The Complete Guide to Business Risk Management

The Complete Guide To Business Risk Management

by Kit Sadgrove
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329 Pages
Gower Publishing, Ltd. , 2005
Gower Publishing, Ltd.
Risk management and contingency planning has really come to the fore since the first edition of this book was originally published. Computer failure, fire, fraud, robbery, accident, environmental damage, new regulations - business is constantly under threat. But how do you determine which are the most important dangers for your business? What can you do to lessen the chances of their happening - and minimize the impact if they do happen? In this comprehensive volume Kit Sadgrove shows how you can identify - and control - the relevant threats and ensure that your company will survive. He begins by asking 'What is risk?', 'How do we assess it?' and 'How can it be managed?' He goes on to examine in detail the key danger areas including finance, product quality, health and safety, security and the environment. The new edition reflects the changes in the global environment, the new risks that have emerged and the effect of macroeconomic factors on business profitability and success.

Kit Sadgrove is currently Director of The Business Institute, an independent research, training and consultancy organization.