The Secrets of the West Coast Masters  : Uncover the Ultimate Techniques for Growing Medical Marijuana

The Secrets Of The West Coast Masters : Uncover The Ultimate Techniques For Growing Medical Marijuana

by Dru West
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West Coast Masters , Apr 20, 2011
West Coast Masters
OUNCES ARE FOR AMATEURS. LEARN HOW TO YIELD A POUND PER PLANT INDOORS. Throughout the mountains and valleys of the US West Coast resides a secret society of master growers who are organically producing marijuana of unbelievable yields and potency. While most growers are content with a yield of 2 ounces, these West Coast Masters consistently yield over 2 pounds per plant indoors, all while staying within the limits of their medical marijuana programs.In this book, Dru West uncovers the never-before-published secrets of the West Coast Masters. From setting up your grow room to drying and curing your medicine, Dru leaves no leaf unturned in showing you the ways of the Masters. IN THIS STEP-BY-STEP GROW GUIDE YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO: - Design and set up your grow room for stealth and success- Build your own custom equipment clone machines, hydro systems, training rails and SCROGs- Choose your optimum growing medium and start your garden from seeds or clones - Master secret growing techniques transplanting, feeding, training, and pest control- Use simple math to turn your plants into monsters capable of yielding over a pound- Convert your oversized plants into highly potent medicine

DRU WEST is a medical marijuana grower, caretaker and patient from Bend, Oregon, who for the last 15 years has been designing, managing, and consulting for numerous grow operations across the US. Operating in different areas and climates has given Dru the opportunity to learn a wide variety of techniques from some of the best growers in the US. But it was on the West Coast where Dru and his fellow Masters united to develop the secret techniques and equipment found in this book. The purpose of this book is to share these secrets with the medical marijuana community around the world.