Your First Design in Autodesk® Inventor® 2017

Your First Design In Autodesk® Inventor® 2017

by Fabian Stasiak
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ExpertBooks Publisher , 14.07.2016
ExpertBooks Publisher
The best way to get to know Autodesk® Inventor® is make a design of any simple device, which will show all the main steps of creating and editing a design. By creating a simple device you will know the correct way of doing the design in Autodesk Inventor 2017 and familiarize yourself with the basic commands. Follow the step-by-step exercises covered in this guide, read the descriptions accompanying the operations and Autodesk Inventor 2017 will become much less mysterious. This manual is intended for people for whom this is the first contact with Autodesk Inventor software. However, individuals who have some familiarity with the program can find here a lot of interesting information. To complete design proposed in this manual you don’t need to download any files - you create all the files yourself when working on the exercises in the presented sequence. Exercises proposed in this manual has been prepared in Autodesk Inventor 2017 software. However, most of the material contained in this book can also be used with previous versions of Autodesk Inventor software. If you correctly follow all the exercises contained in this manual, you will know how to: model single simple mechanical parts in a separate part file or in the context of an assemblyplace individual part files into an assembly file and control their position using constraintsinsert standard parts from the Content Center and create bolted connectionsverify the kinematics of the assembly modelprepare a basic visual presentation of designed product containing rendered illustrations and the video animation prepare exploded presentation of the productcreate a technical documentation of the designed product, including views, dimensions, descriptions, parts list, etc.create drawings with exploded view for presentations or assembly instructions. create a new product design based on an existing design, maintaining links with new technical drawings and new rendered illustrations. carry out basic administrative operations on files with maintaining files relationships.

Fabian Stasiak has over 20 year experience in CAD implementation and consulting in the manufacturing industry. He has been working with Inventor since its inception. Fabian is an Autodesk® Inventor® Certified Professional. He has published four books on Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, one on AutoCAD Mechanical and over ten books on Autodesk Inventor. Currently, Fabian is an independent expert and consultant in the field of computer aided design software and he helps companies make better use of CAD software.