Stellar Astrophysics

Stellar Astrophysics

by R. Q. Huang , K. N. Yu
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644 Pages
Springer , 01.01.1998
Springer Verlag
STELLAR ASTROPHYSICS contains a series of important subjects such as stellar structure and evolution, stellar oscillation and stellar atmosphere. This text is divided into four parts. The first part gives a solid theoretical foundation of stellar astrophysics, which includes radiation theory, stellar convection, nuclear energy generation, opacity and equation of state of stellar matter. The second part deals with the structure and evolution of single and binary stars of various masses. Great effort is taken to explain physically the phenomena occurring in various stages in the star's life. The third part presents the theory of stellar oscillations based on radiation hydrodynamics. The last part deals with the theory of stellar atmosphere including LTE and Non-LTE model atmosphere, line formation and radiative transfer in the moving atmosphere. A special feature of the book is the inclusion of a set of numerical modelling for stellar structure and evolution, stellar pulsation, LTE and Non-LTE model atmosphere and line formation. The book is written at a level suitable for senior undergraduate or graduates as well as for researchers in astrophysics.

Huang-Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Yu-City University of Hong Kong

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