The Everything Songwriting Book  : All You Need to Create and Market Hit Songs

The Everything Songwriting Book : All You Need To Create And Market Hit Songs

by C. J. Watson
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304 Pages
Simon and Schuster , 01.09.2003
Simon and Schuster
Simple techniques for creating catchy lyrics and memorable melodies! Nearly everyone can hum the melody or remember the words to a hit song. Clever word play, catchy melodies, and thoughtful imagery can create an impression that lasts long after a song has ended. The Everything Songwriting Book provides amateurs and seasoned professionals alike all they need to create, perform, and sell hit songs. Learn how to develop an idea, formulate a rhyme scheme, incorporate unique phrasing, and follow through to the final note. Professional songwriter and consultant C.J. Watson packs this book with clever tips and tricks for overcoming writer's block, creating a "hook," and recording and selling a song to a recording company or performer. This user-friendly guide also shows how to: Tap into the common elements of hit songsIncorporate instruments into songwritingUnderstand music theorySpot songwriting trends and write for a specific marketProduce a songKnow essential copyright law and other legal basicsGet compositions into the right hands Complete with expert advice and practical pointers, The Everything Songwriting Book is sure to guide and inspire burgeoning songwriters at any level.

C.J. Watson is part owner of, the #3 Internet songwriter's forum in the world. He recently put together their first songwriting seminar, which drew songwriters from across the United States and Canada. Mr. Watson's songs have been recorded by such artists as Mustang Sally, James Otto, Pat Webb, and Jason Whitehorn.

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