidate stem cell terminology for the nonscientist Statistics and selected reprints of major journal articles that pertain to milestones achieved in stem cell research Documents from Congressional Hearings on stem cells and cloning Reports to the President’s Council on Bioethics, and more

Stem Cell Transplantation And Tissue Engineering

Autor: A. Haverich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3662048167
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As dogmas in stem cell research are losing their impact and recent findings regarding the use and cultivation of stem cells and tissue transplantation have opened up new therapeutic avenues, this Ernst Schering Research Foundation Workshop was initiated to highlight current and future approaches in this field. The only stem cells that have been used clinically for a long time is the hematopoietic stem cell as a source for bone marrow transplantation. Recent findings now indicate that hematopoietic stem cells, under certain conditions, are able to differentiate into endothelial, neural or muscle cells, providing exciting new therapeutic possibilities. They represent a future source for tissue engineering replacing defective cells or tissues and allowing diseased organs to regain their functions. Both reconstitution techniques are paving the way for the development of new therapeutic strategies, giving hope of being able to cure and not only treat patients.

Antibody Mediated Drug Delivery Systems

Autor: Yashwant Pathak
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118228898
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This book covers various aspects of antibody mediated drug delivery systems – theoretical aspects, processing, viral and non-viral vectors, and fields where these systems find and /or are being evaluated for applications as therapeutics and diagnostic treatment. Chapters discuss actual applications of techniques used for formulation and characterization. Applications areas include cancer, pulmonary, ocular diseases; brain drug delivery; and vaccine delivery. The contributing authors represent over 10 different countries, covering recent developments happening around the globe.

Cancer Stem Cells

Autor: Otmar D. Wiestler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540708537
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Cancer stem cells have originally been identified in leukemia and later in several solid tumor types. They have very different properties from the bulk of the tumor as they divide much more slowly and have very efficient drug resistance mechanisms. Current treatments might largely spare cancer stem cells. This book looks at recent developments in the field of cancer stem cells and the possible impact for the identification of novel treatment paradigms for cancer.

Encyclopedia Of Stem Cell Research

Autor: Clive N. Svendsen
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 141295908X
File Size: 38,42 MB
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"Provides an understanding of the basic concepts in stem cell biology and addresses the politics, ethics, and challenges currently facing the field"--From publisher description.