Relevant  : The Church as It Relates to Millennials

Relevant : The Church As It Relates To Millennials

by Tom Couser
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WestBow Press , 25.02.2016
WestBow Press
Many millennials, those born in the last two decades of the twentieth century, have turned their backs to mainline Christianity. Young adults who grew up in the church have not followed the faith traditions of their parents. Tom Couser proposes that the churchs message is still relevant and speaks to the needs of millennials. In this book he examines the issues and obstacles that keep the church from being effective in reaching todays teens and young adults.

Tom Couser has over forty years of experience working with teens and young adults. He has served as a director of Christian Education, high school counselor, and coach. Today he is a husband, father, and grandfather. He and his wife, Barbara, live in Dallas, Texas.

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