God Shed His Grace on Thee  : The Christian Foundations of America and Your Responsibility as a Christian to Continue the Pursuit

God Shed His Grace On Thee : The Christian Foundations Of America And Your Responsibility As A Christian To Continue The Pursuit

by Rexford “Rex” Louth
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WestBowPress , 20.11.2013
God Shed His Grace on Thee is a journey through America’s past, emphasizing the Christian purposes that compelled explorers and settlers to embrace the perils involved in finding and relocating to its shores. The story continues through the processes of a loosely knit group of colonies uniting to form a nation built upon biblical principles, urged to do so by a determined force of ministers delivering the message of freedom from the pulpit. Evidence is brought to light presenting the proofs that the nation’s leadership believed without question that the country was, indeed, a Christian nation. The narrative concludes with the responsibility of believers to carry forward the truth in today’s society and the ways that everyone can and should become involved in doing so. The Christian is urged to take their part in the continuing history of this great land—till all success be nobleness, and ev’ry gain divine!

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