Structured Design  : Fundamentals of a Discipline of Computer Program and Systems Design

Structured Design : Fundamentals Of A Discipline Of Computer Program And Systems Design

by Edward Yourdon , Larry L. Constantine
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Prentice Hall , 1979
A valuable new approach to computer systems and program design, structured design is quickly becoming the standard industrial technique for significantly improving productivity, enhancing reliability, and lowering maintenance costs.

Edward Yourdan is an internationally-recognized computer consultant, as well as the author of more than two dozen books, including Byte Wars, Managing High-Intensity Internet Projects, Death March, Rise and Resurrection of the American Programmer, and Decline and Fall of the American Programmer. His latest book, Outsource: Competing in the Global Productivity Race discusses both current and future trends in offshore outsourcing, and provides practical strategies for individuals, small businesses, and the nation to cope with this unstoppable tidal wave.

Larry L. Constantine, a pioneer of modern software engineering practice, is highly regarded as an authority on the human side of software development. A leading international lecturer, author, editor, and consultant, he has ten books and more than 120 published papers to his credit.

Lucy A. D. Lockwood has more than a dozen years of experience in programming and project management. An international consultant, teacher, and writer, she chairs the User Interface Design Track of the Software Development Conference.

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