Indefensible  : One Lawyer's Journey Into the Inferno American Justice

Indefensible : One Lawyer's Journey Into The Inferno American Justice

by David Feige
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276 Pages
Little, Brown and Company , 2006
Little Brown & Company
"Indefensible is public defender David Feige's hair-raising, dark, and stirring account of a single hot day in the South Bronx - a day informed by crime, punishment, desperation, and hope. Following Feige through the underworld of big-city justice, we meet sly lawyers and batty judges, hapless defendants and crooked cops, lost souls and courageous giant-killers." "Indefensible reveals the brutal underbelly of a system out of control. Racing from courtroom to courtroom, Feige gives us the most intimate account ever written about what it is really like to be public defender. We meet his fellow attorneys and investigators and follow them as they hunt down clues and frantically try to ensure that justice is done."--BOOK JACKET.