Nothing But the Truth  : An Anthology of Native American Literature

Nothing But The Truth : An Anthology Of Native American Literature

by John Purdy , James Ruppert
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640 Pages
Prentice Hall , 2001
Longman Publishing Group
This anthology includes some of the best works of Native American Literature — with a good representation of major authors, geographic dispersion, gender balance, and a variety of genres. Its illustrative and popular material promote a deeper appreciation of different themes and approaches. Complete works that have become classics in the field, combined with ones from the modern era, make this collection rich in historical and theoretical context.Selections of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, and drama, include works by Paula Gunn Allen, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Carter Revard, Leslie Marmon Silko, Sherman Alexie, Kimberly Blaeser, Peter Blue Cloud, Louise Erdrich, Scott N. Momaday, Simon Ortiz, and many more. An effective introduction to Native American Literature for readers interested in this area of writing.

James Ruppert is Professor of English and Alaskan Native Studies at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

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