Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth

Autor: R. Buckminster Fuller
Publisher: Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller
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One of Fuller’s most popular works, Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth, is a brilliant synthesis of his world view. In this very accessible volume, Fuller investigates the great challenges facing humanity. How will humanity survive? How does automation influence individualization? How can we utilize our resources more effectively to realize our potential to end poverty in this generation? He questions the concept of specialization, calls for a design revolution of innovation, and offers advice on how to guide “spaceship earth” toward a sustainable future. Description by Lars Muller Publishers, courtesy of The Estate of Buckminster Fuller

Spaceship Earth In The Environmental Age 1960 1990

Autor: Sabine Höhler
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317317521
File Size: 43,67 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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The idea of the earth as a vessel in space came of age in an era shaped by space travel and the Cold War. Höhler’s study brings together technology, science and ecology to explore the way this latter-day ark was invoked by politicians, environmentalists, cultural historians, writers of science fiction and many others across three decades.

On Folding

Autor: Michael Friedman
Publisher: transcript Verlag
ISBN: 3839434041
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It is only recently, with the increasing interest in origami and folding in natural sciences and the humanities, that the fold as a new conception in a whole range of disciplines has begun to be conceived in a broader way. Folding as a material and structural process offers a new methodology to think about the close relationship of matter, form and code. It henceforth crosses out old dichotomies, such as the organic and the inorganic or nature and technology, and blurs the boundaries between experimental, conceptual and historical approaches. This anthology aims to unfold this new interdisciplinary field and its disciplinary impact, ranging from materials science, biology, architecture, and mathematics to literature and philosophy.

Your Private Sky

Autor: Richard Buckminster Fuller
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783907044940
File Size: 74,32 MB
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"In this companion volume to the "visual reader" Your Private Sky: R. Buckminster Fuller; The Art of Design Science Fuller is heard primarily through his own writings, in which he expounded his world view and his ideas about design. Essays by other authors supplement and augment the selection of Fuller texts. The book collects important unpublished works and key texts that are not easily available, choosing from all phases of his creativity, and places them in the context of an art and science of design, in the sense implied in Fuller's term design science. The selection of texts provides access to Fuller's central concepts at the point they were first developed and presents them in their earliest valid formulation. The book thus affords a genuine look into his workshop of ideas. The volume includes texts that have become classics in the philosophy of design: Fuller's first essay, "Lightful Houses," the lecture on his Dymaxion House, the first papers on synergetic geometry, and the tensegrity essay. The book also includes a facsimile of his previously unpublished basic text on the construction of geodesic domes, "Noah's Ark #2.""--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Zuk Nfte

Autor: Elke Seefried
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110349124
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Zukunft avancierte in den westlichen Industriegesellschaften der 1950er bis 1970er Jahre zu einer zentralen wissenschaftlichen und politischen Kategorie. Im Zuge dessen formierte sich eine neue Wissenschaft - die Zukunftsforschung. Mit der preisgekrönten Studie von Elke Seefried liegt die erste Gesamtdarstellung zum Thema vor. Seefried zeigt, wie die "westliche" Zukunftsforschung aus dem Systemwettlauf des Kalten Krieges und der Überzeugung gerann, "Zukünfte" voraussagen und steuern zu können. Plastisch werden die Denkstile von Zukunftsforschern wie Daniel Bell, Herman Kahn oder Robert Jungk, transatlantische Netzwerke und die ambivalente Rolle der Zukunftsforschung in der politischen Planung herausgearbeitet. Einen Höhepunkt erreichte die Zukunftsforschung um 1970, als sie einen globalen Krisendiskurs um die "Grenzen des Wachstums" anfachte. Schließlich erklärt das Buch, warum die Zukunftsforschung im Lauf der 1970er Jahre selbst in eine Krise geriet. Elke Seefried wurde 2014 für diese Studie mit dem Carl-Erdmann-Preis des Verbandes der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands für herausragende Habilitationsschriften ausgezeichnet.

Aufgabenorientierte Wissenschaft

Autor: Serjoscha P. Ostermeyer
Publisher: Waxmann Verlag
ISBN: 3830983107
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Wie kann und sollte Wissenschaft angesichts komplexer Welt und zunehmender Spezialisierung organisiert sein? Der zweite Band der Reihe Dialog der Wissenschaften schlägt vor, wissenschaftliche Zusammenarbeit um basale Aufgaben menschlicher Tätigkeit zu versammeln.Die Beiträge nutzen unterschiedliches Fachwissen: Angewandte Kulturwissenschaft, Musikwissenschaft, Urban Studies, Soziologie, Geschichtswissenschaft, Wissensmanagement, Sprachwissenschaft und Erziehungswissenschaften. Über die eigene Fachperspektive hinaus werden dabei Verbindungen für transdisziplinäre Forschung in vier Formen gesucht: wie Wissen zu Architekturen geformt wird, wie situative Settings Wissensarbeit rahmen, wie Wissen an den Grenzen wissenschaftlicher Disziplinen produziert wird und welche Angebote für professionelles Handeln in einem Dialog der Wissenschaften bestehen. Aufgabenorientierte Wissenschaft regt transdisziplinäre Verständigungen an - für alle, die mit wissenschaftlichem Wissen aus mehreren Fachsprachen umgehen. Bezogen auf Aufgaben entstehen Gelegenheiten gemeinsam zu sprechen, zu handeln, herzustellen und in Gang zu halten.


Autor: R. Buckminster Fuller
Publisher: Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller
ISBN: 0312793626
File Size: 48,21 MB
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A series of twenty-one original triangular lithographs (with narrative captions) which may be displayed in a helical scroll of linked tetrahedra. They were executed during the years 1975 and 1976 under the guiding light of Tatyana Grosman (to whom Fuller had been introduced by Edwin Schlossberg) at her ULAE print workshop in West Islip, Long Island. In something of a publishing innovation this trade book was brought out concurrently with a limited edition of the signed original lithographs. Michael Denneny was the editorial impresario at St. Martin's and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts handled the exhibition of the lithographs. Fuller composed the Tetrascroll between the publication of Synergetics in 1975 and Synergetics 2 in 1979. He had been frustrated by the rigid structure of the synergetics books which, despite certain advantages, he felt robbed the work of spontaneity and narrative force. To compensate for this Fuller worked feverishly on the Tetrascroll as a free-form obbligato to the synergetics books. He explained to me at the time, "The empirical, the scientific way to present the argument of synergetics is the way I am doing it in Goldilocks. Description by Ed Applewhite, courtesy of The Estate of Buckminster Fuller

Nine Chains To The Moon

Autor: R. Buckminster Fuller
Publisher: Estate of R. Buckminster Fuller
ISBN: 0385011490
File Size: 10,73 MB
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The title derives from a statistical cartoon: “If … all of the people of the world were to stand upon one another’s shoulders, they would make nine complete chains between the earth and the moon. If it is not so far to the moon, then it is not so far to the limits—whatever, whenever or wherever they may be.” This is Fuller’s first book and one of the few he wrote as a book and not as a composite of articles, transcripts, or letters. Many of his original and lifelong metaphors and strategies were introduced in this volume. A projected final chapter, “From Bibble to Bible to Babble,” was rejected by the publishers because its concrete poetry format was deemed too radical for inclusion in a trade book. The end papers anticipate the Dymaxion airocean world map. There are five appendices documenting Fuller’s virtuosity in large patterns: (1) on the chronology of scientific events from the ancient world to 1936; (2) coincidence of U.S. population centers with isotherm of 32° F; (3) U.S. to become world’s greatest exporter; (4) world copper production and consumption; and (5) growth of U.S. industry correlated with inventions. Description by Ed Applewhite, courtesy of The Estate of Buckminster Fuller

Thinking Objects Contemporary Approaches To Product Design

Autor: Tim Parsons
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 2940439311
File Size: 26,21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Thinking: Objects: Contemporary Approaches to Product Design discusses influences on modern product design such as globalization, technology, the media and the need for a sustainable future, and demonstrates how readers can incorporate these influences into their own work. The book also discusses how readers can learn to read the signals an object sends, interpret meaning and discover historical context. Thinking: Objects provides an essential reference tool that will enable you to find your own style and succeed in the industry.