Seven Tools to Transform Genius Into Practical Power  : Create a Manual to Operate Your Life

Seven Tools To Transform Genius Into Practical Power : Create A Manual To Operate Your Life

by Adrian Sharon Windsor
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iUniverse , 2000
The title, Seven Tools to Transform Genius into Practical Power, has as its subtitle, Create a Manual to Operate Your Life. The tools are derived from certain concepts that underlie the late R. Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth in which the inventor explores the evolution of our “know how” and the metaphysical application of physical principles by which our Universe operates These seven tools empower the readers to move out of the rat race, into control over their lives; to be free from anxiety as they sustain and fulfill their intention; to enjoy abundance and tranquility. Dr. Windsor combines intuition and pragmatism as she inspires readers to hear and know their distinct calling, unique ability, directed purpose, their “inner genius”. Ralph Waldo Emerson defines this process in the concluding words of “Experience” as “the transformation of genius into practical power.” Dr. Windsor puts “old wine” in “new skin” as she combines literary knowledge with personal introspection and actual daily experience in the business world. She knows there tools activate “inner genius” because she has observed their effectiveness over the past decade with hundreds of students. Exercises at the ends of the chapters create a specific, self-discerning and directive operating manual. This is what Dr. Windsor promises each reader: If you choose to follow the complete path, you will: · Become a Great Pirate and take sovereignty over your life. · Let go of outmoded behavior patterns, Piano Tops. · Discard irrelevancies, Mistakes, and greet challenges proactively. · Use Leverage to do more with less. · Create Synergy in your families, your relationships, and your work. · Envision you Big Picture and take command of your navigational path. · Tap into your True Wealth and accept abundance. YOU WILL TRANSFORM YOUR GENIUS INTO PRACTICAL POWER!

Windsor holds a B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from the University of Michigan. In 1998, she was named in Who's Who of american Teachers. An educator for many years, she is also a licensed California real estate broker and head of a privately held company.

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