Small Steps, Giant Leaps  : 21 Things You Can Do to Transform Your Life

Small Steps, Giant Leaps : 21 Things You Can Do To Transform Your Life

by Tolulope S. Olaniyan
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AuthorHouse , 12.10.2017
The book is a guide for those who want to make positive changes in their life, transforming from the ordinary to the extraordinary. There is a latent power within everyone which you can call forth no matter your situation, even when you think you have completely messed up or have hit a dead end. You are faced with only two options: dare the challenge or fail. This book adopts a holistic approach to the mind, body, and spirit, guiding you through 21 winning steps that I used to transform my own life after my battle with emotional trauma. These steps are little changes you can make in your life that will produce phenomenal results. Life isnt a dress rehearsal; you only have one life to live. Live your life fully, live the life of your dreams; transform into your best self. FAME: Freedom Acceleration- Mastery- Empowerment

Tolulope Olaniyan is an entrepreneur, speaker, executive coach and a facilitator of positive transformation with leaders and aspiring leaders. She strongly believes that leaders are not born. In fact, ordinary people can be transformed into exceptional leaders if given extensive support and the right tools to grow. Olaniyan’s areas of expertise include personal effectiveness, emotional intelligence, motivation, as well as the art of personal mastery. Tolulope Olaniyan is the initiator and organiser of FAME Transformation Network. It is a network for people who want to enjoy freedom, accelerated growth, positive transformation and gain personal mastery in their personal and professional lives. She is married and has three wonderful children