Treatise of the Law of Private Corporations Aggregate

Treatise Of The Law Of Private Corporations Aggregate

by Joseph Kinnicut Angell , Samuel Ames , John Lathrop
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810 Pages
The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. , 1861
The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
Angell, Joseph K., and Samuel Ames. [Lathrop, John, Editor]. Treatise on the Law of Private Corporations Aggregate. Revised, Corrected and Enlarged. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1861. lvi, 810 pp. Reprint available December, 2004 by the Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-473-8. Cloth. $175. * Reprint of the seventh edition. The first American treatise on the subject, it departed from English models to address the unique characteristics of the American corporation in the years after 1815, an era of unprecedented growth that was encouraged by the courts. It was the standard treatise of its day. In his Legal Bibliography (1847) Marvin says it was "undoubtedly the best American lawyer can possess" and notes that "Chancellor Kent highly recommends the book" (63). The first edition was published in 1832; the final edition was published in 1882. The seventh edition is desirable because it summarizes the state of the field before it was revolutionized by the Civil War economy and the rise of modern corporate capitalism after 1865.

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