Happier Endings  : A Meditation on Life and Death

Happier Endings : A Meditation On Life And Death

by Erica Brown
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Simon and Schuster , 15.04.2014
Simon and Schuster
Called “cathartic” by The Wall Street Journal, this wise and affirming book helps you accept and prepare for death through important conversations about what matters most. “Extreme empathy with extreme tough-mindedness.” That’s how David Brooks, of The New York Times, describes Erica Brown. In Happier Endings, she helps us confront our fears about death—for ourselves and our loved ones—and demonstrates how the last days of life can be among the most inspiring if we learn to leave a legacy of words and values, to forgive and apologize, and to make important decisions. Along the way, she introduces us to people of all faiths who deal with death in enlightening ways, including a mother who arranged for her children to sprinkle her ashes on a favorite ski slope; an ex-nun who prepares people to die; a group of women who ritually wash their dead; and a family whose grandfather’s ethical will is read by his survivors each year. After reading Happier Endings, you will have a greater understanding of what a good death can be and what a life well lived looks like.

Dr. Erica Brown is an educator and the author of ten books, mostly on the themes of spirituality and leadership. She lives with her husband, four children and two dogs just outside of Washington, DC.

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