A Discipline of Multiprogramming  : Programming Theory for Distributed Applications

A Discipline Of Multiprogramming : Programming Theory For Distributed Applications

by Jayadev Misra
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Springer Science & Business Media , 07.09.2012
Springer Science & Business Media
This volume presents a programming model, similar to object-oriented programming, that imposes a strict discipline on the form of the constituent objects and interactions among them. Concurrency considerations have been eliminated from the model itself and are introduced only during implementation, thereby freeing programmers from dealing with concurrency explicitly. Moreover, the resulting software designs are typically more modular and easier to analyze than the more traditional ones. Numerous examples illustrate various aspects of the model and reveal that a few simple, integrated features are adequate for designing complex applications. Topics and features: * Presents a simple, easy-to-understand multiprogramming model * Provides extensive development of the underlying theory * Emphasizes program composition, thereby making possible programming of large systems through modular designs * Eliminates explicit concurrency considerations during program design * Supplies efficient implementation schemes for distributed platforms. This book addresses the problem of developing complex distributed applications on wide-area networks, such as the Internet and World Wide Web, by using effective program design principles. Computer scientists, computer engineers, and software engineers will find the book an authoritative guide to large-scale multiprogramming.

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