Electrical Nutrition  : A Revolutionary Approach to EAting That Avakens the Body's Electrical Energy

Electrical Nutrition : A Revolutionary Approach To EAting That Avakens The Body's Electrical Energy

by Denie Hiestand , Shelly Heistand
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Penguin , 12.11.2001
Completely revised and updated, this groundbreaking self-published book has sold more than 15,000 copies through limited exposure and distribution. Electrical Nutrition outlines the authors' revolutionary theories on health and nutrition based on an electrical model. Everything we think, feel, eat, and do triggers electrical responses in our bodies. Each of our cells is electrically charged, and therefore the electrical availability of what we eat has a profound effect on our health, vitality, and well-being. Instead of focusing on the chemical reactions that occur in every system of the human body, the authors contend that there is a simultaneous electrical reaction that has an equally, if not even more, important impact on our ability to digest and benefit from the food we consume. Any interruption to the flow of the body's natural electrical circuitry will have a negative effect on a cellular level which, in turn, will promote disease. Electrical Nutrition offers a practical program that includes menu plans and a listing of the best "electrically available" foods-a plan that will dramatically increase stamina, vitality, and even libido. By eliminating foods that are "electrically dead," we can rid the body of toxins that promote obesity and a host of illnesses, from chronic fatigue to heart disease, while boosting the body's natural energy and immune function.

Denie and Shelley Hiestand are nutritional consultants in private practice and the founders of the International Institute of Vibrational Wellness(tm), www.vibrationalmedicine.com, where they teach courses in health, nutrition, and personal growth.

Denie Hiestand is the author of Journey to Truth.

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