40 Days To Life Changing Family Worship

Autor: MyRon Edmonds
ISBN: 9780985640026
File Size: 69,46 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What if you could change the destiny of your family by committing about fifteen minutes of your day to God? The answer to that questions is You Can. By bringing your household together for about fifteen minutes each day in meaningful family worship could potentially change your family's life. 40 Days to Life-Changing Family Worship is not based on a trendy gimmick, but a tried and true biblical principle that has been buried under the rat-race of our busy lives. 40 Days to Life-Changing Family Worship presents a revolutionary concept of family worship that has the potential of changing lives and saving generations. -- From back cover.

40 Days To Lasting Change

Autor: Kyle Idleman
Publisher: David C Cook
ISBN: 1434709000
File Size: 58,46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Do you want to see change in your life—but don't know how to get there? In this thoughtful devotional, Kyle Idleman invites you to address that behavior or thought pattern using three key elements: You Awaken to the reality of your spiritual condition; you see yourself and your need for a Savior with brutal Honesty; and this realization leads to Action as you follow Christ's example. Drawing on the example of the Prodigal Son, Idleman shows us why each of these three elements is essential to lasting spiritual transformation and gives us practical tools to live them out.

The 40 Day Surrender Fast

Autor: Celeste Camille Owens
ISBN: 9780983789505
File Size: 80,50 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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"FORTY DAYS AND A SURRENDERED HEART WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE." Those were the words that author Celeste Owens wrote to over 100 bloggers in 2010 who decided to take her up on her claim. They gave God 40 days and their hearts, and He did the miraculous. This book is the fruit of their time with Him. Do you sense God calling you to a new season, but fearful of releasing your plan? Dr. Celeste personally understands the challenges associated with releasing control. Incidentally, the surrender fast was birthed from her desire to do and be something new in God. In this book, she will help you: release your plan for His, renew your mind through the process of surrender, and be restored to right relationship with God, yourself, and others. The 40-Day Surrender Fast is not only a devotional, but a unique opportunity for you to experience God in a new way. Forty days and a surrendered heart WILL change your life.

Coffee For Your Heart

Autor: Holley Gerth
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
ISBN: 0736970940
File Size: 50,20 MB
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Start Your Day in the Very Best Way Discover more joy, peace, and purpose every morning as you listen to the voice of the One who delights in you! In Coffee for Your Heart, bestselling author Holley Gerth shares 40 encouraging and powerful reminders of how God sees you as His beloved daughter. You are... wonderfully made chosen irreplaceable strong never alone ...and so much more! This noisy world can make it hard to hear the assurances of God. Let His voice be the loudest one in your life as He stirs up your hope and confidence each new day. "Take a deep breath, grab a cup of something cozy, and let God's love fill your heart with whatever you need most today." —Holley Previously published as God's Heart for You.

40 Days Through The Prayers Of Jesus

Autor: Tim Cameron
Publisher: Charisma Media
ISBN: 1629991651
File Size: 67,73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A forty-day journey to intimately understand the prayers of Jesus and help you apply them practically to your prayer life in order to grow in your relationship with God. As you examine the times Jesus prayed in Scripture, you will learn how to avoid the hindrances to prayer and how to pray so you get answers.Through this forty-day journey, you also will discover: - How prayer opens us to the power of the Holy Spirit - Why people don't pray - The importance of the Word in prayer - The first and most important step in prayer - The power of praying as a child does - What Christ prayed for - How to pray when God does not meet your expectations

Character Makeover

Autor: Katherine Brazelton
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310316766
File Size: 29,68 MB
Format: PDF
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Get the kind of makeover that will transform your life!Bestselling author and life coach Katie Brazelton takes you on a deeply personal forty-day journey of developing your character. Discover how to close the gap between understanding God’s purpose for your life and carrying it out as you put an end to well-worn patterns of defeat, woundedness, insecurity, unworthiness, and self-centeredness.Teaming up with coauthor Shelley Leith, who is a highly sought-after speaker on strengthening marriages and family, Brazelton focuses on eight character traits essential to living a purpose-filled life: humility, confidence, courage, self-control, patience, contentment, generosity, and perseverance. Step-by-step you’ll experience a complete character makeover—and become the best “you” God intended you to be.Ideal for small groups, women’s church ministry, and one-on-one study.

40 Days Resolution Worship

Autor: Young-Rock Lee
Publisher: Senovia Han Publishing
ISBN: 0988802651
File Size: 29,50 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Translated from back of book in original language (Korean): We Must Receive The Blessing Of Feeling The Love Of The Cross As We Look At The Bible Again! As time goes by, churches of this era are becoming secularized and the heart that is towards God is becoming more distant. Having flowed in worldliness, people’s hearts cannot be supplied with God’s love so they are becoming drier and drier. Spiritual hardship has come in search and the spirits in humans are undergoing anguish. When some problem in life comes, we rely on ourselves more than God and try to resolve it according to worldly methods. However, through the problems of our flesh and daily living, God is trying to expand His kingdom. If God tells someone to offer a 40-days resolution worship, He has a plan and will. He wants to receive spiritual worship from that person’s spirit. Through that time period, we must receive the blessing of feeling the love of the cross as we look at the Bible again. We must find again the love that was lost in Eden.

Draw The Circle

Autor: Mark Batterson
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310327504
File Size: 56,48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 789
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Do you pray as often and as boldly as you want to? There is a way to experience a deeper, more passionate, persistent, and intimate prayer life. Drawing from forty days of true stories, Mark Batterson applies the principles of his New York Times bestselling book The Circle Maker to teach us a new way to pray. As thousands of readers quickly became many tens of thousands, true stories of miraculous and inspiring answers to prayer began to pour in, and as those stories were shared, others were bolstered in their faith to pray with even more boldness. In Draw the Circle, through forty true, faith-building stories of God’s answers to prayer, daily scriptures and prayer prompts, Batterson inspires you to pray and keep praying like never before. Begin a lifetime of watching God work. Believe in the God who can do all things. Experience the power of bold prayer and even bolder faith in Draw the Circle.

The Bible In 40 Days For Men Ebook

Autor: Jan van der Watt
Publisher: Christian Art Publishers
ISBN: 1432102664
File Size: 58,22 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 7780
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THE BIBLE IN 40 DAYS FOR MEN gives men an overview of the gripping stories and stirring message of the Bible. Over a period of 40 days, readers will get to know the content and message of each book of the Bible, from Creation to Revelation, where God is waiting for His children in the New Jerusalem. THE BIBLE IN 40 DAYS FOR MEN consists of the following sections: - The Story of the Bible in a Nutshell - The Story of the Bible in 40 Days - Discover God’s Plan for Your Life: 10 Life-Changing Truths - Wisdom from the Word. THE BIBLE IN 40 DAYS FOR MEN is ideal for anyone who wants to get an overview of the life-changing biblical message intended for the whole world.