Encore Tricolore 4

Autor: Sylvia Honnor
ISBN: 9780174398431
File Size: 69,58 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Encore Tricolore 4 and 5 are revised editions of Tricolore 4A and 4B, bringing the course into line with new requirements. They provide coverage of the topics and grammar required by GCSE, Standard Grade and Junior Certificate examinations. They are suitable for use as a self-contained examination course, following on from stages 1-3 of any French course.

Insight And Responsibility

Autor: Erik H. Erikson
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393347427
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Format: PDF, Mobi
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In the six essays contained in this text the author reflects on the ethical implications of psychoanalytical insight. Among the topics covered are: Freud's discovery that the human mind can only be studied through a partnership between observer and observed; how clinical evidence is made up of a unique mixture of subjective and objective; an observation on the way issues of identity affect not only individuals but classes of people; and an examination of the links between ego formation and institutions and traditions. Erikson also discusses the origins of ethics and looks at psychiatry as the pragmatic Western version of the universal journey to self-awareness.

Developmental Cognitive Neuropsychology

Autor: Christine Temple
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9780863774003
File Size: 42,80 MB
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How independent are different cognitive skills during development? Is the modularity seen in the studies of adult neuropsychology disorders mirrored by modularity in development? Are developmental neuropsychological disorders explicable against cognitive models? What restrictions are there to developmental plasticity? How many routes are there to competence? Is there a single developmental pathway? What do disorders of cognitive development tell us about normal developmental processes? These are some of the questions addressed by this text. In certain cognitive domains, such as the analysis of reading and spelling disorders, the field is well developed, with extensive studies of the development of dyslexias and dysgraphias. In other areas, such as the analysis of perceptual spatial disorders, pertinant studies are beginning, as in the analysis of developmental face recognition disorders, and the exploration of spatial disorders of Williams' syndrome. In these areas, interesting routes for future inquiry are also evident. The text of this book is organized around seven key cognitive areas, within which the developmental disorders are addressed in turn: language, memory, perception, reading, spelling, arithmetic and executive skills. The first three of this list may be considered the core areas of cognition; the second three involve specific cultural transmission in their acquisition; and the third, concerns higher order processes. The major emphasis of the text is upon developmental rather than acquired disorders. Throughout, case studies are used to convey an impression of the cases themselves, and to illustrate how dissociations in performance are displayed.

The Educated Subject And The German Concept Of Bildung

Autor: Rebekka Horlacher
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317805178
File Size: 52,13 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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German education plays a huge role in the development of education sciences and modern universities internationally. It is influenced by the educational concept of Bildung, which defines Germany ‘s theoretical and curricular ventures. This concept is famously untranslatable into other languages and is often misinterpreted as education, instruction, training, upbringing and other terms which don’t encompass its cultural ambitions. Despite this hurdle, Bildung is now being recognized in current discussions of education issues such as standardization, teaching to the test, evidence-based policy and high stakes testing. This volume clears up the confusion and misunderstandings surrounding Bildung by examining the origins of the concept and how it has been applied throughout history. It paves the way for educators to fully understand and benefit from this model and all it has to offer.

Trajectories In The Development Of Modern School Systems

Autor: Daniel Tröhler
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317448170
File Size: 13,53 MB
Format: PDF
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As contemporary education becomes increasingly tied to global economic power, national school systems attempting to influence one another inevitably confront significant tensions caused by differences in heritage, politics, and formal structures. Trajectories in the Development of Modern School Systems provides a comprehensive theoretical and empirical critique of the reform movements that seek to homogenize schooling around the world. Informed by historical and sociological insight into a variety of nations and eras, these in-depth case studies reveal how and why sweeping, convergent reform agendas clash with specific institutional policies, practices, and curricula. Countering current theoretical models which fail to address the potential pressures born from these challenging isomorphic developments, this book illuminates the cultural idiosyncrasies that both produce and problematize global reform efforts and offers a new way of understanding curriculum as a manifestation of national identity.

Education And The State

Autor: Carla Aubry
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317678230
File Size: 17,45 MB
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In most countries in the world, school education is the business of the state. Even if forms and functions differ, the imparting of elementary knowledge is universally regarded as a public function. Yet this is neither self-evident nor self-explanatory. The degree of involvement of state agencies in the supervision, financing and organization of the school system sometimes varies so much that the usual assumption of a common understanding of ‘the state’ seems to be an illusion. Making international comparisons and focusing strongly on the historical conditions of the current form of state education, this volume paints a nuanced picture of how the relationship between ‘education’ and ‘state’ has been and is conceptualized. Insights into this relationship are gained by considering and analysing both specific processes such as financing and bureaucracy; and conceptual ideas, for example community, authority, and political utopias. The book presents comparative studies and analyses of regional and local conditions, arguing that the history of each country or region is critical to educational success, and the relationship between the education and the state must be reconsidered, both internationally and historically, in order to be of actual conceptual value. Education and the State presents a broad variety of approaches and examples that provide a significant contribution to the understanding of the relationship between education and the state. It will be of key value to academics and researchers in the fields of the history of education, the politics of education, and educational administration.

International Handbook Of Curriculum Research

Autor: William F. Pinar
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136831126
File Size: 30,59 MB
Format: PDF
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Continuing its calling to define the field and where it is going, the Second Edition of this landmark handbook brings up to date its comprehensive reportage of scholarly developments and school curriculum initiatives worldwide, providing a panoramic view of the state of curriculum studies globally. Its international scope and currency and range of research and theory reflect and contribute significantly to the ongoing internationalization of curriculum studies and its growth as a field worldwide. Changes in the Second Edition: Five new or updated introductory chapters pose transnational challenges to key questions curriculum research addresses locally. Countries absent in the First Edition are represented: Chile, Colombia, Cypress, Ethiopia, Germany, Iran, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and Switzerland. 39 new or updated chapters on curriculum research in 34 countries highlight curriculum research that is not widely known in North America. This handbook is an indispensable resource for prospective and practicing teachers, for curriculum studies scholars, and for education students around the world.

Teacher Professional Knowledge And Development For Reflective And Inclusive Practices

Autor: Ismail Hussein Amzat
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1315397692
File Size: 74,12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book brings together the practice of reflective teaching and the knowledge of inclusive practices in the context of teacher education and continuing professional development. It is a call to leverage reflective teaching for inclusive practices. The first part of the book provides an overview of what constitutes reflective practice in the 21st century and how teachers can become reflective practitioners. It also discusses how teacher professional development can be enhanced for reflective teaching practice. The second part of the book deals with teachers' knowledge development in order to create inclusive teaching and learning environments. It highlights the need for a responsive teaching climate, intercultural competency, pedagogical change and professional literacy. A reflective inclusive teacher is likely to anticipate the multiple needs of diverse learners in pluralistic settings, thus ensuring student success. This book will enhance the efforts of teacher educators and teaching professionals in building a culture of reflective and inclusive teaching practice in the classroom.

The Hybridization Of Vocational Training And Higher Education In Austria Germany And Switzerland

Autor: Lukas Graf
Publisher: Budrich Unipress Limited
ISBN: 9783863880439
File Size: 43,65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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In reforming their often praised systems of collective skill formation, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland have relied on hybridization at the nexus of vocational training and higher education. This historical and organizational study traces institutionalist developments, from the 1960s to today's era of Europeanization - the Bologna and Copenhagen processes. Contents include: Analyzing Hybridization at the Nexus of Vocational Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE) * Germany: The Transformation of the Dual Principle through Dual Study Programs * Comparison: Hybridization at the Nexus of VET and HE in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.