The Change Champion's Field Guide  : Strategies and Tools for Leading Change in Your Organization

The Change Champion's Field Guide : Strategies And Tools For Leading Change In Your Organization

by Louis Carter , Roland L. Sullivan , Marshall Goldsmith , Dave Ulrich , Norm Smallwood
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John Wiley & Sons , 11.06.2013
John Wiley & Sons
Nearly a decade later, leading change pioneers in the field have realigned to bring you the second edition of the Change Champion's Fieldguide.    This thoroughly revised and updated edition of the Change Champion's Field Guide is filled with the information, tools, and strategies needed to implement a best practice change or leadership development initiative where everyone wins. In forty-five chapters, the guide's contributors, widely acknowledged as the "change champions" and leaders in the fields of organizational change and leadership development, explore the competencies and practices that define an effective change leader. Change Champions such as Harrison Owen, Edgar Schein, Marv Weisbord, Sandra Janoff, Mary Eggers, William Rothwell, Dave Ulrich, Marshall Goldsmith, Judith Katz, Peter Koestenbaum, Dick Axelrod, David Cooperrider, and scores of others provide their sage advice, practical applications, and examples of change methods that work.   Change Champion's Field Guide examines the topic of leadership and change within four main topics including: Key elements of leading successful and results-driven change Tools, models, instruments, and strategies for leading change Critical success and failure factors Trends and research on innovation, change, and leadership Guidelines on how to design, implement, and evaluate change and leadership initiatives Fresh case studies that highlight leading companies who are implementing successful change in innovative and inspired ways.

Louis Carter is CEO and founder of Best Practice Institute (BPI) and concept innovator of the world's first 360-degree feedback tool on a social networking platform, He and BPI were recognized as one of the top 15 in leadership development by Leadership Excellence magazine.

Roland Sullivan is one of the original 100 change agents. Mentored by Bennis, he has led change efforts with more than 1,000 organizations in 30 countries and taught in over 14 universities, including the most recognized change program in the world, Pepperdine University.

Marshall Goldsmith is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities in helping leaders achieve positive, measurable change in behavior for themselves, their people, and their teams.

Dave Ulrich has been ranked by Business Week as the #1 management educator. He has also been listed in Forbes as one of the "world's top five" business coaches.

Norm Smallwood is president and co-founder of Results-Based Leadership, Inc. and is a recognized authority in developing businesses and their leaders to deliver results and increase value.