Exploring Watercolor  : Creative Exercises and Techniques for Watercolor and Mixed Media

Exploring Watercolor : Creative Exercises And Techniques For Watercolor And Mixed Media

by Elizabeth Groves
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North Light Books , 15.08.2007
North Light Books
What if... instead of waiting for the "big idea," you begin a painting by dropping beautiful color onto your paper and seeing where it takes you? What if... you paint with a leaf (or a sponge, or a string) instead of a brush? What if... you start painting not on a blank sheet, but overtop an abstract acrylic background?Exploring Watercolor is a book full of fresh perspectives, open doors, and creativity-expanding "what-ifs" to help take your work to the next level. Discover new ways to get expressive with color, ideas for using nature's patterns and motifs to inspire enticing designs, how to expand your repertoire and unleash your creativity by experimenting with freeform collages, found imagery and other innovative techniques.Inside you'll find:22 open-ended, step-by-step demonstrations designed so you can do them over and over again, using various combinations of colors, papers and techniques for a different result every time.9 exercises illustrating expressive ways to put paint to paperA fun and inspiring sampler of texture-making techniques—including printing methods, resists, sprinkling, spattering, stencils and "paper torture"—for paintings that sing with vitality.Wherever you are as an artist, this hands-on guide will help you master the watercolor medium, develop your individual style, and move beyond a literal rendering of your subject matter to a more meaningful and memorable interpretation that expresses your unique vision. So let go of your self-imposed limits, play with different ways of painting, and—above all—paint with passion and joy!

Elizabeth Groves has studied with numerous nationally known artists across the country. Her work has been exhibited in several US cities, won dozens of awards and can be found in many private collections. She has been on the board of directors of many arts societies, including the Woodlands Art League in Houston of which she was a founding member and president. She was president of the Alamo-Danville Artists' Association for the 1987-88 term of office. She teaches watercolor and oil workshops and private lessons and lives in Alamo, CA.

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