The Miracle of Hospice  : A Personal Journey of a Hospice Nurse

The Miracle Of Hospice : A Personal Journey Of A Hospice Nurse

by Cathy Truehart
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BalboaPress , Sep 5, 2012
Truehart gives us a real inside peak at her work and the devotion and skills of those who work alongside her. But most important, she takes the scary out of hospice. She makes it clear that choosing hospice creates the best possible world for the dying and the people who love themthat terminal illness does not necessitate living every day as though it is your last. Rather hospice can create a world of possibilities for each and every day that is left to usjust like in real life. Kay Degenhardt, KDI When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma over three years ago, it had the face of my mortality on itI was blessed to come across a copy of Cathys manuscript of her lifes work in hospice [which] made me laugh while I cried, but more importantly, Cathys compassion and her patients courage gave me hope and inspiration when I needed it most. I recommend that anyoneread this! Joan Rose Ellsworth

CATHY TRUEHART earned a diploma in Nursing from Worcester City Hospital, School of Nursing, Worcester, Ma. in 1974. In 1981, she earned a BSN in Public Health Nursing from California State University, Cotati, Ca. She completed her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology at Leslie College, Cambridge, Ma. Cathy has also completed certification programs in Holistic Nursing, Neurolinguistic Programming, Reflexology and Advanced Reiki.

Currently Cathy is working as a Volunteer and Bereavement Coordinator in Enfield, Ct. and as a per diem hospice nurse in Western Ma. She resides in Western Ma. with her husband Richard of 30 years and is the proud mother of Rachel Rose and Crystal Rose Truehart.

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