Through the Dark Forest  : Transforming Your Life in the Face of Death

Through The Dark Forest : Transforming Your Life In The Face Of Death

by Carolyn Conger
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Penguin , 31.12.2013
It's never too late to transform your life. A practical and deeply healing guide to becoming whole and finding peace during the most difficult time of life When we are confronted with the end of life, we must tackle medical decisions, attend to family and legal matters, and grapple with overwhelming questions such as: How do I manage each day knowing that death is near? What has life up until now meant? What should I do with the time that remains?   Carolyn Conger, PhD, has spent thirty years working with people who are imminently facing death. Drawing on her research and experience, Conger shows how we can use active imagination, self-hypnosis, energy medicine, and dreamwork to begin the soul work that can both prepare us for death and enrich our lives. Profound and paradigm-shifting, Through the Dark Forest can help us all transform our lives no matter how long we have to live.

Carolyn Conger, Ph.D., is a teacher and consultant of personal growth who studies healing and metaphysical arts with tribal societies throughout the world. Her doctorate is in clinical psychology. She lives in Santa Monica.

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